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Man Bursts Into Tears As He Catches His Wife And Secret Lover In A Hotel


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A man bursted into tears, as he caught his wife and her secret lover in a hotel.

The man has tracked his cheating wife to the hotel, and had caught her red-handed as she was making her way to a room in the hotel, accompanied by her secret lover.

The man then confronted both of them in the elevator area and created a dramatic scene which was captured on camera.

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The man obviously furious, clenched his fist as though he wanted to attack them but he held himself back from going through with an assault.

In a video which has gone viral on social media, the hotel manager could be seen telling them to take the issue outside the premises so they do not inconvenience other lodgers.

After a brief moment of outrage targeted at his wife, the heart-broken man then began to shed hot tears, as someone tried consoling him.

It was really an heart-broken scene to watch!

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