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Melissa Gorga Denies ‘Baseless’ Rumor She Cheated on Husband Joe Gorga


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Jennifer Aydin shared the cheating allegation with Danielle Cabral during Tuesday’s episode of RHONJ after learning about it through Margaret Josephs’ former friend Laura Lee Jensen

Melissa Gorga is setting the record straight on rumors surrounding her marriage with Joe Gorga.

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, host Andy Cohen questioned her continued friendship with Margaret Josephs when her costar told ex-friend Laura Lee Jensen about her alleged infidelity — and Laura later told others.

“Because it’s untrue,” Melissa, 44, said before going in on Laura. “This is a woman who wants to be on The Housewives, who auditioned three times and didn’t make it.”

Upon being asked if she actually cheated on Joe, Melissa said: “Andy, are you kidding me?”

“First of all, it’s a game of telephone on a baseless rumor that they said they heard five years ago that they’re bringing to light now,” she continued. “Are you kidding me?”


Rumors of her alleged cheating surfaced during Tuesday’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. After her falling out with Margaret, Laura told Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice about Melissa’s alleged infidelity — and Jennifer eventually shared the revelation with Danielle Cabral.

“She was like, ‘You’re gonna wanna hear what I have to say.’ And when someone says that to you about someone who’s really done you dirty, you’re intrigued,” Jennifer, 45, said to Danielle, 37, in Tuesday’s episode, initially noting that she “can’t say” what she was told because there’s “a family involved.”

Melissa Gorga Denies 'Baseless' Rumor She Cheated on Husband Joe Gorga.

But Jennifer — who experienced a similar situation last season — eventually reversed course after Danielle figured out that the rumor was about Melissa.

“Laura was telling me Margaret told her some rumor that somebody that works with both of them, he opened the back seat of a car and he saw Melissa in the back seat with a guy,” she revealed. “And the person who claims he witnessed it told Margaret that they were making out. … She was making out with another guy.”

Melissa didn’t get a chance to speak out on the matter until Tuesday’s WWHL episode. And though she denied it, Danielle said during the RHONJ After Show she believes “there’s gotta be something true” when it comes to the rumor.


The Gorgas, who have been married since August 2004, have overcome major relationship hurdles over the years. In fact, Melissa previously admitted they were “struggling” to get back on track.

“We’ve done very good for 11 years. We’re a great couple. We try really hard,” she told Us Weekly in 2021. “We fight really hard for our family and it’s not easy to be on reality TV for 11 years and still stand strong.”



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