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Movie Review: Jumping The Broom


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Movie Review: Jumping The Broom


Sounds so awkward but then the curiosity that happens to k.i.l.l the cat, on this day lead me into watching this movie.

Aside from being a movie that talks about two families from different classes of the world, it preaches abstinence, true love, the peace and happiness that comes with forgiveness.

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The movie title is derived from Black American tradition of bride and groom jumping over a ceremonial broom after being married. It points out also, cultures and different conceptions the African Americans hold regarding the relevance of certain custom’s for 21st century Black matrimony.

In the movie, Sabrina Watson(Paula Patton), a successful lawyer decides to become celibate after feeling guilty of allowing s*x with guys that only use her for that purpose only. She made a vow to God to be celibate till she gets married.

A funny incident brought her together with Jason Taylor(Laz Alonso) who proposed marriage to her after six months of going out with each other..

Sabrina’s mother, Claudine Watson(Angela Bassett), thinks the wedding is coming too fast. She thought there might be something fishy and then approached Sabrina to be cleared of her doubt. She had also suspected Sabrina’s father, Greg Watson(Brian Stokes Mitchell) wasn’t faithful but found out she was wrongly accusing him. Greg is the troubleshooter among them who knows how to manage everyone’s emotions.


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Sabrina and Jason visited Reverend James(T.D Jakes) who commended their decision of abstinence and further counsel them on what marriage entails.

Blythe(Meagan Good) thought Sabrina and Jason’s decision of abstinence was a hard one and teased her friend about it. Beautifully for her, she found love in a least expected way, in opposition to her long list of fantasies. The lucky guy Chef MCKenna(Gary Dourdan) seems to tick all of her boxes.

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Jason’s mother Pam Taylor(Loretta Devine) is uncomfortable with the whole decision, displaying insecurity and Jealousy. She puts her displeasure in words at every given opportunity. She played the devil’s advocate and succeeded in really heating things up for the Watsons at some point in the movie. Her best friend Shonda(Tasha Smith) takes the role of an easy going person, who is less worried and seems to know how to enjoy the moment. Things got all funnily rosy for Shonda when love came calling for her from a much younger person, Sabrina’s cousin, Sabastian(Romeo Miller).


Willie Earl(Mike Epps), Jason’s charming uncle, is unlucky with women but has a ray of luck shine on him from the world of Sabrina’s aunty, Geneva(Valarie Pettiford). She seems to be more than an aunty to Sabrina, but this secret was well managed between her and Sabrina’s parents till the arrival of the uncontrollable moment of facing reality.

Malcolm(DeRay Davis), Jason’s cousin displayed hostility towards Jason from a place of Jealousy of not being the best man and r.a.c.i.s.m towards the white, till he had a date with a blow that humbled him and a white girl Amy(Julie Brown), the wedding planner who lured him into dancing with her.

The movie made it known to the viewers that anger, jealousy, feelings of insecurity, fears and cares can become the opposite should we give room to forgiveness, flexibility and understanding.

It is a movie that appreciates family values, abstinence, parental support, love, resilience, forgiveness and healthy cultural values.

It is a package of all kinds of emotions. From laughter, to feelings of anger, to tears and then to joyful moments.


Other cast members are Ricky (Pooch Hall), Mabel (Vera Cudjoe), Lauren(Tenika Davis), Amanda (Laura Kohoot) and the singer(Eldebarge).

The movie has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Ensemble and Best Screenplay. On YouTube, it’s been viewed by thousands.

It is a movie for the family, as there are no scenes that display s*x or one with an extra mushy feeling, for the sake of children. Also, there are no scenes that encourage vulgar language or any form of brutality.

A repeated view of this movie doesn’t feel like you’ve watched it before. Every view is interesting and leaves you wanting to watch it again.

My favourite part of the movie was the scene where Aunty Geneva sang for the whole family. She got everyone’s attention, including Jason’s dramatic mum and saved the moment from the ongoing heated argument. She sings so well and beautifully.

Jumping the Broom is a 2011 American romantic comedy-drama. The film was directed by Salim Akil and produced by Tracey E. Edmonds, Elizabeth Hunter, T.D. Jakes, Glendon Palmer, and Curtis Wallace.

By: Deborah Chinonso




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