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My ‘babe’ Dey Double-Date… She think say she wise


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My ‘babe’ Dey Double-Date… She think say she wise

Play a Sucker to Catch a Sucker… Appear Dumber Than Your Mark.

No one enjoys feeling stupid…

… a great trick is to make your opponents feel smarter than you. Once they believe themselves to be more intelligent, they will never suspect that you have any ulterior motives.

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Law #21.. , R. Greene.

So yesterday I made a post about losing my barnie to the japa syndrome. She dey enter CA.

I was thinking about getting her pregnant when she visits me or something but thought against it after reading the random advice I got here.

In the comments, a guy made me question the way I felt about the barnie. Saying she wasn’t all that and he also felt I was simping for the barnie.

So I said let me do a little crosscheck when she came over today. She wanted to connect to my MiFi and had to give me her phone unlocked.

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She was cooking for me in the kitchen so she had to rush back leaving her phone with me 🤔

Normally, to catch babe all you need to do is check her chats. It could be text, WA or FB.

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You really don’t need much work. It’s just that I wasn’t even interested in if she’s b@nging any other person asides me.

So first thing I found out was that the barnie didn’t even safe my number on her phone

I didn’t even have to dial my number. I just opened her WA and went to her archives and there it was …. chilling in the cold hidden freezers of WhatsApp archive section.

Haaa! Babes! Una too much abeg 😐
Like .. the whole thing just clicked

The reason she’s been giving me some kind attitude became instantly clear. Another n!gga wey dey CA dey bankroll her entire trip. She said it’s her family but I guess because I saw the lovey dovey chats

Ah! Barnies! I hail una.
Siofra and co.. abeg help me tap that other yellow sister wey wear show tummy.

Sister, I recognise you, Pablo say make i greet una 🙏🙏

As I swipe the chats small, I done already get the info. I felt surprised for an instance but the feelings faded ASAP because I didn’t want to get emotional with the events wey wan sup.

I felt shocked to my bones finding myself in a love triangle.

I knew I had to b@ng her brains out in return for being a naughty girl. That was the only pun!shment I could have thought of.

Aje!. I was looking at her and wondering how she could of pulled this off with a straight face.

I was smiling. It’s nothing na.

At that point I no fit let my emotions spoil knack wey I wan collect and I dey try avoid adult v!ds so much because it leads to soap!e.

Aje! I dey vex say I no sabi since.
I for help am chop the guy money wella.

That guy dey buzz am steady cheese, mehn.. I saw slips 💵

Now wey exchange rate sweet everywhere come tight like her p*ssy.

So normally, you already know how this ends. But for those who don’t… here’s a small breakdown

We go chop first so she go happy enough to give me well.

And she no dey ever wear pant!es come my crib.

I just suggest back massage for her.
She say make I promise say nothing go happen. I tell her yes nothing.

She said, “do you promise?”
I reply, “yes.”

She whispered, “I’m on heat”
“My body is hot”

I replied, “baby, AC is on and you are also on so you suppose feel warm” 🔥

Before you know it back massage done turn her temperature up. She done dey feel somehow. She done dey arc her h!ps.

Dey do like earthworm wey dem pour salt 🐛

I no even rush am. I wan make she relax.
Normally, I know say I go blow if I touch you with my magic hands.

E come be when I done dey plan you since.

She was a bit hesitant and pulled back when I pulled out a protection because she likes it without because She likes to grip me with her walls

Normally, I didn’t want to get her preggy so I had to stylishly put it on when she was in the bathroom and covered up with the bedsheets.

She pulled up and we got down to business quick. Since she’s a Christian we had to use missionary so you can say it was a holy consummation ➕✝️

She’s about the tightest barnie I’ve ever had in recent times.

We took it slow and had Unwind playlist on. Love In This Club Remix Pt 2 by Usher Ft Beyonce & Lil Wayne was playing in the background home studio 🎶

It drowned away her mo@ns. So the neighbours don’t get disturbed.

She was loud I had to cover her mouth and parts of her nostrils with my fist.

.. I felt my middle finger slid into her mouth and she bit me a little softly while I kept giving it to her.


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As I covered her mouth & her nostrils it built up pressure in her and I knew she was close to Shangri-la 💎💎⭕🍒🍎

I whispered (more like a manly gnarl) told her how warm and tight she felt. Told her how she tasted like vanilla and licked her ears and her earlobes

The track that came next was magical, If This Isn’t Love by Jennifer Hudson.

It was at the time I felt her walls vibrate like that of Jericho and I pulled an uno reverso so I don’t end this lovely blow without trying my face down @ss up position as a striker at I am at heart.

At this point she was wriggling again like those insane Benue State traditional dancers. Where they bend over slowly to the tune

Yeah! Imagine watching that dance but with 2x playback speed.

I tried to control my breathing so I don’t fall over under her anointing. But watching her body shake violently as she was hit with waves after waves of one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever seen… in recent times 🌧️🌧️🌪️

The signs don’t lie.
. I didn’t touch her because she wanted to enjoy it to the fullest. Watching her quivver with intense pleasure made me loose my controls and I went over the edge immediately.

She was done after a few glorious seconds.

Watching her catch her breath, I dwelled in the moment, I remembered I heard her speak a little of Mandarin or some sort of strange tongue during her trip to Shangri-la 💎 🌧️

She was a complete mess after her trip. Her frontals done comot finish and sh!t but I guess that was why she wore a rumpled cloth whole leaving house. To avoid suspicion

I told her I didn’t plan to make love to her because I wanted to b@ng her brains out but that massage though changed the course of action 🥵😔

It really set her pizza warm and half done.

But I really feel sorry for the guy in CA as him mind go dey tell am say na only him get the babe … but game is game.


After the trips. She come dey feel bad dey call am sin. Dey tell me subtly say how she go dey wit me finish come travel dey with another d 🍆

I no even talk. I tried to encourage her to open up but no nwa. E no pour throwaway.

I carry am go drop for her house. Press nyash small before she comot. She bill me say make I buy something for her as a way of feeling she got something out of it

I say, “no nwa”

She just text me say she still dey get shivers reach now.. me I still de get shivers reach now from finding out how she’s double dating and not showing it.

But game is game.

Las Las, fear women.


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