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My Boyfriend Drugged And Raped Me


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My Boyfriend Drugged And Raped Me


I created this account to hide my identity. I’m in a very emotional condition at the moment. I’ve been crying since morning. I’ve not left my house, not even for church. I’ve lost the will to live, all because of what happened yesterday evening.

I’ve been dating this guy for two months. I thought he was a great guy. He was always nice to me, smart and hard-working. I lost my virginity at the age of 18 in University and it was to someone that just wanted to have S.e.x with me. He lied about loving me. All he wanted was s*x and when he had his way he abandoned me and dated another girl in my department. Since then I’ve had a fear of relationships, most importantly of s*x. I vowed to only have s*x with someone I was going to marry; someone I was certain loved me.

When I met my boyfriend, I thought he was the one. We vibed well and we were both in the same field of work. Everything seemed to click. I opened up to him about my experience and my decision to have s*x only when I was ready. He agreed and said he was going to respect my wishes.

Yesterday he visited me at my apartment. This wasn’t the first time he was visiting me. We paid each other visits all the time. This time he brought a bottle of wine with him. I prepared food, we both eat and he served us some wine. The last thing I remember is taking few sips and then everything else is blurry.

Next thing I am waking up by 8am this morning with a severe headache, cramped legs and a sore feeling around my vagina. There was something that looked like dried semen on my left thigh and some around my breast. I could also perceive the scent of his perfume on my body. He raped me. The man that claimed to love me raped me. I haven’t spoken to anyone since morning, all I’ve been doing is crying. My phone has been on silent all day.

I want to report him to the police but first I want to look at his face and ask why he would do this to me. I already planned on having s*x with him soon. Why couldn’t he wait? I want to involve my parents and his parents as well but I don’t want this news to spread and take a hit on my reputation. I’m confused about what to do.

Why are men like this? I feel defiled and violated. My mind has been constantly flooded with suicidal thoughts all day. If I make it through this, I’m done with relationships forever.


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  1. I can feel your pain my sister,,,,yes crying will relieve you a bit….but one thing you need to know is no one on earth is worth you taking your life……….not this man or your first love…..you never expected things to turn out this way with this guy but it did……its not the end……I think you should start from your parents first ….report him to them and I’m sure they will take it up…your parents are in the best position to fight with you…I pray the drink is there so you can carry it along as evidence ……you need evidence in this kind of case else it can turn out how you don’t expect it to……be prayerful about it also…..know it that that deserving man ,your missing rib is out there ,and he will locate you….you’ve only experience love with the wrong set of people ,but I tell you good men are out there ……and love will find you soon….just relax and make sure you are OK health wise …

  2. Thank you Sophie, this is a good one. Just take it easy, be prayerful. When I mean prayerful, I don’t mean uttering some religious words just to fulfill all righteousness that you’ve said some thing to God, No.

    Take your time, open and pour out your heart before God ‘cuz He already knows this will happen to you & He has also worked out the solution for you. So involve Him and let Him guide and lead you in the way you should go. Don’t let your emotions becloud your reasoning, ok? Trust God. I know it may sound difficult but you can trust Him.

    Those suicidal thoughts are not from you nor from God. They are from the enemy who came to steal, kill and destroy. Don’t give in to it. Remind yourself that, you will live and not die and declare the works of the Lord.

    If you haven’t accept Jesus, you might want to reconsider accepting and making Him your Lord and Saviour even now.
    There’s a glorious future ahead of you, don’t give up and don’t give in. Be strong in the Lord.

    The God of peace be with you and see you through IJN. Amen.

    God bless you.

  3. So sorry my dear sister, this is indeed heart breaking. You need to visit the hospital asap and get checked for proves and to protect yourself first from Hiv and unwanted pregnancy or other STDs
    If the wine he brought to your house is still remaining keep it for evidence.
    Secondly and also immediately, report to your parents and then you can move from there to the police with all your proves.
    Thirdly, when you call him, put the phone on record. Use every little thing that looks real as evidence against him.
    Pls don’t wait for time…. It’s painful, yes and if you need to cry pls cry it all out.
    I pray for your healing, in your mind soul and body. May that guy face the wrath of God and justice. Amen.
    It’s well my dear.

  4. I pray you find peace but please you need to tell your parents Asap and go to hospital to check yourself against pregnancy and infections. Then report him to police.

  5. A quick one , go to the hospital ASAP while it has just occurred and let them check you and give you some medication to prevent sickness.

    You’ll have to break up with Him.

    I pray for your speedy healing, Amen.

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