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My Girlfriend Has Been Lying To Me About Being broke, should i breakup?


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My Girlfriend Has Been Lying To Me About Being broke, should i breakup?



I’m just gonna make this quick cos i’m angry right now.

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I met this girl back in 2019 before the pandemic in what started as a beautiful relationship. I have always supported her financially with every penny i had (even when she gained admission into HND in 2020) while i managed with the little i had. She always complain of wanting to use money to settle school stuffs and blah blah which i reasoned and i always found a means to give her cos she claimed she was always broke and acted like she was. Sometimes i even screenshot my account balance to her to let her know i was broke sometimes. Even though i’m out of the country, i still manage to send money to her with all the struggles one faces abroad.

Fast forward to today, i was able to access her bank application only for me to find over 150,000naira there and i checked the account history up from 2020 and this girl have always had above that amount.

I’m so angry right cos i feel betrayed by the kind heard and true love i have shown to her cos she has consistently lied for more than 2 years and i’m contemplating on breaking up with her, doing worse or making her pay cos there were days i only manage to find 3000naira and i still sent everything to her.

What should i do?

Mature advice only pls

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  1. Your girlfriend is not transparent when it comes to financial issue.
    If you love her somuch and would like to spend the rest of your life with her,please talk to her concerning this biko, there are some women that don’t joke when it comes to money matters ooo,they will hide and pretend as though they don’t have only for them to be collecting from the guy and even add to the one they have.

    Please she needs to know your mind concerning this,and if you feel she can’t change biko face front because this kind of woman cannot manage in her home ooo,she will frustrate you in that marriage,she will make you spend all you have got without supporting you. God bless you


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