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My Husband Hasn’t Touched Me For More Than A Year


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My Husband Hasn’t Touched Me For More Than A Year



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Am a 32year old lady with 3kids…and my problem is that my husband doesn’t like coming close to me.

This year September will make it 1 year since we came back to the house after about 4years of separation.

I have some health challenges I.e I have been diagnosed with Schizophrenia/ Bi-polar disorder so my challenges are peculiar…


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He doesn’t come close to me, he feels my illness is more spiritual and transferable…anything I make the move to initiate s£x first I am met with vi0lence.

Sometimes he makes comments like “leave me alone”…” How are u that what is doing you is not communicable”, “how sure am I, that those that are doing you are not after me” etc.

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In the course of this 10years of marriage… I have had to endure up to 2years of no s£xual contact and is telling on me….my psychotherapist says I need s£x to calm my subconscious… Sometimes when I want to sleep or in the night…I see strange men or women that want to sleep with me plus other strange things etc.

I need help please


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  1. You need to build your self esteem. You happiness is in your hands not your husband’s hands.

    I know its painful, but you need to cheer up and face it strong. You can get his family to talk to him.

    I wish you well.


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