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My Married Friend Is A Hypocrite Pretending To Be A Good Wife


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My Married Friend Is A Hypocrite Pretending To Be A Good Wife

Good day house,

I have a friend that is cheating on the husband and the husband has no idea. So, my friend, lets call her Betty has been married to Ike (not real name) for three years and she is cheating with a man that she calls her mentor and her husband is not aware.

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Betty is into fashion wears, she has a big boutique in this town and everyone knows her very well. Before marriage, years ago, Betty was running around with men, single or married and that is how she saved up money to establish her business. Betty claimed to be born again five years ago and she met her husband in their church.

Betty’s husband, Ike is a good man, a Christian bro who I do not think knows enough of his wife’s past. So, you can imagine my shock when I visited Betty last week, I came into town for a wedding and I decided to check in with Betty cos I have not really seen her since her marriage.

Betty and I met up in her shop and gisted the entire day before I left for my hotel that evening. I met two men in the hotel lobby talking like they were in business meeting. I recognized one of them as Betty’s husband from photos I have seen, so I decided to go and greet him and introduce myself.

Thereafter, I looked closer and realized the other man is actually someone that used to roll with Betty as her lover. I was shocked and curious how both men are working together. So, I sat where I could watch both men for a while. Infact, I called Betty to tell him I saw her husband and her former boyfriend. Betty pretended not to be hearing what I am saying on the phone attributing it to network.

So, when both men finished their meeting, Ike left the former boyfriend and I saw him being escorted out. I then moved to ask the former boyfriend, his name is Tola. I asked him if he knows Ike is is former girlfriend’s husband. He laughed and said, former girlfriend or current girlfriend?

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I was like, Betty is married, do not try to say she is your current girlfriend cos Betty is a changed woman. Tola laughed so hard that he said, I should forget all the crap about Betty being a born again. That it was Betty who introduced him to her husband, calling him her mentor in business but she did that to keep him close so they can still be fucking anytime he wants.

Tola told me that he does alot of business with Ike but he also f*cks Betty cos she wants to keep enjoying him and his money. I was like, this is wrong but I also wanted to make Betty Jealous so I texted Betty that I met Tola in my hotel and I am thinking of hooking up with him cos the guy is still loaded to the teeth.

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I really did not want to believe Tola, so I texted Betty all the things Tola said and told her to stop those things if they were actually trues cos now she is married and she is a mother. Betty texted me to mind my business. She called me a nosey fool and jealous bitch.

Betty shamelessly called me back and started to curse me. I cursed her back cos I do not know what she means, I am not the one claiming to be holy … she is the one married…I am single. The things Betty said hurt my feelings so much. She said I was jealous of her being married and I am not.

What really pained me is Betty is one of those kind of married women that will make a single friend feel like they are nothing because they are not yet married…Before you say anything…eh…she goes…my husband this …my husband that…oh am praying for you to get a good husband like me….so she is a hypocrite.

Betty said I will die an old hag cos no one will marry me. What did I do to deserve such insult? Now, I know I lied about hooking up with Tola but I think Betty is afraid that I actually did…am I the one that said she should cheat? The things Betty said hurt really bad and I want her to know that being married does not mean she is better than me. I would rather remain single than cheat on my husband.

With all Betty said, I maintained my silence until Betty went ahead to text my boyfriend that I cheated on him when I came into town. That really pissed me off. What is the meaning of this? She wants to turn the tables on me? Maybe Ike needs to know that his wife’s benefactor is truly her p*ssy factor.

I am hurt and very pained and for that purpose, I see no reason why Ike, Betty’s husband should not be warned of who Betty is. I told Betty to either apologize to me or I would expose her. Instead, Betty has blocked me.

The reason I used all fake names in this post is because Betty is a fan this page and I am giving her 24 hours to apologize to me or I will release another post telling how she is cheating on her husband with someone the man thinks is a family friend. If you were in my shoes, wont you be a good friend to Ike who deserves to know the real truth of his born again wife?


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  1. Is it took much to mind your own business busy body. Betty this Betty that. If you had stayed on your lane she would not insulted you. Mind your own business woman

  2. Dear Poster,

    I understand your pain because of the insults you have received from your friend but my advice is two wrongs do not make a right.

    You are not friends with Betty’s husband so exposing his wife seems more malicious than trying to help the marriage.

    Your friend wronged you but why not be the bigger person and ignore her?

    Forgive the fact that she told a lie to your boyfriend…I mean, if she is that kind of friend, then it better that you cut off completely from her.

    Ask your boyfriend to call Tola if he is reacting to the report that you cheated. Tola should be able to clear you if both of you did nothing together.

    As for Betty…whether she apologizes or not…ignore her. She may sound like a self righteous person but let her deal with her messy self and marriage herself…it should not bother you how she lives her life.

    If you care so much, pray for Betty’s marriage …for God’s intervention in any confusion.

    As for you, it does not matter what people say to upset you…choose happiness over every potential upset. It may not be easy but peoples’ opinion should never count except you validate them.

    Let love and light lead you always.


  3. You said this, “Maybe Ike needs to know that his wife’s benefactor is truly her p*ssy factor.”….. Pls tell Like. Tell him,

    This too” If you were in my shoes, wont you be a good friend to Ike who deserves to know the real truth of his born again wife”…..Pls tell him.

    How will you feel if your husband is cheating on you, and you were not told, abeg tell him, that’s how this Becky will give him another man’s children, rubbish.

    Pls tell him but meet him in a place to really discuss with him, that you have no motive for telling him, make him understand.

    Anyone telling you to keep quiet, ask them if they will like it someone kept quiet knowing that their wife is cheating on them, its sad we now see ADULTERY as a little thing.

    If you are a man or woman cheating on your wife or husband or, you are a man or woman sleeping with someone’s wife or husband, I PRAY you are caught very soon.

    Later we say Pastors this and that, but keep sinning

    Dear sister, pls tell the man and show him proofs of your chats with his wife.

  4. I see no reason why this lady should be called “names” . The evil of your ex-friend will find her out pretty soon. Resolve the issues she created between you and your boyfriend and move on. Shalom!

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