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My Parents Are Using Their Lives To Ruin My Future!!!


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My Parents Are Using Their Lives To Ruin My Future!!!


It’s a long read because I had to pour out my mind wholeheartedly. Please endeavor to read through.

I so much hate my dad right now. And even my mom for supporting him. I can always remember how unfortunate it is for me to find myself in this family in the first place. Infact, not having a family is better than this living hell I found myself because these people are bent on ruining my future with their own life.

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My father is the person who will be fighting with my mom in a brutally physical manner where they’d be running after themselves in the street after almost stripping themselves naked. He’s the one who doesn’t know how to reprimand his children except by using curses. He’s the one who would go out and come back drunk and turn everywhere upside down. All these I’ve endured for almost every part of my life and my mom has refused to leave him saying because she has kids for him.
I know some of you people will start saying all manner of things about how you would have cherished your parents if you had one blah blah blah but this is hell. It’s choking me I feel like dying.

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I just met a girl who happened to be my girlfriend and we’ve been together for some time now and my father is help bent on separating us because he doesn’t want me to marry close to him so that there wouldn’t be clashes between him and the mother of the girl because he feels the woman is a violent person.

As they’ve turned the house into a place of sorrow, i couldn’t think of spending even a minute inside the house. I usually spend the evening with this girl at her place and return when everyone at home must have slept. The next thing was for him to start cursing at the girl and even threatening to go to her house and throw tantrums.
I just want to get out of all these because it’s choking me. I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m losing my mind because of everything. The emotional torture I feel whenever they start fighting. How angry I feel when he starts cursing everyone and shouting at us in front of the house and disgracing everyone of us throughout the whole neighborhood. The way he go about gossiping and talking bad about his own children and wife to outsiders and the whole neighborhood. I’m sick of everything.

I just wish I was born without a family because I’m even afraid of imbibing his behaviors and acting like him when I later settle down. I will never forgive him for making me become who I don’t want to be.

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  1. You have to forgive, and decide to be a different person from your father, he too may have HSS traumas when he was younger.

    Choose to be different and learn from tho issue so you will treat your own children and wife best.



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