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Naomi’s Dairy: Why Something Is Wrong With Your S3x Life


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Naomi’s Dairy: Why Something Is Wrong With Your S3x Life

Hello Lively Stones readers,

Its Naomi, your fun loving therapist!…I got so many responses from my last post (read my last post here) to you guys and I thoroughly enjoyed reading from you all. Thanks to those who insulted me…lol….thanks to those who  shared their fantasies with me and to those who shared their relationship issues with me. I will try and respond to you all very soon.

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In this post, I will share a therapy session I had with a couple struggling with their s3x life. If you feel there is something wrong in your sex life, maybe you can grab one or two help tips from this couples’ therapy session. Couple A had lost interest in having s3x with each there and they reached out to me because they were having issues, the man was caught trying to cheat. The lady accused the man of cheating and the man accused the woman of not being able to please him s3xually.

The man went on to say to say that he likes to oral s3x, kissing with a lot of tongue and rough intercourse. He said he married his wife without s3x because she is a church girl that refused intimacy until after marriage. To him, that was a very big mistake. Getting married, the wife wants to have s3x only in the dark, plus she does not like kissing and does not like rough s3x because she says she is not a whore.

The woman went on to say these about her man: his kissing is horrible. He pours buckets of saliva into her mouth and that irritates her alot. She said concerning the rough f*cking, that the husband is a brut who does not know where to hit it, but just likes to damage the walls of her vagina. As for the oral, she said she does not like to swallow and the husband wants her to swallow when she goes down on him.

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The woman also complained that she asked her husband to make her squirt and the time she did that, the husband accused her of weeing on the bed. All these couples talked about made me laugh alot but I had to keep it together so as not to sound insensitive or unprofessional.

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So this is what I had to teach them:

  1. Rough s3x is an art not a show of strength. You can be pulling a woman’s hair or banging her V with such apt but not necessarily applying force. Even when your woman says: choke me…you hold her throat but do not press on it. Rough s3x is such a turn on if you know how to make it work. Its like watching WWE…the wrestling you see on tv is not real wrestling…its an imitation, so they watchers get a feeling of real wrestling but in actual fact, they are only entertaining viewers. That is how you have rough s3x that can turn your partner on..its all acting…not real force
  2. For oral s3x…swallowing of sperm is for adult movies…if you want to enjoy oral s3x…then your woman should not be forced to swallow. She can take it in but spit it out just for effect. In any case, science has shown that sperm swallowing is not healthy. So, make it work.
  3. Kissing is also an art just as s3x is an art. When kissing, control the amount of saliva that you release. Make it wet but not sloppy. That is it. Give tongue but also do not force it…let it be flirty and s3xy at the same time. Do not go on without checking if your woman is enjoying it…and for God’s sake…brush your mouth before kissing or use mouth wash at least. Kissing with smelly breathe is not a turn on at all…don’t listen to people who say it does not matter cos one man’s meat is another man’s poison
  4. Squirting is not the same as weeing…squirting is a form of female ejaculation is characterized as an expulsion of fluid from the Skene’s gland at the lower end of the urethra during or before an orgasm. If your woman squirts when you are having s3x, it means that you are hitting it right man…do not be surprised.
  5. Having s3x in the dark is because of mindsets…people think of s3x as dirty and only want to do it when no one is watching or when its dark so God cannot see them sinning. Well, the last time I checked, s3x is legal in marriage, so having s3x whether God is watching or not is not a sin. The woman felt some insecurity with her body after giving birth and so she did not want the man to see her body during s3x. Insecurity is in the mind…fat and shapeless woman still have wild and storm blazing s3x…if you feel s3xy…you will be s3xy. Your man too can help by speaking words of affirmation to your body. Touch her big stomach…kiss her stretch marks…those are her marks of surviving the war of giving birth.

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Some of our therapy sessions also included watching some adult educational films to educate both parties on how to pleasure each other s3xually. Mrs. wife felt embarrassed watching those films but oga’s eyes was shinning with delight. For couples, s3x talk or the act should never be embarrassing ….learn to talk s3xy …its called dirty talk but its required. You can still have bible study after…lol.

This couple saved their marriage by doing the things I outlined above…but if you hear the funny questions they both asked me…I am laughing even remembering them right now. But if you are having issues in your s3x life….has any of the above helped you? Please share with me, how some sexual beliefs has hindered your s3x life.

Until next time, enjoy your relationships and marriages. Don’t forget to send me an email:missnaomionome@gmail.com.



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