My Boyfriend’s Has Changed Since & I Am Hurt: Please Advise.

I don't ask for something from him because he was the one sponsoring his education but maybe I need something and I don't have someone to give me if I ask from him

Nathaniel Bassey Celebrate Wedding Anniversary:My Wife Paid The Price!

We are here because you kept us. And to my darling, I say Thank you for taking that leap of faith. It takes one with deep conviction to have done so, even when I said I had no regular salary etc.

How I Met My Destiny Helper:Mom Of Two Shares Love Story

Today I Am A Wife And I Am Blowing It Hot. I Am Every Grateful To God And My Husband For Accepting Me The Way I Am And Has Made The Best In Me To Show.

Aisha Yesufu Advises Mature Single Women What To Do To Get Married

Aisha urged the women to go out and find a man, ask his hand in marriage, buy his groom things and give him a cute car. The activist also told the women to ask him to memorise a passage in the Quran as her dowry.

Happy Birthday To Lively Stones WhatsApp Member:Mrs Marylyn Obioma

It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for more significant benefits. May you find true bliss as you face your next milestones. We wish you a very long,healthy and happy life.

Not Every Woman Is A Slay Mama: Peter Of Psquare Talks About His Wife

The singer now known as Mr P shared the advice during a live session he did with his fans on Instagram. The singer explained that when he met his wife, Lola Omotayo-Okoye, 18 years ago he had nothing.

My Lively Stones Testimony:The Helpful Lessons I Have Learnt Here

Although am not married hoping to be married someday but i have really learnt a lot since i joined. Thanks @jzhane for this group, keep it up and God bless you.

My Brother Is Marrying Into A Doomed Family:Please Advise

That her father was warned against marrying her mother but he did not heed to the advise. He later died in an accident that he was the only victim.

Covid-19 Lockdown:Couple Holds Wedding Online With Over 45 People

Today was my big bro’s wedding. Because of the virus, only the bride, groom and their witnesses were allowed in the room.

Afeez Owo & Wife Mide Martins Renew Vows To Mark Birthday

this day will bring to you more fortune, more grace, more money, More life and more of good tidings, you shall be bless beyond measure my dynamic fantastic actor

Yvonne Nelson Opens Up On Why She Is Not Married Yet

A fan asked the actress if she intends to get married anytime soon and the actress finally let the cat out of the bag as to why she is probably not married yet.

This Lock-Down Has Saved My Marriage But How Do I Resist Temptation?

When she returned,we stopped sleeping together,she accused me of cheating and yes..I was cheating with my secretary at work.

My Lively Stones Testimony: How I Was Able To Overcome Depression

I just want to use this medium to appreciate Lively Stone For the good works and labor of Love in the lives of people like me and the rest.

Happy Easter Celebrations From Lively Stones Family: Christ Is Alive!

May Christ resurrection power bring healing and hope to you this trying period. Yes, He is risen and death could not hold Him back:therefore,death will not hold you back.

Different Types of S*x and Why They’re Okay!-Ryan Hicks

You might also notice that the kind of s*x you have changes over time. And if you’re like most people, you’re wondering whether it’s good or bad.

Covid-19 Lock-Down Online Relationship With A Stranger-Please Advise

No response until the next day. All she replied was: we need to talk. I was actually worried cos when a woman says we need to talk..that is serious matter.

Does Abstaining From S*x Create A Stronger Emotional Connection?

Whether s*xual abstinence is a choice you're making or an imposition due to circumstance, this period without s*x should be considered an opportunity.

Awww: See Sweet Moment Davido’s Son Said Dada As His First Word!

Many times, a couple debates over the fact that their baby called their names or partner's first. And whichever of the spouse that gets their names called first gets to taunt the other over this.

He Wants BDSM & Trash Talk: Is This Normal For Married Couples?

To be honest,I really do not feel comfortable when I moan like a whore or talk trash but he likes it ..he will be telling me to scream,not even minding that people will hear us.

Testimonies From Lively Stones Readers: I Am Getting Married!

I have had my story published twice on the blog and the WhatsApp platform. First one was concerning my mother not trusting my boyfriend

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