Covid-19 Lock-Down Online Relationship With A Stranger-Please Advise

No response until the next day. All she replied was: we need to talk. I was actually worried cos when a woman says we need to talk..that is serious matter.

Does Abstaining From S*x Create A Stronger Emotional Connection?

Whether s*xual abstinence is a choice you're making or an imposition due to circumstance, this period without s*x should be considered an opportunity.

Awww: See Sweet Moment Davido’s Son Said Dada As His First Word!

Many times, a couple debates over the fact that their baby called their names or partner's first. And whichever of the spouse that gets their names called first gets to taunt the other over this.

He Wants BDSM & Trash Talk: Is This Normal For Married Couples?

To be honest,I really do not feel comfortable when I moan like a whore or talk trash but he likes it ..he will be telling me to scream,not even minding that people will hear us.

Testimonies From Lively Stones Readers: I Am Getting Married!

I have had my story published twice on the blog and the WhatsApp platform. First one was concerning my mother not trusting my boyfriend

Keep Your Relationship Out Of Social Media-Actress Nkechi Blessing

The actress started off by advising public figures to keep their relationship away from social media. She then spoke on how she had been dating her man since 2018 and kept it lowkey until 2020.

What 35 Years of Marriage Really Looks Like BY ANDRE ADEFOPE

I always say, whether we are single, dating, or married, it’s good to hang out with people who are married/been married for longer.

Will My Marriage Ever Be Happy With All These Visions & Diabolic Acts?

I told him I was aware of the charms placed in several of his properties,I told him of the visions I was given about his mother.

My Daughters Prevented My Remarrying After Husband’s Death– Lola Idije

The new husband might not like to have the kids live with us and there would be some problems that will happen as a result of them living with us and I can’t compare my kids with anything in this world

How Do I Save My Friend’s Marriage From Total Collapse: Please Advise

He will face terrible embarrassment, I wish to save my friend from this embarrassment. How can I help him to see what he has done is wrong?

Making Marriage Work: Can Your Marriage Survive The Coronavirus?

"I've heard it's an easy affliction to hide, but the empty wrappers that are littered throughout the 'office' are illuminating, mainly because none of their contents were once offered to her co-workers."

Lock-Down Series:How To Deal With A Cheating Spouse -Opinion

Sit him down and tell him about his weakness and proffer solutions. The world is polluted already, don’t give the devil what he is looking for.

My Boyfriend Gave Me 36 Hours To Make Up My Mind-Please Advise

did not mind cos I was not going to be in a house with no light for days. We began spending time together. I knew when the flirting started but I needed the attention so I did not stop him.

Lock-Down: My Fiancee Won’t Listen To Me-Says I Am Over Reacting

I swear,I never knew her like that before. She made noodles for lunch and the kitchen was so dirty I could not stand it,I had to get up and clean it.

Tina Knowles Celebrated Beyoncé & Jay-Z’s Anniversary With a Sweet Pic

Tina Knowles, shared a sweet photo taken at the couple's wedding ceremony. The elated bride and groom can be seen celebrating having just tied the knot.

Will My Wife Loose Her Job If I Do Not Apologize?

I told her not to go to work. I insisted and told her she must tell them she cannot come to work. After like 10am,her phone rang and it was hers supervisor. One young man like that...

10 Date Night Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Go Out Because Of Covid-19

y husband does my makeup, my wife gives me a makeover, etc. It will definitely be a video you’ll both be able to rewatch and laugh over together in years to come.

This Lock-Down Has Turned My Wife Crazy & Unbelievably Corrupt

I started suspecting my wife was recording us cos she was making funny noises during s*x that day. Like she was acting out like an actress or something. I started looking around and saw where she positioned the camera.

I Am Desperate But Afraid Of Making Another Mistake-Please Advise!

I never ask for anything,I treat him well,give him respect but since day one,he has never been able to keep it in his pants.

To the Wife Whose Husband Is Addicted to Pornography:There Is Hope

Only God and your husband can which means there will be setbacks, do-overs, and trying again. There will be days when it feels like you’re back at the beginning. And there will be days when it doesn’t even cross your mind.

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