Is Spousal Rape A Thing Or Myth?- Lively Stones Presents Instagram Live Session

Some believe its a myth because your spouse is not expected to rape you and s*x in marriage is legal. So is all types of s*x in marriage legal?

My Neighbor Raped Me Because He Is In Love With Me-Pt 2

So,I told him it was over. He was begging me,saying it happened before we started dating and when we came together,he stopped.

Stop DNA Testing-Every Child Born By A Wife Belongs To The Husband Says Man

The user, Hugo Abuudo said DNA/paternity tests are destroying marriages and asked that men stop “contesting” the paternity of the children born by their wives.

My Neighbor Raped Me Because He Is In Love With Me

When we talked,I found out he got married but the lady was a gold digger,he couldn't keep up with her lifestyle and they eventually split.

How Ibidun Wanted To Help Me Adopt A Baby Girl-Omoni Oboli

“Ibidun it’s been one week and I’m still heart broken. I have done everything this one week to make myself happy. I have tried not to cry everyday but it’s so tough

What Women Want In S*x And Wish Men Knew

A sensual touch on your partner’s lower back. Lightly running your fingers across the back of their knees. Paying close attention to more unexplored parts of the body, with light flicks of your tongue, short breaths across them, and careful nibbles.

Why I Will Never Marry A Broke Man-Nigerian Lady Says

According to Eniola, she once dated a jobless guy who she was helping, but he ghosted her the moment he got a good job. She revealed that he lost the job 6 months after and tried to come back to her, but she ignored him.

Davido & Chioma Are Still Together- Davido’s Brother Adeleke Says

According to Adewale, Davido went MIA on social media to get busy with his next album. He added that Davido working hard presently to make sure his next album will be the best in Nigeria.

My Wife Is Disrespectful,Disobedient and Ashamed Of Me-Please Advise

I asked her if she is not enjoying it,she said she is,so why acting like she is not? She said that is how her face is. I left it there. I am a man of peace. I want peace in my home.

My Worst Fear Finally Happened-Please Help: Man Writes

I spoke with her her severally, pleaded and beg her most times but her attitude never changed, she made me feel like I met nothing to her, yet she will always fight with me whenever ever she suspects I have a girlfriend

My Wife’s Friend Tried To Seduce Me But She Made Everything Worse

I was shouting and my wife was crying uncontrollably saying I do not believe her but I believe a woman who is trying to ruin our marriage.

My Girlfriend Rejected My Proposal Because Of My Past Mistake-Pls Advise

At first,she refused because she thought people might say she is happy her husband is dead so she can go back to her ex.

Happy Fathers Day To All Lively Stones Dads :Our True Heroes!

they have become heroes to loved ones' Happy fathers' day to all the dads in Lively Stones and all over the world. Thanking you for being our heroes!

Post-Breakup: How to Know You’re Ready for Your Next Relationship

Do you expect to be treated well and are lovable?  Have you have been conditioned to expect little in a relationship or simply don’t deserve it?  This often is reflected in partner choices and problematic relationship patterns.

How to Adopt a Child in Lagos State – By Abimbola Adeluwoye

The law requires that at least one of the adopting party must not be less than 25 years of age and should be at least 21 years older than the juvenile.

My Neighbor and His Wife Seduced My Wife,Now I Am Ashamed

That my wife was always complaining that I was not satisfying her s*xually. I was shocked. I eventually took my wife inside and started to interrogate her.

Help-My Husband & I Have Been Trying To Divorce For The 4 Years

I know there are other women in his life but we cannot seem to let go of each other. When I discovered I was pregnant two years ago,I thought a baby would help us get back together.

She Is My Wife,Not My Sugar Mummy-Kannywood Actor, Abdulaziz Shuaibu

Abdulaziz admitted that she was the one who approached him and expressed interest after seeing him on a popular northern series on TV. The actor says he saw nothing wrong with what she did.

I Found Out My Boyfriend’s Family is Keeping A Dangerous Secret

I was curious,why was she in the room and locked from inside. I still pretended to be sleeping and like 2 mins later,my boyfriend’s elder brother came out of the same room.

Actor Browny Igboegwu: Welcomes First Child After 10 Years Of Marriage

he revealed that over the years of waiting, he was under constant pressure from people to get another woman to bare him a child or he could adopt a child while he waited.
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