Dealing With A S*xual Past In A Marriage

Many of us were told growing up to guard our hearts and were warned that forming too many romantic attachments before marriage was like giving away pieces of our heart.

24 Things To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Satisfy You In Bed

Know your body. Some women take long to get wet or even get to an orgasm. If you are that kind of a woman, make him feel good and compliment what he does to

Davido Celebrates Chioma’s 25th Birthday With Sweet Words & Small Party

Chioma also had a small birthday celebration to celebrate her 25th birthday.The Chef, who is engaged to singer Davido, celebrated with only a few people

My 3 Years Relationship Just Crashed- Was This My Fault Or An Excuse?

I cried and told him that he has changed and I know he is cheating on me. Like who goes to work on sunday and return by 9pm.

Should Couples Keep Secrets From Each Other?

I wouldn’t want to marry anybody insecure, but most people ARE insecure. Where does that leave you, EM? That depends on how much you value truth, honesty, and self-expression.

Why Do I Always Attract The Wrong Type Of Men-Please Advise

I met Jacob who promised to marry me after one year of dating. He eventually cheated and left me heartbroken.

Bible Verses That Remind Married Couples To Explore Their Erotic Sides

This one simple sentence speaks volumes to the fact that when you're married, it's important to make your spouse a top priority and to want them to feel desired in a physical and s*xual way.

Insecurities Or Just Lies- What Is Really Going On In My Relationship?

I asked him what was his business and he told me he was mentoring her and had good plans for her,that the pregnancy disappointed him.

Happy Birthday To Lively Stones Whatsapp Member: Ibe Uduma

May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. May you experience great joy and happiness. May all that you do prosper. Happy birthday bro.

His Family Never Approved Of Me:They Want To Control Our Marriage

When the children don't do well,maybe in school or something,my husband will say its cos of the fact that prayers have not been done for them.

Elikem Kumordzie Blames Age For His Failed Marriage To Pokello Nare

In an Instagram live session with Radio host KOD, Elikem revealed that age was one of the factors that contributed to the failed marriage.

Difference Btw S*x & Intimacy:My Path To A Better Relationship With My Husband

Yeah, building intimacy. I didn’t know the difference between having s*x and building intimacy. They were the same thing as far as I was concerned. But, now I know they are not.

How To Handle Social Distancing From Your Partner & Not Feel Lonely

It sucks and you miss them, and it just isn’t the same when you’re not sharing a bed or seeing them in person. But, this is a necessary step we must take.

After 6 Years Of Pain I Made A Vow Not To Get Married Until I Become Rich

That he wants me and if I was not ready,I should not give him false hopes by leading him on. I miss him terribly. I do not want to do.

Nobody Cares About This Marriage So Why Do I Feel This Bad?

My husband does not care that I cheat..he does not even ask me care...I think he knows what am doing and frankly does not why am I feeling bad about this..

Low S*x Drive and Lack of Intimacy After Childbirth

Sometimes the reason for the low s*x drive or no desire for intimacy is the inability to find the energy for it – both mentally and physically.

My Husband Has Been So Mean To Me After Our Breakup-Please Advise

I think he bribed those people because the very first day he promised to bring the child,next week. When  reached he didn't appear even the officer closed and  left me out.

My Cousin Needs Advise:She Was Deceived Into This Relationship=Pt 2

She has a child out of wedlock for a married man.She’s lost everything she labored for...  she doesn’t even want to live anymore. I can’t talk to anyone I know cos she has sworn me to secrecy...

Stella Damasus Shows Off Her Two Grown Daughters For The First Time

They were gracious enough to be on the cover, and I cannot wait for you to grab copies and read their remarkable, jaw-dropping, and quite revealing interviews inside.

My Marriage Is Not 100% Good – Actress Uchenna Nnanna Says

“We just celebrated our 6 years wedding anniversary. The journey has been so amazing. It’s been 6 years of God’s faithfulness. 6 years of Mercy. 6 years of protection.

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