How to Handle a Lack of Trust in a Relationship-By Rachael Pace

if something has happened and there is mistrust in a marriage, both partners have to want to mend what is broken. Frank honest talk is called for to tackle a lack of trust in a relationship.

My Destiny Helper Has Asked Me To Marry Him:Please Advise

I was basically taking care of myself from age 19 and with the help of this man. I graduated from the university. I am almost done with my Service.

The Power Of An Apology: Why Love Means Saying “I’m Sorry”

But if you move forward without first analyzing and understanding your actions and the hurt they caused, then you are likely to repeat your mistakes in the future.

Aisha Yesufu Advises Mature Single Women What To Do To Get Married

Aisha urged the women to go out and find a man, ask his hand in marriage, buy his groom things and give him a cute car. The activist also told the women to ask him to memorise a passage in the Quran as her dowry.

Does Abstaining From S*x Create A Stronger Emotional Connection?

Whether s*xual abstinence is a choice you're making or an imposition due to circumstance, this period without s*x should be considered an opportunity.

Keep Your Relationship Out Of Social Media-Actress Nkechi Blessing

The actress started off by advising public figures to keep their relationship away from social media. She then spoke on how she had been dating her man since 2018 and kept it lowkey until 2020.

10 Date Night Ideas For Couples Who Can’t Go Out Because Of Covid-19

y husband does my makeup, my wife gives me a makeover, etc. It will definitely be a video you’ll both be able to rewatch and laugh over together in years to come.

Its A Baby Boy For Uloma & Kingsley:See Lovely Pics From Baby Shower!

Mrs  Uloma and her husband Kingsley welcomed their wonderful bundle of miracle yesterday the 5th of April 2020. Lively Stones join their family and friends to welcome their new bundle of joy.
Top 10 Nigerian Relationship And Marriage Blogs

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