#BlackLivesmatter Protest:Man Proposes To Girlfriend During Protest

Xavier Young by name, proposed to his girlfriend, Marjorie in front of a large crowd of protesters during the #BlackLivesmatter protest in the United States.

How Do I Prove To Him That I Have Never Slept With A Married...

I knew where it was coming from:my sister's husband of course. I was enraged. I confronted him but he denied it and said he never said anything of such.

Man Forgives Wife After She Plotted To Kill Him With Her Lover

According to a report by Adom News, Gator who was in court with other family members assured his wife of his undying love as she cried profusely after the hearing.

How To Tell The Difference If It’s True Love… Or Just Lust

So whether that means cuddling up together and watching a movie or going for a swim at the beach – just remember to have fun doing it all.

My Benin Girlfriend Threatened Me If I Break Up With Her – Man Cries

I told her I’m not comfortable with the relationship becos of the way she was flirting with other guys, before I finished talking she gave me

5 Places to Touch or Kiss a Man That Will Drive Him Wild

Just the fact that you’re willing to put in that effort is amazing because effort is key to building that connection with your guy.

Writer Explains Why Men Don’t Like Receiving Gifts From Women In Relationships

Sometimes in expectation for nothing. When things don't work out, they pack up and leave in dignity. No drama, no emotional blackmail, no victimhood Olympics.

Today’s Big Question: Is Flirting Really Harmless Fun?

I’ve heard many people say that essentially it’s ‘their’ fault. Or something like ‘If I flirt and they think there’s something there, it’s their fault. I said there isn’t.’

15 Types of Arguments That May Mean the End of Your Relationship

Without physical touch, you could create a feeling of rejection, which can lead to insecurity, resentment, anger, and rebellion." You didn't get married to become roomies or business partners.

Covid-19 Lock-down Wedding-Another Couple Hold Simple Ceremony

Just like many, they were in the process of planning their wedding and it dawned on them that coronavirus would be a real threat.