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Rihanna Is Officially America’s Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire


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Rihanna Is Officially America’s Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire



The ever-innovative Robyn Rihanna Fenty once again proves herself to be a trailblazer. Forbes recently revealed that, at only 34 years old, she is America’s youngest self-made female billionaire.

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The title had previously gone to Kim Kardashian, who currently has a net worth of $1.8B at only 41 years old. However, with the immense success of her Fenty Beauty, Savage X Fenty and Fenty Skin brands, as well as earnings acquired through her music career, Rihanna has dethroned Kardashian as the country’s youngest female billionaire.

Rihanna — who clocked in at No. 21 on the annual list with a net worth of $1.4B — is the only billionaire on the list who’s under the age of 40.

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Rihanna first entered the billionaires club last year, as Blavity previously reported.

At the time, her net worth was reported as being 1.7B, so — while it appears to have gone down just a tad — Rihanna is still firmly holding onto her status as a self-made billionaire!


We also have to point out that Rihanna makes an effort to utilize her wealth to “save the world,” as Blavity previously reported.

Through the Clara Lionel Foundation (CLF), founded a decade ago, Rihanna works to “support and fund groundbreaking, effective climate resilience and justice programs around the world.”

The CLF also supports educational opportunities, disaster relief and emergency response systems worldwide, specifically focusing on African and Caribbean countries.

Other women graced the highly anticipated list include Oprah Winfrey, who came in at No. 10 with a net worth of $2.6B. Further down the list was Kylie Jenner, who was No. 41 with her $600M net worth.

Madonna and Taylor Swift were just behind her with a respective net worth of $575M and $570M. Beyoncé’s $450M net worth earned her a No. 61 spot on the list.


Shoutout to Rihanna and other young businesswomen out here trailblazing and giving back to their communities.



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