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Tearing the Bad Wraps Surrounding Scheduled S3x


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Tearing the Bad Wraps Surrounding Scheduled S3x

Why does scheduled s3x get such a bad wrap? Most of us love a sure thing! And there is no denying that when we thought it was “spontaneous”- a whole lot of were washed, shaved and in your best undergarments… almost as if it was planned??? Ultimately, your mindset will determine if it is going to succeed or fail .. so read below if this improves your outlook!

Scheduled s3x might sound unromantic or mechanical on the surface, but let’s shatter that myth right now. It’s empowering! Scheduling s3x taps into our innate liking for predictability and control. It adds a delicious anticipation and excitement to your relationship, making both partners feel desired. Just like we prioritize time for work, exercise or social engagements, scheduling s3x is about respecting and prioritizing our intimate needs. On a practical level, it ensures that there will be a time when you both are prepared mentally and physically. It cuts through the hustle and bustle of life and says “Hey, our connection matters. Our intimacy is important.” So, embrace the idea of scheduled s3x. It’s not about taking spontaneity out of the equation, but about committing to the beautiful act of sharing yourselves with each other, consistently and passionately.
Scheduling s3x may not seem like the most romantic thing to do, but it can actually be quite empowering for both partners. It allows for a sense of control and predictability in our busy lives, while also creating an exciting anticipation for the scheduled intimate time together.

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In today’s fast-paced world, it can be easy to let our intimate needs fall by the wayside. We prioritize work, exercise, and social engagements without hesitation, but sometimes our relationship and intimacy can get overlooked. Scheduling s3x is a way to show respect and prioritize these important aspects of our lives.
Not only does scheduling s3x ensure that both partners are mentally and physically prepared for the intimate experience, but it also sends a powerful message of desire and importance. It tells your partner that they are desired and that your connection is a priority.

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Scheduling s3x does not mean taking away spontaneity from the relationship. It simply means committing to regularly setting aside time for intimacy and strengthening your bond. This consistent effort can lead to a deeper, more passionate connection between partners.

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So let go of any reservations or expectations about scheduled s3x being unromantic or less fun. Embrace it as a way to prioritize and nurture your relationship, and watch the positive impact it can have on both partners. Remember, you deserve to have a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life, so don’t be afraid to schedule some time for it. Your relationship will thank you for it! So go ahead and add scheduling s3x into your routine – your future self will thank you.

Here are five tips to make scheduled s3x more fun and successful:
Communicate Openly: Speak with your partner about your desires, needs, and any concerns you may have about scheduling s3x. This transparency will set the stage for a more fulfilling and comfortable experience.
Be Flexible: While scheduling s3x is about ensuring regular intimacy, it’s equally important to maintain some flexibility. If one partner isn’t feeling it at the scheduled time, be willing to reschedule rather than pushing through. Too rigid or too flakey are a bad sign.

Create a Comfortable Environment: Make the setting as relaxed and comfortable as possible. This might mean cleaning the room, lighting candles, or playing soothing music. A relaxed environment can significantly enhance the experience.

Introduce Variety: Avoid falling into a routine by mixing things up. Experiment with different positions, incorporate toys, or try role-play to keep things exciting.

Maintain the Element of Surprise: Even though the s3x is scheduled, surprises can still be incorporated. Surprise your partner with new lingerie or a spontaneous change in location to keep the spark alive.

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