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Ten Reasons Why Many Single Ladies Cannot Find A Husband


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Ten Reasons Why Many Single Ladies Cannot Find A Husband
Many ladies have been asking me how they can be found by a man, but IRONICALLY speaking, please do any of these if you want a man to find you.
1. Always stay indoor at your father’s without going out.
2. Don’t wait after Sunday service to greet, meet or visit Brethren.
3. Don’t attend wedding, graduation ceremony or any social events.
4. Don’t make friends with Godly opposite S.e.x be it at workplace, church or school. Be rude to men that comes around you.
5. Don’t post or share people’s posts on Facebook, whatsapp status or any social media. Don’t join Facebook groups or comments on groups.
6. Don’t post any of your beautiful pictures on social media. Use your church Pastor’s or business picture as your profile picture both on whatsapp and Facebook or other social media.
7. Ask where an opposite S.e.x gets your number from and warn such never to call you again.
8. Don’t reply Facebook messenger’s messages or accept stranger’s friend request. Don’t reply whatsapp chats from strangers. Don’t join whatsapp group for singles also. Don’t comment on any whatsapp group you join.
9. Don’t enroll for personal or spiritual development training online or offline.
10. Don’t join any service unit in your Church.
Beloved, if you do all these and someone’s son still didn’t find you, please pray and fast.
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