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True Life Experience: My Girlfriend Wants Space Cos I Am Broke


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True Life Experience: My Girlfriend Wants Space Cos I Am Broke



I have been dating this girl for more than a year and she has been nice to me. But things hasn’t been fair to me. She’s an orphan, same thing as me.

I am a street boy and we are both in our final year in school. I made some money before she came into my life and then I went broke ever since, i am not blaming her or something but there are some things i can’t share here about her.

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So she travelled for the holiday for like three months now. She has changed, she told me her cousins are doing well and that their boyfriends’ bought cars for them and that she has tried for me.

I really feel for her. That was one of the reasons I didn’t want her to go home at first, negative influence. So, she told me she needed space that i have not been trying financially.

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I told my friend and he said i should forget the girl for now. The thing is, I don’t even blame her, I wouldn’t stay with myself if I was her.

I’m just heart broken not being able to do anything.

I’m not simping o… Things are going well for me this period without her being here, i just feel for her that’s all.

I’m a full s.t.a.c.k hustler… I believe myself die… Even area believe me too


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