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True Life Stories: How I Discovered My Wife Has Been Faking Orgasm


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True Life Stories: How I Discovered My Wife Has Been Faking Orgasm

Hello Lively Stones,

I am a Ghanian…I have been a follower of your blog since 2022…I am heartbroken because for the first time in my marriage of one year, I am finally realizing that I made a terrible mistake and divorce may be knocking on my door. I love ,My wife but I have just realized that I do not know the woman I married until now. When I met my wife Rose (not real name), she was the most beautiful, exciting and intelligent girl I ever met.

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One of the things that attracted me to her was really her intelligence. She was a star performer at her organization, she was been given an award for outstanding performance by a IT organization and after she finished speaking, as she accepted her award, everyone gave her a standing ovation. I met her during the dinner at the awards and we hit it off very well.

We exchanged contacts and stayed in touch. I was mesmerized by her. I noticed alot of people also admired her so we stayed as friends. Then, one day, she shared a broken heart emoji on her status, so I chatted her and found out, she broke up with her fiancé of two years. I quickly entered her with that…started toasting her. She said she was not looking for casual relationship that will not lead to marriage.

So, I told her I too am ready to settle down. We started dating and I found out that she is very close to her one of her colleagues, Akin. They travel alot together and I also became close to this colleague and his family. This guy has a wife and three children so I never suspected anything. Eventually, when we got married, this man and his wife became like very good family friends too.

All has been going very well. Our marriage has just clocked one year. We have even talked about having children since one year has passed without my wife getting pregnant. Even with that, we can say, we were very happy as a couple. We never allowed anything or anyone come in-between us. We resolved our minor issues within ourselves. Well, so I thought until Akin’s wife called me screaming and threatening to destroy my wife Rose, I never knew anything was happening.

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Apparently, Akin’s wife discovered that my wife and her husband are lovers. She not only walked in on them having s3x….she also has a s3x tape with Rose and Akin. I could not believe it. I could not believe it….Akin’s house is on fire right now. From what I hear, the wife maybe considering moving out cos she said…Rose is not the only one that her husband is sleeping with. That she has been dealing with his indiscretions for so long but now she’s tired.

I did not know how to react when I confronted my wife cos I never ever suspected her of such a thing…not with even with someone who we consider as family friend. My only question to her was: WHY? My wife looked at me and said…Victor…please forgive me…that if she tries to explain, that I may not understand so I told her to explain it anyhow she likes….so she starts by saying….Victor….you are a good man…you are a good husband to me…you love me and I love you but when it comes to s3x….you can never match with Akin.

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My wife the dropped a bomb…that from when we were dating to when we got married…that she has never experienced orgasm with me. She  said she and Akin has been f*cking for several years. That it started when she and him started working together. That she wanted to stop when she met me but she realized her libido is higher than mine. That she never experienced real orgasm even though she faked it all through these times. That I am too gentle and too old fashioned when it comes to s3x. That she thought I would act or look at her strangely if she told me. That she was gone too deep with Akin, its not easy to resist him even though she knows its wrong what she is doing.

In my anger, I slapped my wife…cos what she said did not make sense….is she trying to justify that she cheated and is still cheating? My wife was surprised and said she wanted to show me what she meant. She then asked me to slap her again…begged me to f*ck her like a slave or prostitute….she said I should talk dirty to her…that I call her a dog, slut…that I should slap her…

Of course, I refused but she convinced me to do it…saying she wants to show me why she is with Akin. Long story short, my wife encouraged me to have rough s3x with her and to me, it felt like I was r*ping her. I did it with so much anger cos I was so angry…I cussed her so much…abused her until for the first time in our marriage…I saw her experiencing an orgasm….she said she never experienced orgasm with me. And she liked it so much and said that is what she has been waiting for.

That was when my eye opened…that this intelligent and beautiful woman must have been  abused in the past and she has taken that abuse as love….I asked her who abused her…she refused to say anything. I pressed further and she started saying no one abused her…that she just love it that way….next time we made love, she went wild and kept asking me to choke her….until she started coughing and gasping for air.

I told her I will not indulge in this kind of abuse in the name of s3x and she said, she cannot be married to me if I do not indulge. I felt so strange doing these things to her…what if I mistakenly kill her in the name of choking her for s3x….so I told her that I cannot do what she is asking me…my wife got upset and said….this is my problem with you….how can you say you cannot f*ck me the way I want and yet expect me not to cheat?

That was 3 days ago. I told her she was possessed and needs professional help. She said she needs space and sometime to think…My wife has moved out of the house and is in a short let apartment. I do not know what she wants to do. I told her if she does not come back home before the end of this week, we are done…she has not even blinked. She has not even called or texted me.

Is she trying to leave the marriage? Why will she leave the house to go and think? Do you think she is secretly using that to meet with Akin? Can you imagine that a responsible wife will do this?  Even after what she has done? She is not even begging or remorseful. I love her so much…I could forgive her if she actually is ready to change but it seems…this is who she is….she is a crazy woman and maybe I am not the right man for her…how else do you explain a woman who sleeps with another man, has a s3x tape with the man and also walked out of her matrimonial home just because she wants to have s3x that she is being abused.

What exactly am I missing here? What am I supposed to do? Do you think this might be the end of the marriage? Can we work this out? Is having orgasm the most important thing in life or marriage? Why did she have to go to that length just to have an orgasm? One thing is clear, I do not think I can please my wife s3xually….she definitely is into something else and I find that very uncomfortable. Please what should I do?


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  1. When you want to marry as a man,go for your level,don’t go for high class,go for a woman you can atleast talk to,a submissive and obedient woman, you see the mess you are into? The woman no even send you one bit.

    I will not write long story ooo,just divorce her and have peace,this marriage cannot work,why?

    * She is an adulterer
    * She likes BDSM abi na wetin dem dey call it?
    * She is not submissive and obedient
    * She is a high class babe with dignity and honour,she is well respected and admired.
    * She left her matrimonial home to stay in short let and you say that one still wants to be in marriage. Huh!
    * She has not even apologized for the wrong she did by sleeping with a married man.
    * You cannot keep up with the kind of sex she wants from you unless you are ready to become a rapist or kill her all in the name of making love by hitting, slapping, calling her nonsense names. Nawaooo

    She is not longer interested in the marriage,how long will she continue to stay in the short let? Does she expect you to apologize? Nna wahala dey ooooo.

    Please talk to her people and hear what they have to say first,because your power no reach her own oooo. It is well !
    She can’t even keep and manage a home,will she even be a good wife and mother to your unborn children?

  2. It is written very bold. Please move on. God will give you your own. No matter how much you try you will never be able to satisfy her that’s the truth because Akin does better. She confirmed it herself. Don’t force it if not she would keep cheating on you. Let it go

  3. Man you can’t come and kill yourself all in the name of sex, pls serve her breakfast sharp sharp or you continue allowing her sleeping outside.

  4. she must have been victim of abuse.
    bUT SHE NOT OPENING UP TO you is an indication that she does not want to be helped.
    Rather, she wants you to match up to her fallen state because she is high class lady. No way!
    Its a pity whatever abuse she must have suffered that has led to these about her . But you cant help her, the help starts with her.
    If shes still high up there with these skeletons in he cupboard, and not ready to get help, then she doesnt deserve you.
    Shes not sorry, but my bother here is that she doesnt even want to be helped.
    Please arrange your exit plan.
    Except she shows readiness to change.

  5. Obviously you love your wife and want a happy home.

    Your narration shows that your wife is deeply rooted in what she enjoys and to her that’s what sex and satisfaction is about.

    Threatening her won’t change her cos she must have made a record of being once married.

    So, she may not need the marriage or a man not ready to match up.

    Ask her to come home for a conversation. Give her a romantic dinner and ask for the way forward. Visit a sex therapist and psychologist, Jzhane will help you, invite her where she will get attention and help.

    You need to give it a trial but don’t compromise because if she gets hurt in the process her family won’t take the excuse that she asked for it. Besides, do not change yourself to who you are not but you could spice up your sex life too.

    Pray and tell God what you want. Ask him to fix r Give it time and if she insists to end it, gladly ket it go.

    She remained with you cos she has a partner that satisfies her.

    Please, go and run a medical check up and ve sure you are okay too.

    All the best.

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  7. She manipulated you with , I like rough sex, she knows you will believe her it’s why she used manipulation to deceive you.

    She has been cheating for many years, and told you to understand, told you to sex her lies rape, and you still think such woman should be with you.

    When we tell men of female nature, they call us women hater, when we tell them don’t ever trust women, they tell us we hate women.

    Some of you men will learn the painful way.

    Bro, the fact you even brought the issue shows you don’t know women at all, you want to work it out.

    Don’t be a captain save a hoe.

    If men knew their worth, you will never take women serious, from the beginning, I just knew you don’t know women at all.

    I wish you well.


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