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True Life Story: A Dangerous Affair With A Married Woman Please Advice My Friend


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True Life Story: A Dangerous Affair With A Married Woman Please Advice My Friend

Hello Lively Stones,

I need a quick advice for my guy. Me and George (not real name) have been friends for over 7 years now. About 4 years ago, he met Hetty (Not real name). Hetty is a like candy to the eye. To say she is beautiful is an understatement. My guy fell flat in love. He was like very smitten with her. They dated for a year and he was ready to marry her. All of us knew his intentions towards her.

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All of a sudden, out of no where, Hetty tells my guy that the relationship is moving too fast, that she needs some space. We were all surprised cos its guys that usually complain when a girl is applying pressure for marriage. Here, you have a guy who wants to settle down and you say he is moving too fast?

George did not understand….us too.  We asked if he annoyed her in any way…he said no. I tried to talk to Hetty…she was not forthcoming. My guy was sick…he was running mad…he was missing her…calling her…begging her. Infact…he told me he was going to buy her a car, to make her change her mind about him. We told him no…how can you buy a car for a girl that you are not yet married to?

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So, George  started the process of buying the car. A 2020 Toyota camry. He wanted to surprise her with the car on her birthday which was like in 2 months. He was doing everything to fast track the car shipment. My guy even took loan to complete the shipping process. Just a month to her birthday…Hetty posted her wedding invitation with pre-wedding photoshoot on social media.

George almost died of shock. All of us could not believe it. For the first time in my life…I said…women are more deadly than the devil. George still tried to beg her but she blocked him on all social media. That is how my guy chop breakfast o. Since then, he has not recovered. Thank God he had not given the car to the girl…he sold it. But he has not dated anyone serious since…yes, he’s been on a few hook ups but no real relationships.

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Its been two years after the breakup. Hetty is trying to come back to George. She married a cheater. Lol…karma is a bitch…Hetty’s husband cheated on her and abuses her verbally. Her marriage is a nightmare according to her and she has realized she made a terrible mistake. She reached out to beg George to forgive her. My guy told her about the car he was trying to get her…she realized how foolish she was now.

When George told me that Hetty asked for forgiveness…I told him to forgive but never allow her back into his life again. But I think my guy is still in love. I just found out that George and Hetty are sneaking behind everyone’s back and they are f*cking. Hetty…married woman o.

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We have spoken to my guy…everyone of us his friend has told him to let go of this woman cos she is danger…my guy said he can’t stop loving her. Initially, we all thought it was just s3x cos he said Hetty and her marriage are almost done cos she and her husband have not sleeping together for months. So, we thought Hetty was just horny and looking for a free f*ck.

However, George says Hetty is filing for a divorce to come back to him and so he is waiting for her to do so and they can marry. Please how else do we tell this guy that once a cheater always a cheater? I am afraid for my friend. They have been having hide and seek s3x for almost 5 months now. My guy is getting deeper and deeper…everyone is worried for my guy.

The funny thing is…Hetty told George that she is pregnant…since she is not sure who is the father (whether George or her husband…that she will abort the pregnancy)…how will Hetty say she has not been sleeping with her husband yet she is not sure who the father of her baby is? George said the husband forces himself on her once in a while.

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My friend is begging her not to abort…that even if the baby is not his…he will love the baby…abeg…no be juju be that? I told George he has lost his mind …this girl is going to be his doom I swear. But he thinks I am being an over protective friend. So, I told him lets debate this on Lively Stones…he thinks Hetty is his soul mate…and he wants her no matter her flaws. Abeg…the person wey do Hetty juju needs a medal…or am I wrong?

Please advice my friend…


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  1. This story reeks of simping, from when he met her to the point that she came back again. Your friend is a simp, mangina, effeminate man, beta male, emasculated man, weak man, a finished man, a women worshipper. To be honest these kind of stories disgust me, cos when i see how some men act foolish for women beats my imagination.

    We got a similar story not to long ago. Your friend will learn the painful way, i don’t pity men that sleep with other men’s wives, especially when it is planned and not just when he was caught in a corner, if he is not careful, he will soon end 6 feets below, and we will use him as a point of reference to warn other men.

    He has chosen to be a simp, leave him, you have done your best bro. Like I always say on twitter, simps will learn the painful way. It is what it is.

    • It is a pity that George is going through this in the hands of Hetty.

      You have to make him come back to his senses by fire by force,if not see him see danger oooo,that girl is very possessed and she has gotten hold of George ,the spell on your friend is way too much for him to resist that Hetty ooooo.

      Look for a way to inform Hetty’ s husband or any of her family members about her affair please, George needs deliverance from that Hetty. How can she leave him to marry another,and then returns in two years and George accepted her back,abeg this is not ordinary.

      You have to help him,he is not in his right sense of mind or right frame of mind. Organise a meeting,talk senses into him,if possible his family members,inform them,tell them George is about entering hell fire,he needs to come out before the fire burns him oooo.

      It is well with his soul.

  2. This is serious.
    Your friend must keep being warned. He should not get it twisted o, stolen water is sweet . Sex in the matter is a no, no.
    please keep talking to him, its not the way.
    Fine, let’s try understanding with him that the feeling was mutual . Let hin know that the way they are gong about it by putting sex first has made it a danger path.

    And 2 years is too short to want to come out of a marriage for crying out loud! what happens to working things out?!
    The woman has obviously seen your friend as an alternative.
    And he is falling for it. Hmmn, tell him that if hes caught, its like putting hot coals under his bossom,

    Worst, worst, if the lady wants divorce, she should have atleast pursue it to a logical point before moving with your friend. Shes not even to be considered, because the way she left in the first place , leaves an impression : she will repeat it again.
    You should please talk to his senses and do all you can to help him stop.

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  4. He can’t hear word again no matter what he will go ahead and marry Hetty, just be prepared to be with as a support system. But that you will convince him out of this foolishness maybe impossible. Just support him.


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