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True Life Story: A Prostitute Is Controlling My Husband In Our Home


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True Life Story: A Prostitute Is Controlling My Husband In Our Home

Good morning Lively Stones,

Please I need your help. I am a 27 year old woman. I got married to my husband four years ago. I am an NCE holder. I was in the village when my husband’s people came to tell my father that their son in Lagos is 42 years old and he has refused to marry. So, they want to find him a wife and they came to my father for my hand in marriage.

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They told my people that their son is a worker in Lagos and that he will even help me further my education. That is how I left my Village four years ago after my husband came for the wedding a month after. We travelled down to Lagos and got there in the Night. I was surprised at the area my husband was living. To me, it looked more dirty than our village.

My husband explained that Lagos life is all about hustling. I promised to work hard to support him. On getting home that night, my husband was living in a one room face me I face you apartment. We slept cos it was late, there was no light too. Around 4am, my husband woke me up for S**. That night, he broke my virginity. I was in s much pain but my mother already told me it might hurt.

Around 6am, a knock came on the door. My husband welcomed a lady he introduced to me as his Aunty and benefactor in Lagos. That the woman works as a nurse and she went for night shift. That she is staying in the room but that she does not disturb us cos she works in the night and sleeps in the day.

That day, I cleaned the room cos my husband went to work. I later found out he is a dispatch rider. After cleaning the house, I cooked and got ready for my husband. This woman slept till 5pm…she had her bath and later started dressing up. She did not dress as a nurse but she looked like a prostitute. Hmm…that is how I discovered that she was not really a nurse but a prostitute.

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And that was how our life was. Even when I got pregnant, this woman was still our co-tenant, coming in the morning and leaving in the night. One night, we were sleeping, my husband woke me up, I was five months pregnant then. He told me that the woman, Nonye wants to work at home that night, so we have to sleep on the floor. That night, Nonye brought 4 men to sleep with her one by one. Me and my husband stayed on the floor.

I did not know how to find the courage to ask my husband why we have to live with this woman…why cant she find her own place. People were looking at me in the compound like a fool. But after that night, I told my husband that I cannot live in the same house with a prostitute….to sleep on the floor with pregnancy while she is on the bed f*cking different men.

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Some men even be shouting as they are f*cking. I am very sure the whole neighborhood heard them. My husband now told me that he earns 25k as dispatch rider. That is why he never had money to marry. So, when he found out his parents were bringing a wife for him, he contacted Nonye who he used to patronize for S** and she offered to house him and his wife. So, the room is for Nonye actually.

My husband begged me not to tell my family or his. That he is ashamed that he has not made it even after being in Lagos for 11 years. It was then it dawned on me that I have to work and support my husband so we can get our own place. I started hawking anything from pure water to gala to zobo and before I put to bed, I had saved up to like 70k.

Which is not enough to get a room in this part of Lagos butr God so did it, we got a place and promised the landlord to pay him the balance 50k before 3 months. I thank God we were able to move before I gave birth because I would have died of shame to give birth in Nonye’s room.

From there, I got a teaching job in a private primary school. I was earning 45k. We managed. I was still selling zobo and petty things after school. After 2 years, I got pregnant with our second child. I was sad cos we were still managing but at least we are in our own house. Not in a brothel. When I was 7 months pregnant, my husband lost his dispatch rider job, the company folded up, that was during last year pandemic.

So, I became the full bread winner of the house. Thank God sha, the company gave him the bike cos he has served them for like 4 years and the bike was very old. So, my husband started doing Okada work and sometimes private dispatch rider delivery work. One evening, we were eating when Nonye came to our house. I was surprised. My husband never told me she was coming.

My husband explained that Nonye’s house rent was expired and she could not pay her rent. That she called him and begged him to accommodate her until she got her place. My husband in his goodness of heart, wanting to repay her, agreed that she can come stay with us for a while. My husband did not even ask me.

I felt very angry. But my husband begged me…that I should remember that she helped us when he had nothing. That how’s Nonye has been staying with us since Last year around July. This woman is not even behaving like she wants to leave our house. She even went to the village and brought her 5 year old son to live with us…saying her mother is sick and cannot take care of him.

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So, now, I have tow children plus Nonye’s son to look after. Every night, Nonye goes out to do Ashawo and come back saying business is bad. I got so frustrated one day and confronted her. I told her to leave my house and she fought me. My husband supported her. Saying I am an ungrateful person. Every time all I hear is how Nonye helped us when we had nothing. Is that why I have to live with this slut? Feed and take care of her son?

Every time I felt like reporting my husband to our people back in the village, I just remember how he begged me not to expose his shame. So, since then, I have been enduring. Me and Nonye are like cat and dog in my own house. One day, my husband’s bike was bad so he could not go out.  I felt very uncomfortable knowing he will be at home during the day and Nonye will be back from her night business.

I could not concentrate at work…so around 11am, I went home. I sneaked into the compound and went to the back window. Lo and behold…Nonye and my husband were f*cking. I burst into the room and started fighting Nonye. My husband was just looking. Nonye was busy telling me that she owns my husband and can f*ck him anytime she likes. That I should be grateful she allows him to f*ck me too.

Chai….my life….I was wishing the ground will open and swallow me. My husband sat there like a small boy. Nonye scratched me and gave me bruises. I cried and cried through out that day. Around evening time, Nonye got dressed and left for her business of the night. I thought of packing my things and leaving. My husband started begging me…asking him not to leave that I should bear with him…that he knows he should have defended me against Nonye but he feels he owes her alot for her kindness to him.

What kind of foolish man did I marry? I finally told my family. My parents are asking me to come back home or find another place to move out since Nonye does not want to move out. But my husband’s family and our pastor are saying I should not move out, that I should stand my ground and use prayers to drive the evil woman from my house.

Please advice me…what should I do out of the 3 options: go back to village with my children or get another accommodation for myself and my children or stay and pray and fight for my husband and my marriage? I dont even have enough money to get a new place but my father promised to help me with some money if I find a place…see how I am burdening my old father that has nothing…chai…what kind of marriage did I land myself into?

Last Sunday, my husband did not go to church with us as he used to do. I did not wait for service to close the normal time before I left. I got home and met Nonye sleeping with my husband. What have I done to deserve this humilation….my husband will just be begging me while this evil woman is laughing that she is f*cking my husband in the house that I rented with y money.

I am now feeling depressed….should I go back to village with my children or get another accommodation for myself and my children or stay and pray and fight for my husband and my marriage? Please advice me.


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  1. God should grant me such patience. Once a cheat,always one. You allowed everything to get to this point all by yourself. Why get pregnant for a man who’s living conditions are so pathetic? Ok,first child could be a mistake,what of the second one? So your co-wife goes to sleep with men for money and you take care of her son. Not for one month but more than 6 months? Wait ooh, while living at her house you didn’t find anything suspicions? You sleep on the floor for her to sleep with men on the bed and you didn’t find anything weird? That same woman followed you to where you shifted to and you allowed her? That was the time you were to move back home. How do you wait for your kids to witness such nonsense under your roof and instead of going back home you’re here asking us what to do. Women need to really know their worth. Once you do,there’s no way such stupidity will occur in your presence and sit foolishly asking for advice. What’s here to advice honestly? What else is left for you to see with your own eyes to understand you’re is a sham of marriage. The only support you’ll ever need in life is from your own family,any other person should face their front. I have never been annoyed reading so much crap and felt so disgusted. You need to love yourself honestly. A man who disrespects you severally, honestly,I just lack words.

  2. Hmmm, my sister, the only option you have is to leave and go to the village. You can’t rent another house elsewhere cos your husband will still come and live with you and you being so tolerating, enduring and someone who doesn’t understand when you are being used, will let him in and when the rent at your former accommodation expires, Nonye will join you in your new house and you will continue to cry and won’t do anything. That’s no marriage, leave before you contact HIV. Since Nonye is a prostitute and you are sharing your hubby with her, chances are that you will soon start treating various STDS. If you value your life and your children’s life, leave that man and stay on your own.

  3. Madam you will go nowhere,stay and fight for that marriage. You have to report that stupid Nonye to the police or human right.
    Take charge,be bold and confident, throw her things outside before she comes home from her kpekus business, lock the door,but before then, report the matter to the police.

    Na vawulence we go use deal with such idiot, throw her things outside,don’t let her overpower you or intimidate you. If you cannot fight her,please involve me,collect my phone number from the admin,will deal with her.
    If na juju she dey use,her juju go fail her this time. Don’t be depressed nnem,as for your husband,keep praying for him, poverty can make a man do what he is not suppose to do,how can the stupid girl be sleeping with your husband in a house you rented with your sweat?
    Throw her nonsense and smelling things out biko,no time for rubbish.

    If na me sef, I go involve guys for my area,give them something to deal with her,she is not using any juju my dear,your husband does not have money,he answers to whatever Nonye tells him.
    It is well with you and your beautiful family

  4. Is this story for real?
    Blaming you in anyway is like rubbing salt on your injury.
    Please, take those kids to the village and start a new, meaningful life.
    Left to me, I would prefer you go to your father’s house, and not to that man’s place, because I don’t see any marriage here.
    He already had a wife before he married us

  5. Oh mine! Is this Nolly wood movie! So sorry to hear this. i am personally irritated . Please , you dont have to be in that toxic enviroment to pray, fight or whatever. You need to leave.
    This is time you need your family and they have extended their hand. please take any of the options your father has offered. May he live long so you too can take care of him.
    Pending while youre still in the enviroment, I advice you comport yourself with your phone in hand to video or record your evidences nextime you see these pigs in the act. keep it, you may need it in the future when the rooster comes to roast eventually or even for police or legal matters.
    Move out and begin afresh. What if you havent been lucky and have contacted STDs?!!

    But if you have energy for involing the police to chase the Lady like @Marylyn adviced, you can explore that .
    Me, i dont have such energy, God forbid bad thing.
    it is well with you.


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