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True Life Story: All I Want For Valentine Is To Stop Feeling Lonely-Pt 2


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True Life Story: All I Want For Valentine Is To Stop Feeling Lonely-Pt 2


Dear Lively Stones,

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First I want to say thank you for being a wonderful support system for me yesterday. Yesterday was my lowest. You all saw me have a raw mental breakdown and God knows, I was ready to throw in the towel all the way. I was ready to f#ck my married colleague. Somehow, after writing my story, I cried myself to sleep.

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I woke up two hours later when Jzhane called me. I admit, when she was talking to me, I did not feel any better. I felt she was just being nice to me. I felt like any advice I was getting was just to make me feel good but I was in pain. I needed something like a drug or s3x to fix my pain. I have never had cocaine before but I felt like an addict who needed cocaine to feel good again. I even replied the text to my colleague that I am coming. I was ready to get some D inside me.

And then Jzhane prayed with me. As I said amen to her prayers and dropped the phone, I felt a sense of peace within me. I had a bath and blocked my colleague. I took my son and we both went to get some suya. At the Suya spot, I was being reminded of my loneliness when I saw couples hanging around the suya spot together but I smiled. I hugged my son and thanked God for giving me such a blessing for a son.

We came home, ate the suya and I slept. When I woke up today, reality hit again. I felt sad but this time, I am not desperate. I remembered the words of Jzhane yesterday. I will wait for love, I only pray God gives me the strength not to fall deep into depression again. I pray I find true love before I break down again. Until then, all I need is, your prayers and support. I am ok now.

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Thank you to the Lively Stone fan that dropped her comment too. I dont know what tomorrow or the future holds, I know I am not at my best now, I know I am not out of the woods so I will still be looking forward to all your comments and advice and prayers but for now, I will hold on as much as I can .

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  1. There are no clear-cut rules about life, love or anything. The only rule I’ll tell you to abide by is to only be intimate and loving with someone who is on the same page as you, respects you and wants what you want, whether it’s one night, ten nights or a lifetime.

    And no matter what you do, guard your heart—but this doesn’t mean keep it locked up. The most miserable people after divorce are the ones who refuse to try again.

    The second most miserable are those who are desperate.

    Recognize how worthy you are and set your price high and watch who bids.

  2. Dear Poster,

    I will congratulate you by choosing to listen to good counsel and praying with Mrs Jzhane. It’s amazing how a connection with the right people changes everything.

    The most important person now is you then your son.
    You will keep winning over depression, hurt and flesh.

    Be optimistic of meeting someone who will love you but while you wait, love yourself. Heal well and be a joyful and peaceful partner too.

    Keep your head up with the knowledge of your worth. Your colleague is only a temporary relieve with no promised permanent joy, fulfilment and comfort.

    Everything will be alright. Take it one step at a time.


  3. There is no clear cut rule to things of nature.. is question for long will you continue like this? You need to ask yourself this question and you have to answer yourself too.. praying and fasting does not take away the feeling of sex that is nature.


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