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True Life Story: Can I Date Someone Who Dates Men For Money?


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True Life Story: Can I Date Someone Who Dates Men For Money?

Hi Lively Stones,

It all started two years ago. I had written my CIA exam for the 3rd time and failed again. I got the news while I was at work. I work in one of the largest Audit firm and almost everyone here is a qualified Auditor except you are a fresh graduate or intern. Its was very frustrating to have paid so much money, spent nights reading and fail again. I was feeling so disappointed that I began to hear voices in my head that perhaps being an Auditor is not my calling.

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I went to the bathroom and cried. When I came back, my eyes were still red from crying. My colleagues were consoling me and encouraging me not to give up. Our boss called me to his office and asked me to sit down. He tried to encourage me and gave me the phone number of his best friend who is a Private tutor. I have never been that close to my boss but I was grateful he took interest in my future.

So I contacted this guy that was supposed to be my boss friend. And we started the classes after week for 3 times in a week. This my boss friend was very helpful in coaching me because I began to understand the course better than I ever did. Sometimes we meet at my place and sometimes at his place. There are a couple of other people he does this for as well.

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I was able to write the exam and passed the first stage. I was so happy and I showed my appreciation to my coach by buying him a bottle of expensive wine and chocolates. Everyone at work were so happy for me, I also went to thank my boss and I told him how grateful I was to him for sending me to his friend to coach me. He was like, we have to celebrate your success, and he quickly said he’s taking me and my coach out to celebrate after work.

To me, that was not necessary but he seemed genuinely happy for me, so I agreed. After work, I went with him in his car and we picked up my Tutor and we drove to this spot on the Island. Drinks were ordered and everyone toasted to my success. The drinking continued. This was my first time at heavy drinking but it got to a point, we had enough and it was time to go.

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Boss offered to drop me off but he said he needed to pee. Tutor also wanted to pee, so both guys went ahead to the gents. I waited for almost 25 minutes for them. I became worried so I decided to go look for them cos I was the only one sitting all by myself. I went towards the men’s toilet calling Tutor’s name but there was no answer.

As I got closer to the toilet, I observed one of the doors was locked and it was engaged with whoever that was inside making weird noises. It took a moment to recognize those noise as s3xual. I wondered who was it. I hide close enough. Another 10 minutes later or so, they were done and out came my boss and his friend. They were zipping up and kissed. I think what I just witnessed was my boss was having homosexual intercourse with my Tutor.

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I ran back outside to wait for them. They came back like 5mins later. Through out the ride, I was so quiet. When I was asked why am so quiet, I just said I am tired. That is how I found out my boss was homosexual. I never told anyone, I just kept it to myself. This man is a married to a beautiful lawyer, they have a beautiful family with two boys. So, I knew it was best I mind my business.

We started prepping for my next exam and one day, Tutor began to touch me in places. I was like, why is doing this, he said he likes me alot and so I told him, no I cannot be involved with him cos he is my Tutor. He then said he cannot continue tutoring me because he has strong feelings for me and he cannot control himself. I became devastated cos I need him to pass my exams.

Actually, I cannot lie, I would have liked him before I discovered that he is bi. I am kind of attracted to him but I told him that I cannot be with him cos I know he is gay and I saw him with my boss. He was shocked and asked me when I discovered. I told him. He became quiet and after a while asked me to sit down. He said he is bi-sexual  just for the hustle. That its nothing unusual, its just a side hustle for him to make extra money. That my boss pays him to provide s3xual pleasure for him.

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I was like, I cannot be with a man who has s3x with other men. Tutor had to cancel our arrangements. I was really devastated. I begged him but he said its for his own good, cos he cannot control his s3xual urges around me. I am really scared to loose him and I know I cannot pass my next exam without him. The next level exam is the hardest. I do not know what to do. He says he wont be able to coach me without wanting me. That he could even stop the ‘hustle’ when he finds the right person to settle down with….which could be me?

Should I tell him ok cos the exams were too close and I was afraid I cannot do this without him. That will make him happy I am sure but I am a bit afraid. I asked him what if my boss finds out, he said I should not worry, boss will not find out. Or maybe he can change when he is finally with me? I don’t know…This whole arrangement is giving course for worry….headaches and anxiety.

What should do?


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  1. Nne for you not to be devastated and have serious migraine or headache,you better forget about that unserious and irresponsible tutor of yours. What makes you think he will leave his side hustle for you?

    This is set up,you better be careful and watch it. You already made him feel so important,in such a way that, without him you cannot pass your examination.

    My dear read,burn that candle,devote time for studies and hand over everything to God,you will pass your exams and also celebrate your success without the so called tutor.
    Your mind is not at peace with it, so you want to date a bisexual that works for a living,a person that is close to your boss,a person that will describe how narrow or wide your house of assembly is to your boss,I feel you don’t longer want that job abi?
    You better respect yourself and let him be.
    I wish you success in your examination,God bless you my darling.

  2. This is a setup and I will advise you not yo fall for it, he knows you rely so much on him to pass your exam and he wants to take advantage of that. He is a play boy and irresponsible and just want to add you to the numbers.

    You have already passed a stage, you have laid the foundation, build on it by study well for your exam and you will pass it. If that is difficult, you can always get another tutor, go online, ask people around they will direct to another tutor that is far better than him.

    Run for your dear life…..


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