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True Life Story: Can Prophesy Reveal Who You Are Supposed To Marry?


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True Life Story: Can Prophesy Reveal Who You Are Supposed To Marry?

Hello Lively Stones,

Please advise my friend. He will be in the comments section. My friend grew up as an only child after they lost his sister at age 19. He was 21 at the time. So, even though they adopted a girl later, he is pretty much still the family’s only biological child. Four years ago, my friend, lets call him Dan. Dan met a very young and pretty single mother whom he fell in love with.

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Dan and this lady were inseparable but Dan’s mother was against the lady cos she was a single mother. The lady actually had the child when she was in school. Dan’s mother said she will not support a woman that has a child for another man before her own son. This caused serious problem, that even after Dan and this lady got engaged, Dan’s mother still refused to accept this lady.

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Eventually, the lady got frustrated and broke up with Dan. Since 2020, Dan has been depressed after the lady broke up with him. Like , Dan goes for therapy for his depression. Everyone has tried to cheer him up, he has dated several ladies since but he is not happy. What made matters worse was after he broke up with this lady, the lady got married a year later, to a young pastor in the church both of them used to attend. That forced Dan to leave that church cos he could not stand being in the same church with the lady.

Now the issue is this: this lady, that is Dan’s ex and her husband had a major fall out last year. From what I heard, the man got a revelations during a revival that he is married to someone else wife. That she is destined to be with someone else that the mother refused to accept their relationship. Na so, the pastor served her divorce papers o cos they said ever since their marriage, things started happening both in the marriage and in the church. All these we heard from an inner caucus source, all these gist cos the lady never went back to Dan.

With this information, Dan went back to go to his mother to try to talk this lady back but Dan’s mother is saying over her dead body will she allow Dan to be with this woman. That the prophesy is fake… Meanwhile, this woman is planning to relocate cos she is frustrated with all that has happened in these past four years. I ran into her at the immigration office three weeks ago. I don’t blame her…after her divorce…she is feeling like she is unlucky in relationship.

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According to the lady, she said that apart from the prophesy that ended her marriage, that there were many problems with the man’s infidelity. She said, the man wanted to marry someone else and may have used her story she told him of how she and dan broke up to come up with the prophesy. She has accepted her fate but she is very sad too but she said she will not go back to Dan the mother does not accept her and even apologize to her for everything.

Of course, I  told Dan what she said….my guy is very downcast.  Even though he is in a relationship but he is not happy. Is this prophesy true….is Dan and this lady destined to be together or what? Both of them are not happy. What should Dan do…should he go after this lady even against his mother’s wish or should he allow her travel to abroad?

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  1. I usually do not like prophecy when it comes to relationships because it has destroyed many. But this is different. Dan should look for elders in his family that can convince the mum in accepting the lady. She needs to understand hr rejection is affecting her son she loves so much,she needs to set her pride aside and accept the lady. Please he shouldn’t go into marriage without the mother’s consent. Her blessing is very important. He should talk to elders in church, elders in the family. By the Grace of God,she will accept.he shouldn’t give up.

  2. Chaiii, could this be true love? Dan loves this babe ooo,but I wonder why his mom is refusing him from marrying her just because she is a single mother.

    If I were you Dan,I will go back to the lady since that is who you love,stop her from travelling,start seeing her secretly,start the relationship,make sure she agrees to stay with you through thick and thin.

    When your mom is tired of waiting for you to get married,she won’t have any choice than to allow you marry her, prophecy has gone forth,even though we are not sure how real and true it is.

    Let Dan start seeing his babe secretly biko, when his family are tired of seeing him single,then they will be left with no choice than to accept the babe . It is well, true love still exist oooo,Dan shouldn’t be depressed oooo

  3. Dear Dan,

    Life is unfair but the violent takes it by force.

    When things gets too tough than it should on a nomal day then there is more to it than the eyes meet.

    I will request that you reach out to the lady and you two should focus on praying the will of God not your choice because the longer you stay without resolving this, the longer your happiness is denied.

    Pray by and for yourselves. Keep sentiments and feelings aside and as God to reveal to you and her his will concerning the relationship.

    Be open minded and remove the weight of depression from you.

    My question is, if God says she isn’t your wife will be relieved and accept this wholeheartedly?

    If God says she is and your mum still remains adamant, what will be your next action?

    Kindly reach out with elders from your father’s family, church and those your mum respects to discuss and speak to her.

    The bone of contention is it that her first child won’t be your blood? Do you have a tradition that forbids such? Are you from a royal family? Is her child a boy?

    Make your researches and know the true reason for her refusal.

    She is your mother and you can’t but pray for her change of her if God approves the union.

    Above all, pray for your happiness and fulfilment. It is not tied on a person. It is a choice and you need as you push through the process.

    If she wants to travel please, allow her to do so. Don’t stand on her way when you can’t offer what fulfils her now.

    The best to do is reconnect, ask for time, team together to pray and trust God for his leading.

    All the best.

  4. Women be women’s problem. It is a woman that should understand that is claiming another woman cannot marry because she is a single mother.

    That woman has pride and no genuine love for her son otherwise she will be more concerned about her son than what people will say or think.


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