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True Life Story: Discovered The Reason My Boss Wife Employed Me


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True Life Story: Discovered The Reason My Boss Wife Employed Me

Good day Lively Stones,

Please hide my details. I want to commend you and your group on how you advise people on marriage and relationship issues. Especially Marylyn, thank you fam, God bless you. It is because of this that I find the courage to share my story and seek your advise. So, a few months ago, a job advert was placed in my church WhatsApp group. The job was for a Personal Assistant to an MD. I applied because I lost my contract job with a manufacturing company since March this year. Its been very tough for me but I was glad when I was called for the interview.

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After the interview, I was chosen at the last stage after meeting the MD. I later found out that the MD is the husband of one of the prophetess in one of our church parish. I resumed at my job and I was enjoying the job as it came with some perks like the official car that picks and drops me everyday because as PA, I must not be late to work. The pay was also very good.

As part of my job, I went with my boss to some meetings, took notes, bought his food, arranged flight and hotel accommodations etc. Then about four weeks after I resumed, as I sat with my boss at the back seat in the vehicle, he would put his hand casually on my thigh. I did not think anything cos I thought he was just trying to get my attention on maybe what he was saying.

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Then he started hugging me anytime we were alone. And kissed me later on. I was shocked. He apologized but said he likes me alot. I told him I can’t because he is married. That was when he said its not a problem for his wife because she wont mind at all. How do you mean sir? This man went on to explain that when they got married about eleven years ago, they kept trying to have a baby but nothing was happening.

Until they went to a prophet who told them that his wife cannot give birth because she is called to do God’s work. So, she will be a prophetess and will never bear any children. It was revealed her mother who died when she was a baby, dedicated her to the river goddess…as she was always sick. The mother made a covenant with the river that her daughter be spared at no cost even if it means not bearing any children.

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So, the prophet said, the wife cannot have children, so she is called to serve God all her life, praying for others to have children. That she will have children but not from her husband. The wife wanted to divorce the husband after the revelation but my boss said he loved her too much to let her go. So they agreed they will adopt children. So their 2 children are adopted.

My boss said that since the wife became a prophetess, their marriage and s3x life was suffering. She was always going to mountain, fasting and praying…no time for satisfying her husband. Somehow, however, a year ago, he cheated on the wife with their nanny. When he confessed to his wife, she was very understanding and encouraged him to have s3x with any woman he likes because she has fully dedicated her life to serving God.

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That explains why I have seen him booking hotels to have s3x with some ladies sometimes.  This man said, he and his wife have an understanding. Their marriage will never break up because of the ministry of the wife and because of their children , that the wife is ready to make any sacrifice for their marriage to work.  Just like Sarah in the bible, when she gave Haggai to Abraham to sleep with him. That it was the wife that even choose me as his PA in the final selection.

My boss also said, that it was his wife idea that he gets a PA, so no one will be suspecting him when they see him with other girls. So the recruitment for PA started. At the final stage, he showed his wife pictures of the last 3 applicants and the wife chose me because she feels I will cater for the husband’s physical and s3xual needs well. That the wife prayed about it and was led to choose me.

To be honest, this sounds crazy but this man is serious. He said he really does not need really a PA, so if I cannot do the s3x part, then I have to find another job. I need this job. Please do not judge me. I know its strange for a married woman to allow her husband cheat but their situation is very different. Since then, he has been pressuring me for s3x. Its getting harder to resist him. He is a very romantic and charming man. Always buys me gifts and giving me cash, sometimes, he got me a very beautiful perfume, he said the wife got it for me, that its the same perfume she wears and wants me to wear it anytime I am coming to work.

The pressure is getting so much. We now cuddle and kiss but somehow, I have nt found the courage to go all the way to the s3x part. The last time, he was kissing me, he was almost penetrating me, I had to stop him and told him to give me some time to think about it. He was not happy at all. He said I should make up my mind and stop playing with his emotions.

My problem is this: it’s very hard for me to quit this job, I have been without a job since march and I have really suffered. I have my family and my masters degree to take care of. I just have 2 questions: this is an agreement between husband and wife….that means, its not cheating right? After all, the wife dedicated herself to God and gave the husband permission to go out and have s3x. That brings me to the second question: is this man really saying the truth? how do know he is not lying…how do I confirm that the wife is ok with this?

Please fam, advise me…this man has promised to change my life give me anything I want (that this will be purely a business s3x affair, nothing more, if I mistakenly get pregnant, I will forfeit the child to the man’s wife after birth). He said the affair can end if I decide I found someone to marry me in future cos he can never marry any other woman, that is how much he loves his wife ….I just need to know how to confirm that the wife is ok with this…that is how I can be free in my conscience. Should I ask her or believe what the boss said?


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  1. No two way about it but Run ..plz forget this man and look for another job, He is a married man and a lot of them don’t say the true when they are looking for sex , don’t let the wife curse you oo and don’t even try to ask the wife about it.

  2. If this man loves u as he claims why can’t he just marry u ? from ur story I think wealth is what is making u considering being his side chick would u do same if he was poor ? , anyway bad things don’t last , he interested in u satisfying his sexual urge , sister do u know u would never be the only one , just like he has a reason to change women he would also get tired of ur body ,ask urself what do u think u have that the other women he is lodging in a hotel don’t have , probably not much difference just like u are his pa ,he would get another soonest and u cant talk because u are not a legitimate woman ,
    I understand u love the job the pay is good but that is why destruction is sweet it is very enticing ,if he loved u let him put a ring on ur finger ,if not u might just be someone’s else bitch
    Anyway u can still go ahead , people often give anything for money this days so u might not see sense in what I said ,but one thing I know is this is not God in action , u are probably trading ur future for this temporary satisfaction

  3. Hello sis, my question is,has he not been seeing other babes before he employed you? You have been booking and making hotel reservations for him,and he has been bringing in women, so why you?

    I do not know who is telling the truth , whether the man or his wife,what you should do now is

    * Tell him to give you time to think about it,that way, you keep working there and be collecting your salary with other goodies he gives you but don’t collect perfume,e get why. Don’t collect perfume,I repeat.

    * Save whatever you are getting from him and keep posting him,just play along,so that you can get more things and keep getting salaries from him,make sure you save oooo.

    * You will get another job, don’t worry yourself okay ,as you are working with him, and you are collecting salary,just be posting him in other to get those goodies,please apply elsewhere,don’t forget .I know the pay is good,it comes with some benefits,but you cannot sleep with the man because he is married,it doesn’t matter what he has told you about his family ,it is sin.

    Lastly, keep posting him,keep working there and be collecting salary,just keep playing along ,don’t forget to apply in some places,don’t be carried away with his goodies, remember you can’t commit adultery.

    You shall get a better job and you will get your own husband ,it is well with you. It is not easy to see such goodies and look away,but be careful and thread wisely. I love you

  4. Hello “hanty”if you want to have sex to sponsor yourself and your family do so,but if you want to do what is right leave that man and that job,the man is a lier.if he loves you as he claims don’t you think when you a pregnant he should married you?instead he want to use you and dump you all in the name that he love his his wife,who then will come and marry you when he get you pregnant.no man will even want to come for you after the man is done with you.because by the time that womanizer boss of yours is done with you your story will change for bad forever,.go and look for another job.you need to think smart before you quit that job.just look at how the man package the whole story oo.in peace I come and in peace I walker go.

  5. Dear Poster,

    My own angle to this issue is, ask your Boss permission to talk to his wife and confirm his story.

    If you think you are ok with the plans for you to just bear babies for your Boss family, (Not as a legitimate wife) Not having attachment to your own baby/babies anymore, please seek his permission to speak with his wife to discuss it.

    Not all that glitters are gold, Sister.

    I understand that it is not easy to cope without job and loads of Needs staring one in the eyes. But think deeply and prayerfully……can you trade filmsy reasons for your future ? (Future is wide and big)!

    Think and pray. Invite your God into this issue to bail you out.

    Peace #

  6. I will only ask you a question, which I want you to ponder critically before answering.
    1. “Have you ever seen a true believer who has given his/her self totally to the work of Christ, support that which He is against”?
    Sex outside marriage is a sin, it doesn’t matter what justifies their actions.
    If you are sincere with yourself you know the answer to the question. May you not fall prey in the hands of evil people.
    2 Corinthians 11:14 ” And no marvel; for satan himself transformed into an angel of light.
    Absentee from every form of evil.
    Not all that glitters is gold.

  7. I put it to you that you know what to do, you are just looking for people that tell you lies in a beautiful way.

    See what you said “Its getting harder to resist him. He is a very romantic and charming man. Always buys me gifts and giving me cash, sometimes, he got me a very beautiful perfume, he said the wife got it for me, that its the same perfume she wears and wants me to wear it anytime I am coming to work.” You are trying to justify it with excuses of him being romantic and giving you money and gifts.

    So it shows you want to do it, but you want someone to encourage you that it is ok

    I won’t lie to you. RUN AWAY FROM THAT JOB TODAY.

    Stop deceiving yourself.


  8. That’s a capital lies hanty ..no dedicated woman of God that served God in truth and in light that we advised sex outside marriage despite all odd be wise please. don’t allow the material things to lead u into regression Biko all that glitters are not gold ooooo……

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