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True Life Story: Exposing My Ex Secret Lifestyle To Save An Innocent Girl


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True Life Story: Exposing My Ex Secret Lifestyle To Save An Innocent Girl

Hello Lively Stones,

I am at cross road, whether to tell or not a tell a secret that I know about someone. So, I was in a relationship with this guy for almost one year. This guy was 38. He was under pressure to marry. When we started dating, I observed, when we kiss and make out, I noticed he always tried to get to my anus. When I asked him, he said he just like touching it …that it turns him on. As  the relationship got older, he became bolder, from touching, he started trying to penetrate from behind. I had to tell him no, that I am not into that kind of thing.

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As God will have it, I caught him have s3x with one of his friends, a guy. I was shocked and disgusted. He later explained that he is a bisexual. We broke up and he begged me not to say anything. He said he is trying to change but he still get tempted. So, I told him no problem but me, I can’t be with him. That was like three years ago. I am now engaged to be married soon to my future husband.

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a wedding IV she saw on Facebook. It was the wedding invite of that my ex that is a bi. She was like, babe…your ex is getting married. And she knows the girl he is marrying. They are also friends on Facebook. I went through this girl’s profile on FB and she seemed like a very nice girl. Infact, she seemed like a church girl because her Facebook page has alot of Christian messages and the likes.

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In my heart, I am feeling sorry for the girl cos I do not know if my ex has changed his bisexual ways or if he is deceiving this nice looking girl. So, I confided in my friend, that should I warn this girl that my ex wants to marry. My friend is of the opinion that I mind my business because it will look like I am jealous or wanting to get back to my ex. She also said, what if my ex had changed and is no longer bisexual.

Well, my ex must be very much still bisexual cos that his friend I caught him with, is still hanging out him. I see their pictures together on IG. So, I need your advice….should I mind my business or help a fellow woman, to prevent her from being deceived into marrying a bisexual. These days, there are many gays and bisexuals and many women are deceived into marrying them are regretting it currently.

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Kindly advise me.


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  1. Please ask your friend to help you pass the information to the nice girl. Don’t mind your business,that your Ex’s fiance must know,look for a way and tell her. God bless you

  2. Dear poster, please look for a way to tell the lady. It will be her choice to either continue with the marriage or end it. It will no longer be on you that you were silent about it. Thanks


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