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True Life Story: Finally Is This My Freedom From My Baby Daddy?


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True Life Story: Finally Is This My Freedom From My Baby Daddy?

Hello Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. Just wanted to say thank you for your support. Thank you for trying to get the human rights people to intervene between me and my baby daddy. Eventually, it did not work out as planned. The human rights people are encouraging me to go and make peace with my baby daddy. I had no choice but to go back to him.

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Since the time I returned to him, we have been trying to live peacefully but it is not so easy. Two weeks after I got back to him, we got into an argument and he broke a plate on my head. Later he apologized and that has been the way he treats me from time to time. Sometimes he is nice but sometimes, he is not so nice.

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Now, I met a man. On social media. We got talking and he says he likes me. He is based abroad and he is aware that I have two children for my baby daddy. He says he wants me to be on my own before anything. So, he will provide me with money to rent an apartment so I can move out of my baby daddy’s house.

This man has been caring and he says he is giving me two weeks to decide to take his offer or leave it. I am confused ma. This offer seem too good to be true. He is not asking me for anything yet, He wants me to move out first before he can you know…say what is on his mind.

I do not not if I should take his offer ma. If I do, he will send me the money for the apartment. I know that may be a good thing because my fear is which man will accept me with my children if I leave my baby daddy. Now it seems like this man is God sent but I am afraid if this is a right decision for me. I do not want to jump from frying pan to fire.

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Please advice me…should I take this man’s offer? Its been one week ….one more week before the offer is off the table. He promised to also help me with money to set up any business that I want if I move out and we are now together and later, I will join him abroad. I need your advice….do you think I should seize this opportunity or remain in my baby’s house?

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  1. Nne do not allow fear hold you bound from achieving what you need to achieve.

    I was waiting to hear husband but thank God he is just a baby daddy to you.
    He broke a plate on your head and you are still there,so you want to wait until he uses knife on your head abi.

    My dear sister,pray and accept the offer,this person is your destiny helper,he is ready to send you money for business and an apartment.
    So you want to remain in Egypt abi,abeg Waka enter israel asap.

    Plan on her to see your kids from time to time because I wouldn’t know what the human right told you,so discuss on her to visit your children biko.
    Leave that woman beater and plate breaker alone and enter the land flowing with better milk and honey. Peace be unto you,let the Lord direct your path, amen.

  2. You met someone online and he wants to send you money and an apartment, you too is considering the offer, you better don’t act silly.

    Why are you staying with your baby daddy, he is not your husband, go to a family members house but don’t ever take that online man’s advice. Forget about him completely.

    He wants to take you abroad, don’t be silly sister, don’t fall for it except you are a greedy person. Your children belong to you and your baby daddy, you can’t run away with the kids and when this online man and you have issues you now start shouting men are scum that your baby daddy didn’t care for the kids when its you that ran away with the children, shey you get.

    I don’t support you on the online man, pls stop every conversation with him now.

    All the best sister.


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