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True Life Story : Heartbroken Wife Cries Out-See The Way My Husband Betrayed Our Family


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True Life Story : Heartbroken Wife Cries Out-See The Way My Husband Betrayed Our Family

Dear Lively Stones,

I am heartbroken and need advise because my husband of 18 years has decided to turn our lives upside down. So many years ago, my husband employed this woman who was recommended by a respected family fried of ours. This woman is an accountant and very good at her job. That time, my husband was having issues with the former accountant and eventually, they fired him. This woman coming on board was a relief because she helped the company clean up alot of the mess that the former accountant made.

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My husband used to sing the praises of this woman now and then but I never had any reason to bother cos this woman is married. I never knew this woman never had a child for her husband and that they have been having marital issues. Unknown to me, her marital issues made her focus more on her job and she was so good at it that my husband became very fond of her …up to a point where they started flirting with each other.

My husband broke this heartbreaking news to me last week. He said they never meant to cheat but she was going through alot with her husband and he, my husband became a listening abi counselling person to her, they did not plan it but they eventually started having an affair. They both knew it was wrong and tried to stop it several times but they could not.My husband in his confession said, he always told her that he loves me and will never leave me and she also said she does not want to break my marriage.

However, things got out of hand, this woman who has been married for almost 10 years without a child from her husband, finally got pregnant for my own husband. My husband said they were both shocked cos the issue with the woman was that, they said, she could not have a child normally…she had tried several IVF without success….but now, she is pregnant….with my husband’s child…she is happy to have a child but she cannot have another man’s child …it is a taboo ….she is from one of the states in North East and she could be severely punished for that.

My husband also has refused to let her pin the pregnancy on her current husband. So they have both decided that she will file a divorce from her husband and she would marry my husband as second wife so no one will know she was pregnant before she starts showing. My husband is begging me, that he knows he has hurt me and I can never forgive him but I should give him permission to marry this woman, for the sake of the woman having a child after many years and for the sake of an innocent baby involved.

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My husband said that they will both sign agreement that she will not cause any trouble for my in my marriage and that everything he owns will be shared with me and my children at 70% while she will only get 30%. They are both begging me…my husband said he will never stop loving and providing for me and my kids. That he felt God used him to give this woman a child and that the second marriage is just for cover up.

When my husband told me all these, I refused blatantly and told him over my dead body. I told him ,if he loves me,as he claims,…..he can keep the child but never marry this woman. My husband said I don’t understand, that for the child to be alive….the woman must be married to the father. I refused…I nor gree…so my husband says in that case, maybe we should divorce…ha….ah….I could not believe my ears. That means, my husband will rather choose this woman over me????

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The reality hit me, my husband is in love with this woman. I told my family and his. A family meeting was called two days ago. Everyone spoke their minds and supported me. That the child can be accepted but not another marriage. My husband was adamant that the marriage must hold and kept saying he will ensure I do not lack anything. My God, after everything, everyone said the ball was in my court…to choose…either to accept the second wife or divorce.

My pride and ego and love for this man is hurt…after all these years…this is what I get…God knows how much I suffered when my husband was starting this business years ago. We were dating when he started…he had nothing but I stood with him and helped him build this empire….now he chooses his accountant over me? Where did I go wrong…I have finally made up my mind…to save my face from shame and grant him the divorce.

However, my close friends and my children have said I should not divorce or let another woman reap all that I worked hard for. My children are grown so they understand…my friends and my elder sister say that, if I stay, I can fight to win back my husband cos the woman, that accountant is not even as fine as me…no one even understands what my husband saw in her. She is short and basic…but what they cant understand is, I know my husband did not fall for her looks but her brains…yes, she is intelligent and has been a great deal of help to my husband’s company’s growth.

I cannot compete with that woman as long as she is working in that company. Should I ask that she be fired? Will my husband even agree to fire her? I cannot leave with my husband in the same house knowing another woman has his heart…his heart that was reserved for only me and my children. It hurts…hurts so much. If I agree to the second marriage…and also insist that he fires her…do you think I have any chances of winning my husband back?

That is why I need your advise….I have been thinking so much….so much that I have lost so much weight in one week. I can’t eat or sleep…all I do is cry. What do you advice…should I stay and not let this woman win everything? Or leave ….to make a statement? My husband already made a statement…he already chose her over me…70% or not…he already chose her…is 70% good enough to stay or should I walk away and that would mean…I need him 100% as my husband or nothing more?

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I am a beautiful woman and I feel like, any man who wants to leave me for another woman does not deserve me…maybe its a sign that I should also look for a man that will deserve me. What do you think? Another though I have is, this accountant is still married to her husband…should I expose her to him? Maybe if I expose her….she will be forced to abort the child cos that is what will happen…since their tradition does not allow having a baby for a married man…or should I call her out online? Maybe the online call out will shame her to leave my husband alone.

My husband is a known society figure….will this online call out embarrass him to abandon the woman? will that scatter whatever thing she has with my husband? will he then change his mind about marrying her her? He is a proud man…but I am desperate…I will be reading the comments….what should I do?


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  1. Dear poster,I’ve taken my time to read all you’ve said,being beautiful is not enough,are you intelligent? Do you’ve what your husband wants in a woman? The accountant maybe short,brief or whatever you may call her but she’s the one helping your husband grow his business…. Your husband went after her ,don’t forget

    Leave that woman alone,don’t call her out on any social media,don’t do anything that will cause bigger problems in future for you or your children…

    Stay in your marriage and enjoy the 70% package,your children are grown and they understand,if I were you, I’ll just enjoy my 70% package he has promised me with my full chest….if possible,let there be a concrete agreement signed by him Incase he defaults

    This life is nothing,we came with nothing and will leave with nothing,so calm down….

    Your husband still loves you ooo ,if not,he would’ve married that woman in secret,she would’ve divorced her husband without your knowledge but he confessed everything to you

    I feel for the accountant more than you because her yeye husband would’ve blamed her for infertility including her husband’s family,her husband wasted her youthful age of childbearing,imagine 10 good years without children….. Congratulations to the accountant wey sabi,I’m super excited and happy for you….

    Madam poster,stay in your marriage and stop thinking too much,if anything happens to you nahim be say your husband don get free hand to do whatever he likes,you said you’ve grown so lean in one week,you better watch it and enjoy yourself…. Na you one dey carry this life for head,life wey be say nothing dey there…. Udo

    • Madam, it is alot to bear but you can do it.
      First develop yourself. Find a passion or career and develop yourself in it. Men like intelligent women. Show husband what you are made off. Thank God your children are grown so you have all the time. Go to school, take a professional course, learn a skill. Do something for yourself!

      As per the affair. Leave them to do whatever they want to do. Do not cause any scandal. Social media is not friendly, you will regret doing so.

      Let the woman enjoy her pregnancy and have her baby. It wasn’t easy for her to get pregnant so let her be.
      She is pregnant already, there is nothing you can do.

      You are not in competition with her! You are your own competition, to be your best and to fulfill all that God planned for you. Don’t compete with this accountant, you can’t win by competition. You only will chase your husband away. The moment you decide this peace of mind strategy of improving yourself, you will have rest and calmness, you will also find your self worth.

      On a final note, do not divorce your husband. You will only be giving more room for the enemy to enter. It won’t be easy, the road may be rough but you are strong enough to weather the storm. Stop crying and start doing something for yourself!

  2. Hello ma
    My advise is since your kids are all grown….take his offer and try start a business for yourself develop yourself and keep praying for your children…..see what your husband us doing is out of respect for your union….if u say no they will continue….so find purpose create a busines for your future then you have peace

  3. Stay there n mind Ur children, don’t go calling anybody out.
    If u do that ,u are going to ruin everything.
    n for someone who had chosen the other woman rather than u?
    My dear if ask me,i would say u stay put,n watch Ur children grow as you would want them to. Don’t go anywhere. Peace out

  4. Dear poster Seek legal advice: The first step you should take is to consult a lawyer who specializes in family law. They can advise you on your rights and options in this situation. Probably not for divorce but concrete agreement on the new development in the family, just should incase your husband is not taking responsibility for his actions and is not willing to support the child, you may need to take legal action to protect your rights and the rights of your children now and in future.. Secondly Consider counseling: It may be helpful to seek counseling for yourself or with your husband to address the emotional impact of this situation and to find ways to move forward with it.Take care of yourself It is important to prioritize your own well-being during this difficult time also, Make sure to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. This isn’t the time to cry or look for another man check yourself what are your goals and career objectives probably this is the time for you to start building something useful and beneficial for yourself and children so your husband will understand that he underestimated your potentials. I pray you find peace and harmony once again in your home.


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