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True Life Story: Help My Ex Wants To Ruin My Marriage


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True Life Story: Help My Ex Wants To Ruin My Marriage


Straight to point

I am 36years old. Many years ago after NYSC, I have no Juicy paying Job that can enable me to marry. I was in a relationship with Ugochi from when she was 20 until 28.
Age was not on her side so I being a nobleman advised her to go ahead and marry one wealthy middle-aged man 41, that was asking for her hand in marriage.

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The pressure to marry him was too much from her friends and family. I had no juicy Job, could barely eat, pay bills and have a chance to even drink and buy clothing.


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I had to make sacrifices for her, so 5 days to her wedding, we agreed in unison to meet for farewell and farewell F@@k.With frustration and Heavy heart I ca..me deep inside her Four times. Gave her money for drugs (White quinine or postinor 2), she rejected it and promised to take care of it herself. I went to her wedding, eat, wished her well and left. Cried all night and moved on.

Her hubby took her to Abuja.

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Now I have a good job. I am building my house and I have a car. I am extremely comfortable now.

I got a call earlier this year and it was Ugochi. She was desperate to see me.
she travelled down to Lagos to see me.
I wasn’t comfortable so I talked her out of coming to my house. We met at an eatery and she came with one handsome little boy.
I ordered Food for them and then my biggest fear came.
She said her husband found out the baby is not his and sent her packing.
She informed me the baby is mine.

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I was shocked and I had to tell her I am squatting with someone, She and xxxxxxxx left for Imo State but before then, I denied and I argued, I went defensive.

The problem I have now is that I am planning my traditional wedding in August 2022 I have a presentable fiancée I love way too much.

Now, I can lie to the world but I can’t lie to myself. That Little boy looks like me and has my pointed nose. Facially, it is glaring He is mine but I don’t love Ugochi again, I have moved on. I love my fiancée so much.

How can I handle this situation?




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  1. Very simple,go ahead with the traditional marriage,inform your fiance about your son.

    Have an agreement when you will always see your son from time to time. It is well

  2. Try and set ugochi up if she does not have anything doing while you marry your fiancée. Be sure to tell your fiancée about it.

  3. Let your fiance be in to he know of this new development. Take responsibility for your son. Gird to our loins against falling for Ugochi and move on with your life. Shalom


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