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True Life Story: Hopelessly In Love With A Bad Boy That Every Woman Loves


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True Life Story: Hopelessly In Love With A Bad Boy That Every Woman Loves

Dear Lively Stones,

I am not looking for justification, I just want understanding and advice. I am just very very sad. My husband is a he-goat and I made a terrible mistake thinking he could ever change. Joshua and I started dating on and off for three years. Joshua is a cool guy, lover boy, always showering me with love, gifts, everything a girl needs in a man. The only problem was Joshua too like woman and because of that, we broke up like one million times. I do not know the juju he used for me, that after small begging, I will take him back.

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Inside this our cat and mouse relationship, I had a son for him. He kept telling everyone that I am his future wife. That after he has finished sampling, he will marry me when he wants to settle down. I mumu believed him. He hurt me several times as I caught him severally with different women. The one that hurt me most, he got another woman pregnant and I thought I was done. I packed my things and left him for 15 months.

Joshua, in the guise of coming to see his son, seduced me and I got pregnant again. I was devasted cos I had successfully avoided him for 15 months. It actually happened on our son’s 1 year birthday. Joshua invited us to Dubai for vacation to celebrate my son’s birthday. He didn’t tell me he was coming with us. In Dubai, he was all lovey dovey…saying how he cannot live without me….he promised to be faithful going forward. He planned a surprise engagement and I hopelessly said yes because I thought I was living a dream …alas…its a fairy tale dream.

So, we got engaged…and since then, he has been good behavior wise. I was praying and fasting that this good behavior would last. My bride price has been paid. Traditional wedding and Marriage is 23rd and 24th of December this year. Everything is good. I travelled home for final arrangements but I had to return back to Lagos cos my wedding dress needed fitting ( I have put on some weight because I am pregnant) and the designer could not travel down to fix it for me.

So, I took a flight on Saturday afternoon, landed in Lagos and went o the designer’s place for the fitting. I had actually texted Joshua that I was back in town but the text did not deliver …maybe it was network…I do not know why…so after I finished my dress fitting in Surulere around 7pm. I took uber and started heading to Johsua’s place cos its closer.

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Getting to Joshua’s place, I have a key, so I got in easy…and then what greeted me was my worst nightmare. There were three girls naked with Joshua….all of them having group S** with him…he was lost in the act….no one even noticed I was there for almost 1 minute…it was my scream that brought them back to their senses. One of the girls, I recognized is someone I used to go to her salon to fix my nails. Joshua had picked me up from her salon once or twice. Its like every girl around me wants a piece of my man.

My knees gave away and I passed out. I was rushed to the hospital where I regained consciousness. I am in a very bad state…Joshua …Mr sweet mouth has finished all the sugar in his mouth trying to explain himself….that he was sorry…he only wanted to have a last taste of single life before marriage….all I want is to abort this pregnancy and call off the wedding. The whole family is aware now….everyone is begging me not to call off the wedding….that its better I secure my place with Joshua as the legal wife and not let all these whores reap where I have sowed….

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I am utterly lost and confused…how do I even manage to love this fool? I have been so sad….crying since Saturday….today is Tuesday….my wedding is barely a few days…is it truly too late to cancel? My elder sister told Joshua to get a vasectomy (surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception)…Joshua agreed but that does not mean he cant still f*ck other women….its just that he cant pregnant any woman again.

Is that enough assurance for me to proceed with the wedding? My best friend said vasectomy is actually giving him a license to cheat without being caught. My elder sister said all men cheat and I should not listen to anyone advising me to leave Joshua cos they would jump at any opportunity to have Joshua cos honestly….Joshua is a good guy…very kind to everyone….always thinking of making everyone comfortable….its just his d*ck that is the f*cking problem…I am so afraid.

When we shared our wedding photoshoot….many people congratulated me for my patience and said I deserved the reward of being the one Joshua finally married but some cursed me for marrying a community penis….sometimes I feel like I can’t help but follow my heart which is always going to love Joshua but sometimes I feel I will regret this decision and hurt myself ….is it worth it?

Will the love we have for each other be worth the pain ? I know some people wont understand me but some women who are in love with a bad boy can relate…please advise me…should I be ok with Joshua’s agreement to have a vasectomy or what else can I do?


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  1. Cancel the wedding,give birth and make arrangements on how he can be caring for his children.

    At some point in this story,you didn’t tell the truth,you said you left Joshua for 15months,and then you guys reunited when it was his son’s birthday which is suppose to be for 12months,how is that possible? How come? It means you weren’t pregnant when you left him,it means you got pregnant after you people settled. Something is not clear with this story, anyways,that’s by the way.

    You go suffer well well for this marriage ooo,no try enter at all, give birth to the baby and become a single mother,move on as quick as possible, Joshua might be good but will not be a good husband and a good father to your kids.

    My dear,that guy doesn’t deserve you,he needs total cleansing from misbeviour,from infidelity,from group S.e.x, threesome and womanizing. I know you can’t stand all of these nonsense.

    Those people asking you and pushing you to marry him because of his money will turn their backs on you when the main issue starts,how about the other woman he impregnated? You never chichochin,you better cancel that wedding and have peace.


  2. If you decide to marry him know that he will never change. You will forever catch him in the act. Don’t marry with the hope of him changing one day which might never happen. For your peace of mind and sanity, leave him cancel the wedding. A broken relationship is better than a broken marriage. You still have the chance to save yourself. Either you accept him for who he is and go ahead with the wedding or end it now because he will never change.you will only keep hurting if you decide to stay. The choice is yours

  3. You had a true practical of the kind of doom that wanna fall on you in future, if only you can just jejelly and openly decline his proposal as a future wife to a community penis, a man that easily allows his dick to dictate to him the direct he should go

    Think of life in 20 uears from now, think of your home with Joshua 20 years away from now, would you be proud of having such a man whose brain isn’t active as his dick???

    20 years from now, would you have the peace of mind in that proposed marriage (prison) that you are about to enter into with a lover boy like Joshua???

    If you value your freedom and peace of mind… O babe call that wedding plans a quit before it gets too late for you and yours.

    Don’t allow the crave for wealth to encompass your mental thinking

    Wealth is temporal but Peace of mind is Gold.

    _A stitch in time, saves nine!_

  4. I know how hard this is, and no one can truly understand except the person directly involve, but what you should know is
    – not all men cheat
    – marriage will not change him
    -there is no position to secure with a man who is for every woman, honestly his wife will surfer more than his side chicks. She has more to lose.
    -you can never get used to the pain, it’ll hurt everytime unless…… well.
    Do you really want him to have such negative effect on you?
    It’s not an easy decision but he made his choice, you make yours.

  5. The choice is yours but don’t complain if you marry him and he continues to cheat. You saw him with his flaws and decided to stay, then be ready to live with him happily ever after.
    Will your emotional and mental state be stable enough to bare his misbehavior? Can you look away? Are you going to be quick to forgive him?
    Consider all these and make your choice


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