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True Life Story: How A Terrible Bet With My Coworker Is Haunting My Marriage


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True Life Story: How A Terrible Bet With My Coworker Is Haunting My Marriage

Hi Lively Stones,

Please I need your urgent advice. My name is David (not real name). I work in a bank, I am married with a kid. My wife and family are everything to me. I made a bloody mistake last week and I am in deep mess right now, I need your help. To be able to meet up sometimes with my work, I sometimes go to work on Saturdays.

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Last week Friday which was public holiday, I went to work cos I had alot work not yet completed. Since it was a public holiday, the office was deserted. I had to play some music in order not to feel sleepy. Like two hours later, a colleague of mine came and I was surprised to see her cos she is a new staff who I am not really close to in the office.

I asked her why she was at work, she said, she has some work to do and she is also reading for her professional certification. I asked her if I should turn off my music, she said a little, that she actually likes music when working. So, not long, another colleague came. This was around 12 noon or so. Three of us worked till around 4pm when the other guy left to buy food.

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Around that time, he came back and got us some cocktails saying he did not find food to buy maybe because it was public holiday. I told them that I do not take alcohol but the lady took some, she said she needed it to stay awake too, to read at night. As they drank, they started joking with each other, flirting and I knew the lady was getting tipsy.

Later, she went to the toilet. Like 2 minutes later, the guy followed. I knew they were off to no good. I tried to mind my business. The guy came back like 5mins later…and the later came back like 10mins later. Something really must have happened cos the next thing, the guy packed his things and left hurriedly, saying traffic was building, etc.

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I sat on my desk, using side eyes to watch the lady. She was fuming. I had to ask her if she was alright. She kept quiet. I asked her if the guy hurt her and she said, yes. I was like, maybe he raped her or something…she said no…that they met up for a quick f*ck in the bathroom and the guy could not last up to 2 minutes.

That she is drunk and very horny and she is so furious. My eyes popped open. I was like…are you dating this guy before…why would you allow him f*ck you in a company toilet. She was like, what is the big deal…that its just s3x and for her, its a way of releasing stress…she was like…you should try it sometimes.

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I told her no way…I am married, I do not sleep with random people. She started laughing like a mad person. Saying I am being self righteous. That she bets if she tries to, she can get me to f8ck her. I told her its impossible. She said…lets bet…I told her no. Next thing, she takes off her top, brings out her breast…sticks her hand into her vagina…shes fingering herself….twisting her nipples…shes masturbating herself.

That was when I was supposed to leave that place immediately but I was trying to prove to her that she was not affecting me but guess what…I was getting an erection just watching her. She continued…next she was moaning and saying she is about to come…that I should come stick it in her before she comes…

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Like a robot…I stared at her…she comes closer to me and I did nothing to stop her. She kisses me and the rest is history. I f*cked her and I really enjoyed it. This girl started laughing afterwards…she was like…men, you are a beast…that she got me but I also did not disappoint cos I made her come.

We were talking dirty …she was clearly tipsy. I was feeling guilty but also feeling proud…like…I did what the other guy could not do to her. We did it again before we left the office around 7pm that Saturday. All through that night, she kept texting me…sending me dirty texts…that she cant stop thinking of my dick…bla bla bla

I had to block her number cos I was afraid my wife would discover. I felt so bad all through the holiday from Sunday to Monday. I was dreading Tuesday cos I did not know how to confront her when I see her in the office. This lady claims she is engaged o. On Tuesday was a very busy day, thank God. I saw her briefly and just said hi to her and rushed off.

All through the day, I avoided her. Around 4pm, she slips me a note and says, do not try to avoid me, if you do, I will report that you s3xually harassed me on Saturday. That threw me off balance. I had to call her and tell her to meet me after work at a restaurant near the office. Before I got there, she was waiting, smiling.

There, I told her that I made a mistake for having s3x with her last Saturday but I have no intention of continuing cos I am married and I have no plans to cheat on my wife. She said its just s3x…not cheating. And that its just to release stress and have fun. That she already wants me so bad and if I refuse her, I will regret it cos she will say I harassed her in the office last Saturday.

I became very scared and started begging her. She then said, ok…lets do it one last time…after that…I will forget about you. I looked at her…she is young, s3xy and very beautiful. I asked her why she wants me when she can have any other guy that is single and would want her…she replies and says…you c*ck is a masterpiece. I just want it more and more.

At this time, I knew even if we did it one more time, she will not stop coming for me. I just got up and left her. Before I left…I told her she can go ahead and say I harassed her but she will need evidence which I am sure she does not have. She said if I cross her…she will make sure I regret it cos my career will be over….because woman are usually believed when it comes to accusation of r*pe.

Truth be told, I had no idea how my legs was able to take me home after I left her. I was worried and still worried. I have not been able to sleep….I thought of confessing everything to my wife but its like I have gone too far,…she may never believe me or forgive me. I am scared. Scared of going back to work tomorrow. Scared of what the girl will do…scared of all these coming out and embarrassing me and my wife.

What should I do….its past 1am. I cannot sleep….I need help. I messed up but I need your help to sort this from getting any worse. Please advice me…I am not a cheater…I want to do better and I need help on how to do better…how do I also avoid this whole thing from bursting in my face?


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  1. You are a cheat because you already cheated on your beautiful and innocent wife.

    Talk to your boss about all that has happened,tell him/her all the truth he/ she needs to know.

    Tell your wife about it because if you try to hide it from her,she might find out one day and that could be disastrous.

    Now you have learnt your lesson, discipline, selfcontrol, comportment matters in life. Be careful bro,hope you have gone to check yourself? Check for STD, infection because I don’t trust that girl

  2. i honestly bewildered at how cheaply a man would fall for a random girl!
    Honestly, it is beyond me, but i think you better report yourself before she does and brace yourself for the consequences.

    T’is well.

  3. You have made a mistake and the good thing is you are willing to amend it.
    Don’t be too hard on yourself first
    Tell ur boss about let it not exceed this week, do it fast before she does. U have seen she is a pure blackmailer.
    Then tell your wife when you get home, She will be angry at first but will put head with you on this and the rest will be a history.
    Please please and please don’t follow for such again. Having a happy home is the best thing any human can pray for, don’t try to destroy yours.

  4. Sadly

    The way out is not the easy way



    Ask God to forgive you and help your wife to forgive you

    Second…which is the hardest….tell you wife…

    Telling your wife is putting your life in her hands

    She can decide to forgive or not

    But you lay all the cards for her to determine

    And pray God heals her heart to be able to accept you back but it will take time and alot of work from yorh part

    You may need to go to counselling for a while

    Trust is broken…it might take a while to regain it but its possible

    Finally….tell your boss and tell them she is harassing you

    If possible …ask to be transferred

    And you too can start looking for a new job

    It’s going to be a hard road ahead but you have to be strong if you want to be happy and free at last

  5. Dear David
    Gather as much evidence as you can that this woman in your office had consensual sex with you. Recordings, texts and anything you can get.
    Gather evidence as proof in case this mad woman decides to be devilish.

    You have disappointed your wife. Shame! Were you not told to flee from any appearance of the devil? What point have you proven? That you’re cheap, lack self control and untrustworthy? How can you just go into a woman who had obviously had sex with another man not longer than 30 minutes ago? Weren’t you scared of any infection or whatever? Didn’t you think about your wife even for a minute? Hmmmn

    Gather evidence to prove what happened was consensual for when you have to face management for any allegation that may come up later, you may also face some punishment for sexual misconduct in the office space. Come clean to your wife, do whatever to regain her love and trust, be ready to face whatever consequences that may come from this your foolish act.

    I hope you’ve learnt a lesson from this!
    Peace be with you

  6. This is why I say woman can’t be trusted ,now she wants to set u up arrange a meeting with her telling her of how much u want to fuck her now when u guys meet try has much as u can to record whatever conversation with her ,ask her direct question of why she wants to have sex with u ,and why she is trying to blackmail u , record e everything it would be ur evidence against her lie I need proof bro

  7. If I am u I would use her snap her nakedness ,snap her in the bedroom and send it to her boyfriend try to find a way to get her boyfriend number then send her the evidence

  8. Dear poster, I will advice you get solid evidence, like texts and recordings, you can get that by meeting with her in a restaurant…also inform your wife about it and be ready for whatever comes with it, cos you really hurt your wife, just know that things won’t remain the same,even if things tends to return back to how it is, it will take a longer time to build trust, peace bro….


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