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True Life Story: How Do I Break Up With My Girl, She Is In Love With Me But Have Feelings For Someone Else


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True Life Story: How Do I Break Up With My Girl, She Is In Love With Me But Have Feelings For Someone Else

Good evening Lively Stones,

Please help me look into this matter. I am in a relationship with someone. It actually started two months ago. Everything is cool. She recently asked me to meet her siblings cos she is from a close family. I did not want to cos the relationship is still young, I feel like she is moving too fast but I do not want her not to trust me so, we all organized a dinner and went out. Shockingly, one of her siblings came with a friend of hers and guess what?

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This friend of hers is someone I met in the club in September and we had a one night stand. The problem is, that one night stand was a very memorable one. I find myself thinking about her after that night. For her to show up at a hangout with my girlfriend and her family is messing my state of mind right now.

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At the hangout, she pretended not to know me, I also played it cool. But before we left, I asked her for her no and she said, please lets not do anything stupid. Meaning she recognized me but she does not want to let her friends know. I eventually got her no from my girlfriend’s phone and chatted with her. She was excited, she said if I can go to that extent to get her no, then maybe I am serious.

Truth is, this babe is more exciting than my babe. I am really attracted to her. She is single and we have been chatting for three weeks now. I am totally blown away by her personality. I think I have seen my kind of woman. You know that kind of feeling of happiness that you have when you are talking to someone, that is how I feel….shebi they call it the feeling of butterflies ….that is how I feel chatting with this babe…we can chat into the midnight hours…I always look forward to her chats…I had to password my phone so my girl does not see our chats. The problem now is, how do we tell my girl cos I do not want to hurt her. I feel its unfair to her that I like someone else when we just started getting serious.

If I continue with her, I feel its cheating. Her family members know me now and I do not want to be seen as a bad guy but I feel the excitement since I reconnected with this babe has changed everything….my girl even sent me a message yesterday….saying she noticed I been withdrawn….asking if I am having issues at work…hmmm, its not work issues….its her matter o. …I feel somehow, like I am giving her false hopes…she took this thing too fast…I am not in love yet but she is in love with me…before someone will accuse me and say all men are scum, …what is the best way to resolve this please?

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  1. Well I can boldly say marriage is not always about butterflies kind of feeling. You’re just being excited by the sex and nothing more. But I’ll appeal to you please tell your girlfriend and don’t waste the lady’s time.
    But relationship is beyond what you’re thinking or feeling now

  2. The best way to resolve this matter is to call your babe,tell her your mind.

    You are already blown away with the other girl,she is everything to you,think we’ll ooooo.

    Tell your babe that you need a break and don’t let her know about this babe so soon ooo,nahim be say na wahala you dey invite.

    Tell her fast,fast ooo,don’t waste her time,she is already in love according to you,you better let her know your stand.


  3. Please let your Fiance know now!!. Dont be wicked and unfortunate at the same time.
    OWEVER, theres more to marriage than butterfly feelings. evenLove flies away at some point, its commitment that will remain.
    Therefore, look well before you leap into the Lady’s ship. sex is not supposed to come first. So shine your eyes.

  4. Dear writer,

    Your girlfriend is in love and responsible. If she is fast for your liking, then tell her than switching camp.

    I don’t see any point continuing with the relationship since you are attracted and already with another woman you feel butterflies for.

    Be sure of the kind of persons and future these women presents to you.

    Don’t be unfortunate to break up and it will be a planned game or you lose a better woman.

    If you are in this relationship for something lasting, pray about them but stop sleeping with both ladies. Be sure before you jump into it.

    Finally, be quick about it and invite your girlfriend to tell her straight up to go her way. Don’t play with the heart of a woman in love with you.

    Be wise!

  5. Please tell your girlfriend the truth, the earlier is always the better. You both do not belong together,

    You do one night stand and like women who do it too…. it’ll always be a problem if you stick to a woman that is not as loose.

    But hope you wouldn’t go online one day to talk of how women are hoes or not loyal because clearly you are the one searching for that now.


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