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True Life Story: How Greed Changed My Husband & Sacrificed Our Marriage


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True Life Story: How Greed Changed My Husband & Sacrificed Our Marriage

Hi Lively Stones,

I really laughed when I read a story from a poster about women and their love and greed for money. CLICK AND READ STORY HERE. Its laughable the way he painted the story as if its only women who can do anything even sell their conscience for money. Men do the same and even worse if you look at it very well. It only when a woman does the same, that everyone begins to shout immorality, she is not a wife material, and bla bla bla.

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The truth of the matter is our society is decayed with the desire to be rich and relevant by all means. If you are poor or average trying to make a decent living, no one regards you. I mean, I married my husband when he had nothing per se. He was living in Bariga and we lived around neighbors that had husbands and children who were into all kinds of crimes’ just to make it and once someone made it, no one cared how they made it, that person moves out of the hood and is celebrated for his ‘hustle’.

Honestly, I was happy when my husband got a job as a personal driver in Ikoyi. The boss gave him one room in his BQ in Ikoyi and we all moved in with our two children in that one room. The resolve to make it in life became stronger once we moved to Ikoyi. The display of wealth by the rich in Ikoyi and the Island was enough to motivate anyone to do ANYTHING to make it.

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The way even the rich treated the poor and domestic staff with disdain was heartbreaking. While my husband was driving his boss and their family, I sold akara( bean cakes) to assist him. After a while, my husband started coming home with big amount of cash. He said his boss’s wife gave him. For what, he would say, just to appreciate his dedication. Me, in my naiveness, I will go on my knees to thank the madam.

After a while, I started suspecting my husband was sleeping with the madam. I would ask him, that I am not comfortable with all the money he keeps getting from his madam and he would say: woman, don’t cross examine me, mind your business. My husband became very secretive. Very tired when it came to s3x. I even started seeing stupid messages from girls.

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Yes, he was getting richer but at what cost. We moved into a 3 bedroom apartment in Ibeju lekki. From there, my husband built his house in Ajah. A duplex. From ordinary driver work o. He became head protocol and even started his own driving school but that did not stop him from sleeping with married women all over Ikoyi. That was easier and quicker money.

I got tired of talking and started using the money he gave me to open my business of selling crayfish and stockfish from our side. I was doing well with my business, my children were doing well, now in secondary school. God knows as a wife, I never support my husband’s lifestyle. I know he is well to do now and should stop that lifestyle but he will not listen.

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Now the height of my husband’s lust for money became too much to bear when I found out that my husband is sleeping with both mother and daughter. These useless rich people…they have taken everything from me…no wonder my husband not even have time for me. I challenged my husband that I was going to expose him to both mother and daughter, what he was doing with both of them.

My husband threatened to divorce me and take my children away. I looked at it, what do I gain after suffering all these years in silence, only to loose everything because of this woman and her daughter? That was when I started to plan my revenge. Part of my revenge is:play cool until my children are grown before I leave this man. When they are grown, he cannot take them away from me cos they will be able to see their mom whenever they like.

Secondly, I have saved screenshots of the mother and daughter conversations with my husband. How my husband even sold his sperm to one of the daughter’s friend for IVF. I also intend to expose that daughter to her husband…all these will be my revenge, to God who made me, I have had enough.

For years, while my husband was selling his manhood, he left me dry and high, I am tired of being a loyal wife. My own body no be fire wood na. This year, I will begin to take care of myself too. Cheating has never been on my mind but at 37 years, but is this how I will continue to live until I die? At least, my own will not be for money but for my own sanity.

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So, this is my story. We pose as the successful rich and happy couple online and among our family and friends but deep down, when no one is around, see the sacrifices that has been made….see the hurt that spouses are enduring just to save face.

You can also see men are greedy too and can do anything for money. And you can see how that greed has made him forget his family…I may even forgive everything he did to hurt me with his hustling but the fact that he is also giving his sperm to women to have children, meaning he is having children outside our marriage and denying me of s3x for more than 4 years… that is something no woman will allow not me…he crossed a line…

I just need a man that will keep me company. No strings attached. Maybe someone who is divorced or widowed. Or a single man looking for friendship. Some may call this wrong of me but we have all been wrong before abi? What else do you want me to do?


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  1. You have said what you want, to commit adultery, no need to justify it with your husbands own.

    When he was giving you money and you were enjoying it, you didnt know right.

    Very sad, how we take adultery lightly. I really pity you sister. Only if you knew how disastrous adultery is, I wish i could say some things to you here, but i can’t.

    All i will tell you is run run as fast as you can from adultery, don’t even give it a thought.


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