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True Life Story: How I Became A Rich Man’s Wife But This Marriage Is Suffocating Me


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True Life Story: How I Became A Rich Man’s Wife But This Marriage Is Suffocating Me

Good evening house Lively Stones,

(Please help me post this on behalf of my friend who got married last year)

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I am a 26 years old married woman. I got married on my 25th birthday. I was introduced to my husband by my very rich uncle Tito. Uncle is into several businesses that one cannot really pin him. A lot of import, car dealership, logistic etc. He is the last born from my mom’s side. I have heard rumors also that he is either a cultist or yahoo boy. But he is my uncle, kind and generous.

This actually happened while I was holidaying in Uncle’s place last year. One of his friends, used to come around. He flirted with me, gave me money and some how, I became quite fond of him. My uncle informed me that his friend is into similar business with him…he is single but has children from other women. My uncle was finally able to convince me and my parents to marry his friend.

So, we started dating. After a couple of month, before he proposed, he told me that he wants me to bear him a son cos all his other children from his baby mamas are all females. I told him I have no power to determine the gender of the children I will bear for him. That was when he told me that he will take me for special spiritual intervention for me to have a baby boy. He convinced me that it was not bad so I agreed.

We went to see a spiritualist who took me to the altar…anointed me with some spiritual cream. Later, he asked me to come when next I am in my period, I did….he told me to have s3x with my husband…then he was my fiancé ….while on my period…we had s3x. After that, he said my first child will be a boy. And that I must always have s3x with my husband while on my period. I did not understand it but I agreed.

So, we got married traditionally. After the marriage, I started discovering things. One, is, my husband is a womanizer. He carefully hid this side of him from me. And the painful part is, he is still sleeping with his baby mamas. When I confronted him….he warned me never to dare confront him…that he is a man and older than me by almost 20 years, so I should respect him as the head of the house.

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Secondly, this man used to track my period for me and once it starts, he will have s3x with me. I found it very disgusting but he seemed to be enjoying himself and because of what that spiritualist said, I agreed…I got pregnant a month after the marriage…then hubby started recording us having s3x. After that, he would masturbate to the video. I told him it was wrong for us to be recording ourselves making love and he laughed and called me a child.

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Another thing is, this man does not go to any church but he lights candles every night before going to bed. He says that is is personal altar where he prays to God. The prayer does not mention the name of Jesus…he says he is praying as his spirit directs him. I should have known better….maybe this is how he keeps his wealth…praying with spiritual things…like the spiritualist he took me to. He says he is a traditionalist…

I did not quite understand what he meant before I married him… I asked if that means he is a juju worshiper…he said no…but he prays to the almighty through his ancestors.

I gave birth to our son at 9 months, 2 days. Praise God…my husband finally has a son. He was happy. He bought me a car as push present. Soon as I could mensurate again, this man started having s3x with me. He says he wants another boy. I told him our son was too young but he would not listen. I literally got pregnant again when my son was just 5 months old.

Then I began to fall so sick that I got admitted and placed on bed rest. In less than 2 weeks, I miscarried. My husband was so upset but he told me once I start mensurating, we start again. Now, I have realized that all this man cares about is me having sons for him. He does not care about my health or my opinion on anything. He always calls me childish when I complain about anything.

This marriage is suffocating me. I am no longer happy. I feel like I am in a prison. My husband does not talk to me except he wants to have s3x. And many times, he does not come home for days. He is with either one of his baby mamas. The only thing keeping me happy is my son but that is not enough cos he is just a little boy.  I have told my family but they are all saying I should calm down…that all marriages are not the same…that as long as I am being taken care of, I should over look other things.

My uncle’s wife actually told me that if I am married to a rich man, I have to over look a lot of things if I want the marriage to work. She said I should just be a virtuous and submissive wife and not get distracted with the women outside the marriage. That I should focus on giving him sons and healthy children so I can remain the wife and enjoy my life with money as a rich man’s wife.

What about feeling lonely?…Aunty said its just a phase…that when I have more children…I will not feel lonely anymore. Now, I understand why I used to feel sorry for my aunty…with all their money….she never appeared happy. She looks older than her husband who she is younger than….will that be my fate too? I never realized all these until now…

No, this is not the type of marriage I desire. S3x when I mensurate, s3x with other women, talking to me like a child…abandoning me for days on my own, never tells me sweet or encouraging words. I feel really sad….is this what marriage is supposed to be like? I am already beginning to dislike my husband…and feel so suffocated that I am already thinking of divorce.

Lastly…I recently started having bad dreams when I sleep…in my dreams, I see a lot of blood coming out of me…in the dream…I am crying and screaming…I see the other baby mamas laughing at me. I wake up with sudden fear of the unknown future. What does my dream mean? Does it mean something bad will happen to me in future…why do I see myself bleeding in the dream…has it got anything to do with the s3x during my period or its something else that may be showing danger ahead of me?

There is so many confusing things about this marriage….they say with time, I will get used to things being like this…but will I be ever happy again?

Please advise me.


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  1. I don’t have anything to say to you than surrender your totality to Jesus.. this is not what you can handle physically.. your husband is dinning with the devil and doesn’t mean well for you..
    If you decide to divorce him he will kill you spiritually..
    There is something he’s doing with you having sex with him during your menstrual period.. you can only stop him by handing your totality to the greater power which is Jesus Christ..I wish you best of luck and my prayers are with you.. shalom.

  2. Your husband is a ritualist and a cultist,you have been sacrificed at the altar the very moment that herbalist used some fetish things on you.

    I pray you don’t die before you realize it,your dream has clearly interpreted the danger you are into.

    Your family are materialistic,they don’t even know what you are going through,he keeps making love to you on your period and you are still there eating blood money.

    His baby mamas are wiser than you,they refused to marry him,they even refused to follow him to the herbalist place, that was why they all gave him baby girls,but you foolishly agreed and see the mess you are into.

    It will never be well with your uncle and his wife for putting you into this mess.

    In conclusion, divorce that ritualist, divorce that occultic man,he prays with candle and you are still there. Your sprit has been caged in their kingdom,you are but a working corpse waiting for the day you will die.

    My friend,run with your son,I do not need to pet you or calm you down,you need a force to pull you out of that bondage called marriage.

    I cover your life with the blood of Jesus,you shall not die,no evil will befall you,any altar looking for blood shall be set ablaze by the fire of the Holy ghost,amen .Run! Run! Run. Peace

  3. This is a pure case of ritual manipulation. Your husband is a Ritualist and he is using his sleeping with you during mensuration as a ritual rite.
    I wonder why your family doesnt understand and wants you to remain there?! Do they prefer you die in the marriage?! Youre quite young, you may not know theses things , but the bad dreams youre having should confirm it.

    Please , your family needs to be involved and get you out of the grip of that man. let them return return your dowry since its just trad marriage you had. Also, let them know the spiritual dimension if you need to involve a male -figure that can stand up to him, better.
    But honestly, end the marriage and seek spiritual help to be truly free.
    i recommend you join NSPPD Prayers, 7am-9am , mondays to friday daily. search for it on Facebook or youtube and join the prayers. That will not raise any suspicion like him seeing you go to church.

  4. This is heart broken and am so sorry for all you going through. I agree with all advices written down here to you, even if you run away you need to surrender totally to Christ to vindicate and redeem you.
    Kindly watch Nsppd on YouTube every 7am and pray along for what our God can not do does not exis.


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