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True Life Story: How I Discovered My Wife Is Giving Out Free Goods


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True Life Story: How I Discovered My Wife Is Giving Out Free Goods

Hi Lively Stones,

My wife, Temi and I were together for two and a half years before we got married. She is the light of my world. I love her to death. We have been married now for almost two years.

We discussed getting pregnant immediately we got married, so that we can have our children early and later on, she can focus on her dream, which is to be an actress. Just like Omotola.

Well, we didn’t think getting pregnant would be so hard. By the 6th month of our marriage, nothing had happened. My wife was desperate cos she wanted to have kids and be done in time for other projects.

We were advised to start seeing fertility doctors. We were checked by specialists and assured that nothing is wrong. One of the specialists advised us to get on with our lives and forget about the pressure.

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So my wife took a movie to shoot. This was after like one year and a few months. After shooting the movie, she got another movie role. This time, after her daily shoots, one of the movie directors would drop her off at home from time to time.

I never knew any of these until my landlord’s wife called me to ask if there was in a problem in my marriage. I asked her why she would ask me that . The landlady said because people are talking about my wife and the man that drops her off everyday.

According to her, the man that drops my wife everyday after her shoot, spends up to 45 mins to 1 hour with her in the car before my wife drops off. That the neighbors are gossiping that my wife is cheating on me with the man who drops her off

I told my landlady that its my wife’s director that drops her off cos my wife does not have a car and the man sends his driver to drop my wife off but I didn’t know they spend long hours in the car before she alight from the car.

My landlady said the reason she rented the apartment to us was because she loved us as a newly married couple and she will not be happy if we are brining scandals to the compound.

I told her I would speak to my wife and promised her there was nothing going on. I went to my wife and confronted her with what the landlady said. My wife said my landlady is just nosy,that she does not spend time on the car. I believed my wife and let the matter rest.

What I then did was ,I took permission to close from work early the next week…I wanted to get home before my wife. And when I did, I actually observed my wife’s movie directors drop her and they stayed in the car for 1 hour and 5mins.

While they were in the car, I called my wife….she didn’t pick up. I sent her a message to ask where she was. She didn’t respond until like 35mins later…she said she’s on set and about to come home. Mind you,I didn’t park in the compound so she does not know I was around.

On getting inside the house, my wife saw me and almost fainted…it was like she saw a ghost. I told her I been watching her since she has been in he car with her director…she said they were having a meeting and its not up to an hour like I said…

We argued that night so much, that for the first time we got married….I slept in the guests room. I was sad and disappointed. My wife reaction showed something was really going on with her and that her director. I was angry, upset and feeling lost.

I love my wife…I don’t ever want cheating to cause issues between us. So the next morning, I told her she can be using my car, so her director will not need to drop her off anymore. My wife said she can’t drive in Lagos traffic. So, I told her I will get her a driver.

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My wife still insisted nothing was going on, so for peace sake, I still let the matter go even though I was not convinced. I got her a driver and gave her my car to use.

What I now noticed was that two weeks later, my wife would come late and blame it on traffic. I had to interrogate the driver to also him why they were always late.

It was obvious the driver didn’t want to say anything but he was like ,they usually go to a hotel for meetings. I was like which meeting…he couldn’t tell me. This time, I became very aggravated. I was scared that it might end up being true that my wife was indeed cheating….

That night, I told my wife to pull out of that movie…I couldn’t deal with the anxiety anymore. My wife went ballistic…saying I cannot control her life. That she will not pull out. We fought and argued so much that night. I cried.

In my anger, I took my wife’s phone and card the director…and insulted the man…I told him to leave my wife alone or I would murder him. The man had the effrontery to tell me to shut up and that if I cannot control my wife, he has no business with me. He laughed and told me not to disturb myself…saying, do you think I am the only one that is knacking your wife?

I wanted to murder this man, I swear. The way he was even berating my wife. It was like he was saying my wife is the one throwing herself at him. This pig said I should calm down and not let high blood pressure kill me. That no one is forcing anyone, that it’s my woman that is giving free goods and he is sure, he is not the only one benefitting from her ‘goods’.

Immediately I got off the phone with him, I went to my wife…and told her her what the director said…I told her I was going to leave the house and not speak to her again if she does not tell me of she slept with the man or not…and what did he mean by saying she is a slut? Is this how my wife became an actress? By sleeping her way through? Do I really know the woman I married?

My wife thought I was joking but as I started packing my things…threw my wedding ring away…she went on her knees and started begging….I pushed her away and told her to get out. My wife blocked my way and says she’s ready to talk but she’s afraid she has spoilt everything and she wants me to promise we will fix this together and not break up if she confesses. I agreed.

My wife went on saying she knows she messed up but she did everything to resists the pressure to get the role she was giving. My wife explained that getting juicy roles in Nollywood meant sacrificing some things and sometimes directors insist on sleeping with the directors . My wife was like, she thought she could string the man along…to make him think she liked him, to just get his favor …that she flirted with him but didn’t plan on sleeping with him.

When I told her the man said she is the one without control, she said its a lie, that he lured her to a hotel when I got her a driver…she went cos she thought it was just to play along and flirt a little….but that she had a little too much to drink and she let him have S** with her after.

By this time, my head was spinning….my wife was crying…saying if I left…she would kill herself. That she is sorry and is asking for my forgiveness. You know, I have heard this S** for acting roles before but my wife told me she would never do that….but now, am wondering if she lied or not.

If she can do that as a married woman, how do you think she’s not been doing it as a single. I am devastated. I don’t know how to look past this. Yes, I told my wife I would forgive her no matter what but I don’t think I can keep my promise.

What’s the way forward for us…this is too much for me. I don’t want a divorce but maybe I need sometime away to think…I feel so disgusted….I cannot look into my wife’s eyes without feeling the pain of her betrayal. I gave this woman everything, my heart, my love, my loyalty……women try to flirt with me, but I make sure I don’t disrespect my wife and now she does this to me?

I do not deserve to be treated like this…This is a woman that I have been trying to have a baby with…what if its her past lifestyle that has prevented her from getting pregnant all these while? What should I do….please advise me.


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  1. Dear poster, I understand your pain, most especially when you’ve been loyal and you get betrayed, if you can leave please leave and heal yourself, cos seeing her everyday will bring you more pain, work on your mental health and try as much as possible to remain calm…… I wish cheating will stop and we humans can do better, it’s because most of us only think of ourselves without considering our partner’s that’s why we behave the way we do….for sometime now most marriages don’t last either because of Immaturity, infidelity or abuse…I don’t know were we went wrong, this generation need to do better….if she’s willing to change and you can forgive and love her the way you used to, please forgive her, but if you can’t , let her go….it is well, peace bro…

  2. Please forgive her since she is remorseful,it is not easy but just find a place in your heart to forgive her. Divorce is not the best way out,please. This is so sad oooo,this rain is so heavy ooo.

    I plead on her behalf, please forgive and let God have His way in your marriage.

  3. She is only manipulating you man, she has been sleeping with other men, her tears are fake just to deceive you, she will only be smarter after all these, she will act saintly, she will even show you more love and attention to make you think she has changed.

    To me, you seem to be a weak man, you called her the light of your world, I could see from the post that you are a man that put women on a pedestal worship women, you show weakness in the name of love, step up man and be a man.

    If you think she will stop, you must be kidding, she won’t, like i said, she will only be smarter in hiding it from you. Man, dont be easily sways by tears of women, it is what it is, but forgive her, ts good to forgive people but don’t be stupid in the name of love.

    Man up, be wise

  4. Please forgive her and move on.. both of you need a counselor to help you through the journey..i know it’s not easy but you can do it.
    Best of luck

  5. Forgive her for your own peace of mind and insist she resigns from acting. If she doesn’t, history will always repeat itself.


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