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True Life Story: How I Feel About My Mentor & Husband’s Relationship


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True Life Story: How I Feel About My Mentor & Husband’s Relationship


Hi Lively Stones,

Please help me make sense of this situation. I got married three years ago to my husband who is a divorcee. My husband was married with two children. Him and his ex wife are not in good terms. I was told the woman was always domineering and controlling. And from the little I experienced when we got married, I can say that she is truly domineering. When she calls for anything for the children, she’s always shouting and if she does not get her way, she starts insulting my husband.

The person who introduced me is a friend of mine who I took as a mentor in the business that I am doing. I learnt cake making and fashion from her school of fashion and design. Lets call her Eliza. Eliza is someone I admire cos she is not just beauty but also brains. She has trained a lot of young women and I always admired her. When I started my business, I shared some of the big deals I had with her and that is how we became friends.

True Life Story: How I Feel About My Mentor & Husband's Relationship

When Eliza asked me why I was not married or dating, I told her I have been disappointed twice but still trusting God for my own man. Eliza then introduced me to someone she called her aburo . According to her, he is a good family friend. I met him and liked him, everything went well and we got married three years ago. Since we got married, I started seeing that my husband and his ex wife never agree, so I try to tell my husband not to abandon his kids with her, that he should still send money for their upkeep even though their mother is a trouble maker.

It was because of me that my husband started sending money to the children for their upkeep. I am pregnant with our first child, in my seventh month. I was just going through my Facebook when I saw that my husband’s ex wife sent me a message to thank me. That she heard I was the one that made him to be sending money to them. Then she said because she thinks I am a good person, that she wants to warn me to be careful of one woman that calls herself family friend to my husband: Eliza.

According to my husband’s ex wife, Eliza is the reason she left my husband cos the woman is having an affair with her husband and even though the woman is married, they are still seeing each other. After reading her message, I was shaking cos the only Eliza I know is the same woman who is my friend and mentor and she is the one who introduced me to my husband. I am not sure what to do with this text message I read from my husband’s ex wife.

How do I confront my husband or Eliza about this information? I am still shaking with fear that this might actually be true …. and if it is…what do I do about this? And then again, what if its a lie? Or even true? This means, I will never stop being suspicious of Eliza and my husband. Why then would Eliza introduce my husband to me if they are lovers? I don’t know what to do with this information? Should I ask my husband or Eliza? Or is this woman just trying to cause trouble as usual?

Please advise me.

…to be continued Anonymous

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  1. Eliza is having an affair with your husband,be careful!

    It is well ooo,she can’t marry your husband because she is married and that is why she introduced you to him so they can remain lovers.

  2. You are already pregnant, what do you want to do leave ? You are 7momth gone.

    Keep the info to yourself and see yourself as the second wife with or plus a mentor as a concubine.

    You are inside mentor is outside, start your prayer section, with thunder and fire. This battle is the lord’s battle.

  3. I go tell u not to confined in any of them Rather do the finding urself but be careful, for ur husband wife to thank u me no c her as bad person and she might b right with what she told u.

  4. Please be very careful and do not confront anyone about it.. just be observant so as to get the answers to your questions.
    Mind your health and that of your baby and always ask God for directions..


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