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True Life Story: How I Make Love With A Spirit Every Night


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True Life Story: How I Make Love With A Spirit Every Night

Good Morning Lively Stones,

I need help. My situation is like this man’s case that you shared recently. (Click here to read the similar case). I never believed in marine spirits until this started happening to me. I don’t really know how to explain this cos am not good at writing but here is the summary of the whole thing. And its shameful for me to talk about because most people hear only about spirit husband not spirit wife.

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Years ago, when I was in Benin attached to a brewing company, I met a very fine lady and we were hanging out. She was a high class lady cos she moved around big guys then. I liked her but not for something serious I. But she fell in love with me. I had heard many stories of Benin girls, I did not dream of ending up with anyone of them. So, it was all fun and games until I was transferred back to Lagos after like two years.

When I got to Lagos, Uwa (not real name) tried to continue our relationship but I met someone who is now my wife. I had to cut off Uwa. She made all efforts to win me, visited me several times, I wont lie, she is very attractive and seriously, it was hard to resist her. Then she told me she was pregnant when she saw she was not successful in pinning me down.

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My response to her was, she can decided whatever she wants with the pregnancy. I will support her if she wants to raise the baby but no marriage. That month was my wedding and I was not going to let Uwa come in between me and my wife to be. After the marriage, Uwa still kept disturbing me. She told me she aborted the pregnancy. I wished her well and wanted to focus on my marriage.

Until I started experiencing having S** with Uwa in my dreams. Yes, in my dreams, I literally have hot S** with her and when I wake up, I have come all over the bed….with heavy sperm. My wife was really confused…she said she watches me as I sleep, that clearly, I am having intercourse in my sleep but what I did not tell her that it was real. I was having S** with Uwa…I see her, it feels so real and when I wake up, its a wet bed.

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My wife became worried, she encouraged me to pray but I told her its just wet dreams that most guys have it. After a while, it stopped…after a while, it started. One night, after it felt so real again, I went to the toilet, locked myself up and called Uwa. At the first ring, she picked up. for someone that is supposed to be sleeping by around 3am, she picked up the phone.

All I could say is: Uwa please leave me alone. I started begging her and she cut the phone on me. When I tried her lines later, she had blocked me. A few years after, I shared my son’s picture on Facebook, Uwa made a comment under it and said: happy birthday son, mommy may not be with you but I will always be with your ‘specially’. I called her with a new line and when she picked up, I asked her what she meant by calling my son her son.

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Uwa said, every child that I have through another woman is her child because she was the one I make love to in the real world. That I allowed another woman take her place but she knows I cannot leave her in reality. I begged her and asked her to forgive me if I have offended her but she should leave me and my family in peace. I am afraid sometimes because of what she said…I do not know why she said any child I have is hers. Because of this, I never share anything about my family online anymore.

I have never said anything to my wife but Uwa still comes to me at night in my dream. To be honest, I have become used to it, sometimes, when am even making love to my wife, if I close my eyes, I see Uwa…its like its her I am making love to and that worries me. I think Uwa is from the marine world. She truly was in love with me but I am not her destiny…God knows I never promised her marriage or commitment…I have prayed and asked God to deliver me many times. I have gone for many deliverance…it will stop for a while and start again.

Sometimes I wonder if it will ever stop? I wonder if anything really will happen to my children? I go to church and pray for my children that no evil comes to them but I sometimes worry about the future. Please advise me.


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  1. Uwa is from the marine,she is a spritual being.

    You don’t have to worry much,all you need right now is to pray,don’t stop praying,talk to a deliverance pastor,just keep praying.

    Uwa can’t do anything,all these yeye marine spirit women. It is well

  2. Dude man I understand ur plague but this is also a lesson to all men , S.e.x is a spiritual activity , so If u have S.e.x with any woman u have given that woman some kind of spiritual authority over ur life ,so has men we ought to be cautious of who you give ur powers to , not every woman is ordinary I tell u . Now what would I do if I were u , I would meet the supposed lady and ask her what she truly desire , the truth is there is a convenant between u and her and this was done by blood , except u can get a blood stronger than the convenant u would forever be entangled , infact u might not know but she has the power to manipulate you , if she wanted u dead u would have been dead , and if care is not taken for every time u have S.e.x with her the more u show disinterest for ur woman , it is a gradual process if u don’t take action .
    Meet the lady , ask her what she wants and do it before it is too late . Often times the Marine kingdom have no forgiving spirit , so u can’t blame her for not been able to forgive u , if she can’t have u then she would want to destroy u , this ur matter is serious , but meet her ask her what she wants , if she wants to be ur wife then u don’t have a choice brother if they could deliver u they should have done it a kind time ago ,

  3. Don’t understand the reason you would hide something as serious as this from your wife. It’s you need serious deliverance and prayer.
    Please talk to your wife about it.
    There’s nothing midnight prayers and fasting cannot do.

  4. When we tell fellow men, S.e.x is only for marriage, they call us assistant JESUS.

    My dear brother, you are under serious spiritual attack. Bro, if you don’t do what I tell you, you may end up dead.

    I strongly advise you go to winners chapel headquarters @ ota, Ogun state, you must go their every Sunday, and see a Pastor, you may not be able to see Bishop Oyedepo, but make sure you see a Pastor, tell him as it is.

    You can also go to Mfm church @Yaba. Bro, you are a dead man walking, I need you to take this issue with GREAT SERIOUSNESS. These evil people are so wicked more than you can ever imagine.

    Please I beg you, start this Sunday, infact, once you read my comment, go online, and look for weekly services of winners chapel, and join till this coming Sunday you will go.

    Also, go to telegram, search for “Bishop David Oyedepo Sermons”, download them and start listing them.

    I love you bro. I want to see you overcome this problem as soon as possible.

    I wish you well bro.


  5. Dear Poster,
    Tis well.
    God is closer to us now via Internet.
    1.Go to face book or Youtube,
    2. search Pastor Jerry Eze .
    3. Joint his prayer service every morning.
    4. it is tagged: NSPPD fire Prayers (every day, 7am-9am , mon-fri).
    5. Dont mind the noise, dont mind your Data use.
    6. its a sacrifice that ll deliver you.

    • Dear Poster,
      it is well with you.
      Hope you joined the NSPPD link ?
      The word of knowledge about your issue came up on Thursday, 3rd November, 2022 streaming.
      check from 1hour 08 minutes on the YOUTUBE PLATFORM.
      please search for it, play it and and pray it over and over again. Youre delivered already.
      Also, remain on the altar of prayer. i.e keep joining the prayers.
      Its well.

  6. I strongly suggest you talk to your wife about this.. you’re still were you are because of the secrets you kept from your wife..talk to her about it and fight it together..


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