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True Life Story: How I Managed My Crush On My Boss Until Last Week


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True Life Story: How I Managed My Crush On My Boss Until Last Week

Dear Lively Stones,

Please hide my identity. I have always had a crush on my supervisor at work. I am a very emotional person, I need help. This guy is a young successful manager. Very hard working and intelligent. Though I found myself having a crush on him…I never made any sign to show him I liked him cos he seemed to be a very professional man. Always on point on the job.

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Never thought I would see a different side of him apart from the professional side. So, you can imagine my surprise last Friday: one of our senior managers got a visa to japa to Canada. Last Friday was his last day, so the whole team went out to club to celebrate with him. My supervisor cracked so much jokes, everyone was laughing. He danced and I was surprised to see him so free.

As night went on, drinks flowed, some were feeling tipsy. I wanted to leave but my colleagues teased me and called me mommy’s baby so I decided to stay back. Then came the game truth or dare. As if God wanted to punish me abi na devil. When it came to my turn…the question was, kiss anyone you have a crush on in the office. The Alcohol no gree me get sense.

I carried my two legs and went to kiss my supervisor. Everyone started screaming in excitement. I felt embarrassed so I tried to pretend that I only did it for the game, that its not really serious or true that I have a crush my him. After the game, this guy came and dragged me to dance with him. That made people even tease us more. They kept telling us to get a room. It was all fun and laughter.

However, when it was time to leave around 3am, my supervisor, lets us call him Seyi; came and asked me to ride with him and another of our colleague. So I went with them. He first dropped off this colleague of mine at phase 1 and then, I thought he was going to take me home cos my place is around Abraham Adesanya…but he said asked me to come know his place…I knew what that meant and I did not say no.

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We ended up having s3x in his place…I slept in his place until 12noo. When I woke up, he asked me not to feel embarrassed cos we shacked up. That he had a good time and he does not want this to affect our work relationship. I said cool…no problem…He then got me a bolt and I left. Thankfully, it was public holiday on Monday but by Tuesday at work, I could not function properly.

I started to avoid Seyi. I would shake anytime he was talking. My feelings for hi was everywhere…I was so emotional. Seyi noticed it and sent me a text to comport myself before anyone notices. But people were already teasing us from the truth or dare from last Friday. That didn’t make things easier. I could not go to work yesterday. I called in sick. Seyi called me after work and asked why I am trying to ruin his career…that everyone in the office is talking…rumors flying.

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This is making things worse. I like Seyi…but he does not want me because we work together. He said he does not date people he works with. I asked him if he has a girlfriend…he said no. That they broke up a week before the we had s3x…that was why he why he had s3x with me. That he wants to move on but he is not ready for a serious relationship and he does not date people he works with…cos he does not shit where he eats.

I feel so bad …I truly cannot face him at work…I am still at home, its about 4am as I am typing this mail to Lively Stones to post for me first thing this morning, I need advise fast. …I do not want to go and make a fool of myself at wokr today. So, I sent a text to Seyi before I got an idea to write to LS… I lied again that I was sick but the truth is, I cannot take my mind off. I asked Seyi yesterday what if I resigned and found another job…would he date me…he said he could but he does not want me to loose my job because of him.

That is Seyi for you, a perfect gentleman…always trying to be professional. But what he does not know is, I am deeply attracted to him and I think finding another job is not a big deal for me. I know I can always get a job with time. Everyone must think I am crazy. So, my plan is to start looking for a job while I try my best to remain professional at work. Maybe even try and get to know Seyi better, become friends…I might even try and seduce him…I am hot…I bet he wont be able to resist me for long.

My only fear is, if I leave this job….will he still be interested in me? He already said yes but for someone who just broke up with his ex…I just do not want to be his rebound… ….I want Seyi to love me for me…do you think he would love me eventually? It feels too soon right…or is it worth giving it a shot. I want to know before I embark on this plan?

As if God wanted to give me a sign, Seyi just replied my  text…asking how I am feeling…the said get well soon with a love emoji. Is this a sign, should I go to work today? I am still very much emotional…I might cry at work with all these gossip at work about me and Seyi… Mama J, what do you think? Is there any need going to work today? I need words of encouragement…how do I stop shaking like a leaf whenever Seyi is around me at work…(I secretly even want him to kiss me…or make love to me again, pls don’t judge me.)

A major part of me believes this is destiny….I mean, how I ended up kissing and making love with  a guy I had a crush on for years. Maybe this is divine intervention…I do not want to miss this opportunity…I need to know your opinion from the way I have described Seyi…do you see a future with us, if I eventually get another job, will he keep his word?

Please advise me.


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  1. Dear poster, you aren’t thinking right now, I will advice you take things slowly, you may push him away when you show too much emotions, I will advice you not to leave the job, cos there’s no possibility he will come for you when your are out of job,…best thing to do is control your emotions and ignore him, behave as if nothing happened between you guys, make sure you are in control, if he loves you, he will break grounds to be with you, peace dear….

  2. Be calming down young lady,the soup wey dey hot go finally dey cold ooooo,all these your crush and love towards Seyi should not lead to heartbreak when he stops reciprocating them.

    If you know getting another job will be easy just like you have said,please leave that office,so that you don’t do something stupid, so that you don’t make Seyi loose his mind, remember you said he is a perfect gentle man with a touch of professionalism.

    Do not resign because you want Seyi to date or love you, resign for a good reason. I would have said you should remain,but the way this love is doing you and shacking you,so help you God.

    My sister don’t run too much speed biko,don’t overtake too much,be calming down,allow Seyi to do the toasting, crushing, wooing biko,get busy with things that will occupy your mind rather than thinking of Seyi that is not thinking about you.

    How are you sure that the almighty Seyi doesn’t have a girlfriend? It is well with you


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