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True Life Story: How I Thought Marriage Will End All My Suffering-Pt 2


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True Life Story: How I Thought Marriage Will End All My Suffering-Pt 2


How do you lose 350k to…a scammer? Money that was supposed to change our lives and make it better? My husband too, he has become something else. We are not talking to each other. My children are hungry, no money to feed them. My husband goes out all day and return at mid night…and he has the guts to touch me for s3x. I slapped him the other night when he tried to have s3x with me. We fought and the next day, I was ready to pack my things and leave but he stated begging me. Where will I even go if I pack my things? To where?

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That is how I have been living. Just church members helping me with 1k sometime to buy garri and feed my children. I am tired of life and I do not know where to start from. One day, I took my phone and called Mr. David. He did not pick but he called me back. As soon as he called me back, I started crying. He was like, what happened, I could not talk. I cried and cried. After a while, I calmed down and was able to tell him what happened.

Mr. David just told me to come and meet him in Surulere the next day. He sent me that address and told me not to fail to meet him there. I thought he wanted to give me money or give me a job so I went. The address was a hotel. I was directed to a room when I got there. I waited for him like 10mins before he came in. He listened to my problems and was very sympathetic.

When I finished, he called me a fool…..that a beautiful girl like me, will be married to a poor man who scammed me and left me to be suffering with my 3 children. Mr. David said he will help me but this time, not without me giving him something else in return. He wanted to sleep with me. At this rate, I was desperate and I agreed. All I was thinking of was my hungry children and my desire to get a new job or money for a new apartment.

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Mr. David slept with me and gave me 10k. I was shocked. He said, if I agree to be his side chick, and let him f*ck me 3 times a week, he will pay me 50k every month and he may even increase it to 100k. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I know what some of you are thinking but right now, this looks like the only way I can survive…I took the 10k and made food for my children. We had a good meal for the first time in months.

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Its time for me to meet Mr. David for our weekly appointment….I am feeling bad but this is survival mode for me. Who else is going to help me without asking for anything else in return? My husband is behaving like a stranger to me, we dont talk or sleep together…I have lost trust in him. I do not even know if he really lost the 350k…what if he used it for something else? I know he plays bet and he has side chicks too.

So, advise me….why should I not do what Mr. David is asking me to do? Do I have any other choice? Is there anyone else that can help me out? I have 3 children looking up to me so they can live. At least, I have an opportunity to earn 50 to 100k in a month, all I have to do is f*ck this man. What other options do I have ni? Please dont say God will do it? Where was he when I almost drank sniper? I am tired and I see no other way out….if you see any other way, please tell me…

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Anonymous (This story was slightly modified to further protect the identity of the poster)

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  1. Huh,this is so touching and at the same time terrible.

    I like being truthful,at this point,there is no one that is willing to help,so you have to continue seeing Mr David until you are able to save up some money to establish yourself, your children are at of school and they need to go back to school,nawaooo,this suffering no be here oooo,3children.

    This is my suggestion,please. Your husband is very irresponsible,he used that money to play BET, nothing else took that money,if not bet.

    Please try and save up some reasonable amount through Mr David and stop because you are still married to that your husband.

    It is well my sister, God will see all women through, enduring this kind of suffering all in the name of marriage and children.

    This post does not support vawulence,maka nde holier thank thou people. I come in peace,abeg I don talk my own,talk your own ooo,I still remain mummy G.O of the Most High God.

  2. @marylyn i totally agree with you people may want to criticize you but Truth is until u wear the shoes of someone you won’t know where it hurts so for now just be with him save some money continue the food business until u r comfortable with what u have saved rent a place put ur kids in school n leave dat man (husband) and don’t let him know ur plans for ur sanity don’t think of suicide but keep been strong for ur kids God help us all

  3. Dear poster what you are going through is bad, but I will advice you to stop seeing Mr David, he is only using you cos he sees you are desperate, how are you sure Mr David will honor his end of the bargain, I know it’s not easy but please take time to think and stop being desperate, I know u are doing this cos of the sake of your children, but it’s not right, you conscience is already pricking you, please don’t meet Mr David,…try and meet up with your church pastor to explain or you simply change church, I know it won’t be easy but please for the sake of your children and yourself, stop anything with Mr David, everything will be fine dear, Peace….

  4. I only have a question for you. Adultery is a GREAT SIN, run from it. There are many women that have faced such temptations and they didn’t do it, so please forget Mr David.

    You know it is wrong so shy are you considering it.

    Very unfortunate, some people on this group don’t people the truth. How can you encourage a woman to commit adultery. Very Pathetic.

    Jzhane, I saw the comments of those that were triggered when I said people on this blog dont say the truth, even yours too. What is wrong if I say people don’t tell the truth, or did I lie, people are fornicating and some of your commenters lead them on.

    People have insulted me on this blog, you have never cautioned them, but you call yourself a Christian but have issues with me saying the truth.

    This is what the world has turned too, shutting people that say the naked truth.

    You can go ahead to ban me ok. It’s your blog.

    You all can’t just let people tell others to truth because you want to keep getting more traffic.

    • Mr/ Mrs King,
      I still take exception to your myopic ways of attacking people rather that dealing with issues.
      Who gave your a measure to ascertain righteousness!
      All our righteousness are like filthy rags before God as Humans.
      I think I can see thro you .You’re JUST castigating what you do or are afraid of doing.
      Do you have to wear some shoes before you know where it pinches?!
      Not everybody here is giving wrong advice as youre alleging.
      Rather, opinions here are simply real and “not cast in stones” like the way you view life.
      Pray that may you not be faced with temptation like in this story . just pray o. that you continue to have it one sided so you remain sanctimonious like you are.
      But for those whom life has dished out out stuffs to , please dont be quick to judge. But even if you ll do , profer a out- of- the – box and real solution to their cases.
      We are all Daddy and Mummy GO here too o.

  5. Please do what makes u happy, anything that would put food on the table for ur children do it. N try saving up from that Mr David so that u can set up a small business for u n ur children, an as for ur husband, if possible try n stay very far away from that man, cos it’s beta to suffer without a man then being around, than suffer with a man being there without any help coming from his own end. See who is poor n still feels proud to work for money, that man is design to die poor,cos any body who’s s poor don’t have pride, u only have pride wen u have money n responsible enough to take care of ur family, not wen u don’t anything tired to ur name. N still have pride side chick n with any money to ur name. N for those of us who think that adultery is a sin, please give her a helping hand, give her a job if u can , cos prayers don’t put food on the table,actions, work n money does, if u don’t have money or a job or a means to feed it’s really very hard to stay focused n truthful to anything.
    Thank u.


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