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True Life Story: How I Trusted My Husband With My Life & My Money


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True Life Story: How I Trusted My Husband With My Life & My Money

Hello Lively Stones,

Please let me go straight to the point. I am pissed off…the way I am feeling is betrayal and pain that can make me murder someone. I need advise before do anything that I might regret later.

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We have been married for eight years. Since we got married, I have been the one bankrolling this marriage. I now blame myself….I thought I was doing it for Love but I now realise how foolish I was.

My husband when I met him, I was working in a bank, he is a staff of NSCDC. To me, o loved him cos he showed he really cared about me. I gave him everything, its my nature…I love to give people I love ..whatever I have, is yours.

I also wanted my husband to feel like the head of the home…every money i made, he was aware…if he needs money, he asks me . Truly, his caring nature really made me believe he was a very good man.

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I told him after 3 years of marriage that we should start saving to build our own house. We opened a joint account and started putting money there. Most times, he put like 5 or 10k…I put the bigger part like 100k or 250k…one time I put 600k over the years.

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We were happy and doing ok…the only issue is that we have no children yet. We have tried IVF and adoption. The IVF failed twice
..we are now on the adoption which takes some time.

Last year, my husband got transferred to Ogin state . He spends weekdays there and comes weekends. He did that for 3 months. The 4th month, he started coming every 2 weeks and later once a month. I asked him why,he said its risky to be traveling any how cos of stories of kidnapping.

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In January, my husband told me that he needed 6M from our joint account to do an investments he was introduced to by his boss on his station. I was against it cos I did not feel comfortable about the explanation about the business.

My husband told me to trust him…that many of his colleagues have invested and made 100% returns. Since I know my husband, I know he has never been a spendrift. I trust him with my life…he cares about me…so o allowed him to take the money…I was just praying that God will guide him.

Now, everything has burst. My husband came back home 2 weeks ago…crying like a baby…that he was scammed of the money…that a girl in his office was the one who brought the investment and not his boss like he initially told me.

I was in shock and disbelief…a girl? Well, when we got police involved, it was revealed that the girl was actually sleeping with my girlfriend. She lied that she got pregnant for my husband and wanted my husband to give her 6M to keep the baby.

So its because of the pregnancy my husband desperately wanted..he lied to me…took our hard earned money and gave his side chick…pregnant? …she said she had a miscarriage… when husband told her let them go to the hospital to check the miscarriage, she refused and that’s when he started suspecting she was lying…

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You see…not only did my husband cheat…je also broke my trust in him with our hard earned money….the police have recovered 4M from the girl…she said she sent 2k already and that she cannot pay now…so she wrote an undertaking to pay the balance in 1 year

Now tell me…what am I supposed to do with this husband of mine…someone planning adoption with me….someone who knows my tears and struggle with conceiving…the betrayal is deep…I dont know how to continue in this marriage….

Please help me…if you were in my shoes…what will you do?


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  1. Can you take care of that child you want to adopt by yourself. If not halt the process and resolve this issue with your husband.
    If you can, forget him.and take him back but he must sign undertaking for you.
    Going forward, no joint account. Let him work hard and let him bring money to the table. How much does he earn? He must contribute financially to the welfare of the family.
    But is he willing to continue with you as a family? If not let him go.

  2. * Do not have any joint savings with him any longer
    * Forgive him
    * Love him and keep caring for him
    *He is your husband and will ever be,you are in the process of adopting a child together, remember.
    * He might start having issues with you for not being fertile and productive.
    *He got someone pregnant and this simply means he doesn’t have problem impregnating you,so you have to find a way to deal with this issue when it arises,you have to be calm with him.
    Keep loving him biko, because if you decide to leave him,you don’t know the next man out there ,what he is up to
    Please no vex my love,its not easy but you just have to find a place in your heart to forgive him. You are blessed nne

  3. My dear sister, your husband is a big liar and a fool. Please stop keeping joint account with him. Save your money and do everything in your name. Don’t adopt that baby except you are ready financially to cater for the baby alone. Don’t ever trust him again, just know that you are all alone in this marriage.

  4. * stop the joint account.
    * If you want to keep the marriage, then forgive, if not ja-pa.
    * Can you trust him again after this, if not,henceforth, trust/ keep only to yourself.


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