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True Life Story: How Love Made Me have Four Abortions


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True Life Story: How Love Made Me have Four Abortions

Hello Lively Stones,

Hide my identity. Men are scum but we women are worse. I have found myself in a very nasty situation and I need your help. I do not need anyone insulting me, I did everything I did because I thought I was in love. I have learnt a hard lesson, a bitter one…I just want to seek advise to avoid making one last mistake.

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About a year ago, I went to the hospital and I was attended to by a very dashing and handsome doctor. After he attended to me, he gave me his no, just in case I had any questions later. From there, we started chatting and became friends. He told me he was attracted to me when he first saw me but he had to act professionally. We started seeing each other.

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This guy is charming, a smooth talker and I was seriously in love. I mean, which girl will not fall for a single hot doctor who is all over her? I felt lucky. And boy, this was a very romantic relationship. We spoke everyday. Went out most evenings. I spent the weekends with him for like 5 months months until one Saturday around 10am, he told me that someone was coming and he wanted to tell me about her.

That it was his ex but she is not over him cos they were together for almost 7 years from school. That the girl has refused to move on cos he was her first …that means, he disvirgned her. I was upset but he begged me to give him time to explain. By this time, I had had 2 abortions for this guy o. He always gave me easy abortion drugs. Said he wants to get married before having children. And that his plan was to marry me by end of 2022.

I left before the girl came but I was suspicious, so I kept asking him to tell me the truth or I would leave. Then he said, he and her were still an item but when he met me, he has been trying to break it off but she wont accept. I believed him. I told him I never want to see her in his place. So, every day, I spent the night in his place, just to mark my territory.

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On valentine’s day, we had a fight because by this time, I had found out about the girl, she is also a doctor. I was stalking her on social media. She posted pictures of them on valentine’s day. I was mad and started breaking his things in his house. He swore to me that he was just being a friend to her , nothing more since they were broken up…that they are just friendly exs.

We broke up for like two months but he kept begging me…he started showing me screen shots of him and her where they chatted that its best for them to break up. He forged all of that…I do not know how but I believed him and we continued a month later. All was good until last month: I found out I was pregnant and this is the fourth time. I told him that we should start the marriage introduction to my people because I am now pregnant for the fourth time. I do not think its a good idea to continue abortions.

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Since he said marriage is by the end of 2022, lets start the introductions. He said ok. He travelled with me to see my parents. They asked him to come with his people and he agreed. A few days later, I fell ill. Before I knew it, I was bleeding. I was rushed to the hospital and discovered I almost miscarried. My boyfriend had secretly put abortion pills in my drink. But the baby survived. I threatened to report him to the police because I was scared he was going to kill me.

It was after then that he begged me to say he did not know how to tell me that he was not ready for marriage or a baby. I told him I was not going to abort it no matter what. And if he loves me truly, then lets get married by court and later we can do church wedding or something bigger. A few days later, that his so called ex called me and asked me if I knew my boyfriend…long story short…he was still dating her and their wedding has been set for this month of September.

This girl told me that this guy just confessed to her that he got me pregnant by mistake…that he only slept with me once. So, she wanted to forgive him so the wedding can go on but she had to confirm for herself, that is why she called me. I told her everything…how many abortions I had done for him, how he lied that they had broken up, how he came to see my parents,etc.

Now, this girl is begging me not to destroy her wedding and her life…that clearly this guy lied to her and me …but she wants to forgive him but only if I remove the pregnancy, so I cannot have any more ties to him. She offered me some money to relocate if I want to. I later found out this chick is from a wealthy home. And to cancel their wedding would be a big disgrace….I refused her offer.

Since then, she and her boyfriend’s friends have been begging me to forgive him….that he liked me but he is in love with her and that he is willing to compensate me for my troubles…can you imagine? I feel disgusted and almost committed suicide. I refused and this guy is saying that if I try to claim he is the father of the child, he would never claim the child. That its better I forget about him.

My parents cannot believe this. I too have been so blind. I have been fooled….and I am wondering now…why should I even keep a pregnancy that will only constantly bring me pain and remind me of the rejection and shame? See the text this girl sent me this morning:

Hello Gina (not my real name)

I am ever sorry for the trouble John (not his real name) put you through…you do not deserve this at all. But I am begging you in the name of God, do not destroy my future, think of me as your sister. I have loved this fool (John) for over 8 years, I do not know how to love anyone else. Pls free him for me. I beg you.

Lively Stones, what should I do? Should I abort? Or should I keep the baby? My parents want me to get rid of the pregnancy. I am feeling that way too but because its clear, this baby, if its born, will be one that will remind me of this trauma for the rest of my life. I also cannot wait to get John, his lies  and his girlfriend out of my life….but If I abort…this will be my fifth time.

Our doctor boyfriend has said the abortion will be done professionally and I should not be afraid. Is this not dangerous for me? Remember he already tried to poison me with abortion drugs…I fear if I have this baby…this guy will do anything to eliminate me or the baby…I already feel suicidal. What should I do?


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  1. My dear,I’m not here to judge you but to tell you the truth, you were carried a way by a handsome medical doctor,he lied to you and you believed every bit of it.

    You will abort that baby and ask God for forgiveness,there is nothing like you want to keep the baby,the same way you have aborted the first, second till this fifth one,is how you are gonna get rid of this one ,so that you can have peace of mind,e get why.

    Are you buoyant enough to cater for a baby,my sister use your brain,don’t give birth to a bastard or vagabond,please just forget about John and move on.

    Next time,shine your eyes,don’t be too desperate,don’t be deceived,don’t be in a hurry to be in a relationship,this guy cannot leave his girlfriend or fiancee of 8years because of you,it is not possible,his babe is a medical doctor and she is from a healthy and wealthy home,so the guy has gone for his class,so look for your class jejely.

    Just one year of meeting him,you didn’t use protection all through he was knacking and chopping your kpekus,you already had 5 abortions,please be careful next time,and close your legs.

    Wait for your husband,look before you leap,invite the holy spirit into your life,He will guide you and be your guard. You are blessed.

    Get rid of it now that it is still blood. God loves you and don’t be suicidal,many have gone through worse situations than this.


  2. No, don’t abort the pregnancy, remember this is your 5th pregnancy.
    It might be tough but keep the pregnancy and have your baby.
    Honestly, you don’t need the guy in your life
    The guy’s girlfriend, family and friends, don’t have a right to demand you abort the pregnancy.

    Just tell them to leave you alone and you will never bother them with any child upkeep and they too should never either now or in the future think of you or having a baby with you because for sure he will come looking for that child.

    Above all, I pray to God to give you the grace to make the right decision which you will never regret in the future

  3. My dear even as depressing and confusing this looks right now I beg you DO NOT ABORT that baby.
    So sorry for all you’re going through. Leave John and his wife to be alone and focus on yourself and baby.

    • Yes dear,

      There will be some rough patches along the way but don’t abort your baby, that baby is meant to live, despite the pills, He/ She survived. Aborting seems like an easy way out, but it can have consequences. Keep your child, no one will come for your life. Rededicate your life to Jesus, no more s.x till marriage, God will repay you.

      Let his girlfriend know that she should go ahead and marry him, you’ll focus on your life. Your boyfriend should support the upkeep of the baby, if he doesn’t there will be a way.

      Don’t give them trouble, your own man will come. Ask the Holyspirit to help you forgive, it’s hard but forgive so that you can make progress.

      If one aborts, what if one is never able to have a child again, dies in the process, aborts a great destiny or other consequences? God will see this and reward you someway.

      It won’t be easy but there’ll be a way.

      Your family should support you at a time like this with love.


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