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True Life Story: How Marriage Advice From A Trusted Friend Almost Ruined My Relationship


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True Life Story: How Marriage Advice From A Trusted Friend Almost Ruined My Relationship

Hi Lively Stones,

Hello everyone. I am a member of Lively Stones and each time I read stories on this blog, I think I can never be shocked at the stories posted here because the stories are always shocking. I even used to doubt if the stories are real but after last week Sunday, I witnessed a story  that has shocked me to my bone marrow. Its a story of a woman who received advise from a trusted friend…I decided to bring the story to the blog because I want to know what the readers will do in this situation.

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This story is about a woman in a church  close to my house. They were having their normal service, I had returned from early morning service in my own church, so I was trying to tidy my room ahead for the new week coming. All of a sudden, I started hearing alot of noise from the church close to my house. I had to come out and I realized that there was fighting from the church. Apparently, a woman had come to church to fight another woman during the church meeting.

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The woman was able to lure this other woman outside the church, where she had come with her sister, and they started beating this other woman before members of the church could come out. The fight caused a loud chaos because the woman who attacked was telling everyone what happened. From what we gathered, the attacker was a friend to the woman she was attacking. They were close friends in church. They were both workers in the church. And when the attacker was having issues in her marriage, she confided in this her friend from church during a prayer meeting.

It was her friend that advised her to try and spice up her marriage because the attacker complained that her husband was not touching her after 3 years of marriage. So, the friend told her to try and spice up their s3x life. The attacker tried everything possible but nothing worked. So this her ‘so-called-friend’ advised her to do BBL on her butt and also try threesome with her husband. The attacker told the friend that she is afraid of doing threesome because she does not want to loose her husband in the process.

So this her friend advised her that she should not do the threesome except with someone that she trusts. Long story is that, the friend offered to be the trusted friend. They even swore an oath that it will be purely business, just to spice their marriage up. The attacker was supposed to pay this her friend N100K for the threesome. So, this attacker, convinced her husband and they had the threesome. The friend was to remain anonymous during the threesome by wearing a face mask so the husband will not see or know the woman that they are both having threesome with.

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According to the friend who is the attacker, her relationship with her husband improved after the threesome. They had it for like 3 times. After three times, the woman said she was done. That the agreement. The husband completely changed and started sleeping with her again. Infact, it was so good, that the man was planning to buy her a car for transforming their s3x life. She also did the BBL, so her ass will be big and her husband will be attracted to her. The husband liked all the changes but that did not stop the husband from dropping a bomb on her: the husband told her that he wanted to marry a second wife because the threesome opened his eyes to know that having s3x with multiple women is what they both need for their marriage to be successful.

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The woman of course refused the second wife idea and said no way. She agreed to have the threesome once in a while but not a permanent second wife. The husband insisted. The husband said if the wife can allow threesome, then there is no reason she cannot allow a second wife.  The woman started being suspicious. So she went through her husband’s phone and discovered that her trusted friend was sleeping with the husband behind her back. She saw many messages of their affair on her bed when she was not around.

In anger, she confronted the husband and the husband told her that his mind is made up. That she can either accept her trusted friend as second wife or she can leave the marriage. This woman is enraged. Everyone blamed her for bringing this problem upon her self. But she said she will k*ll this friend before she allows her near her husband again. Days later, a member of that church that lives in my compound said the church committee has given judgement on the matter. The committee had expelled both women from the church for bringing threesome shame to the church.

Now my question is: what should this woman do? Since the husband is insisting, should she allow her husband marry this her friend or should she leave the marriage for them? If you were in her shoes, what will you do? Let’s comment, maybe the woman may see the comments and advise.


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