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True Life Story: How My Brother Forced His Son To Marry An Evil Woman


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True Life Story: How My Brother Forced His Son To Marry An Evil Woman

Hi Lively Stones,

This story is about exposing the evil that some women are. I am a woman but everyday of my life, I cringe at the fact that I am sitting on a very evil secret and there is nothing I can do about it. I will try and summarize this very long story. I am a caterer and events planner by profession.

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Several years ago, I employed a friend’s daughter who was still in school at the time to serve as an usher in some of my events. This was just to help her and her mother who were going through some difficult times during that time. This girl is very hardworking and obedient and at a time, I made her my second PA.

That was how, my elder brother and his wife anniversary came and of course, I catered and planned the event. It was their 20th wedding anniversary so it was a very big deal. My friend’s daughter Jessica was around me running errands most of the time. I think that is how she met my elder brother. I never saw them together but after the lavish wedding anniversary, there was an after party…small and intimate, so it held on a private ship that was rented for the event.

I took Jessica along because we were serving cocktails as well. At some point at the party, I wanted to use the bathroom and the ladies bathroom was occupied. So, I rushed to use the men’s bathroom which I normally would not do but I was very pressed. I burst open the door but to my surprise, I ran into Jessica and my brother f*cking each other. I almost collapsed.

The girl ran away quickly. She was only 19 years then. I was mad at my brother. How could he be doing this to his wife on their anniversary celebration. He kept begging me not to say anything to his wife and said he made a mistake. I fired Jessica and cut off communication with her mother who was my friend. I regretted that day for so long.

What I did not know was that, my brother and Jessica continued their affair secretly until she finished school. Its been more than eight years now. My brother’s first son’s wedding is coming up and the family caterer is me, I got busy only for me to find out just weeks to the wedding that his bride is Jessica. I was mad and livid.

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I confronted my brother…why is he allowing his son marry someone he slept with before. My brother said he had not heard from Jessica after that event and he was surprised when he found out his son was dating her after several years. He said he has no idea how they met but to avoid suspicion, he could not refuse the marriage. So, he is allowing his son marry this girl?

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My brother again begged me not to say anything, I should allow the past stay in the past. I believed him. Until the night before the wedding, my brother’s former driver who is like family friend was around and he was driving me that day to run my errands. I don’t know what happened, I got into an argument with one of my planners and we had a heated exchange. I was so mad that I said I don’t even know why I am stressing myself to plan this unfortunate wedding.

That was when mr. Lasisi, the former driver overheard my statement and asked me why did I say the wedding is unfortunate. I said it in yoruba. I told him to mind his business cos I don’t want him to think I was wishing the wedding bad luck. Mr. Lasisi then asked me saying, ma is it because of Jessica and Uncle? I shook…what did he say?

Its was then that Lasisi told me that my brother and Jessica have been dating for years and he is shocked that my brother is allowing her marry his own son. That my brother has slept with Jessica for many years off and on. That my brother even bought her a car and helped her mother build their house in the village. Lasisi said he is very sure that my brother orchestrated Jessica marrying his son as a form of compensation or to keep her close so that he can keep his affair with her without anyone knowing.

That night, I battled with telling my brother’s son what was happening but I did not have the courage to do so. Instead, I told my brother that I needed to see him. I told him that I know he was f*cking Jessica for years, yet he is allowing his 27 year old son marry such a whore. My brother denied everything Lasisi said. I was panicking.

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I wanted to tell my brother’s wife but that one too…its not like she is in good terms with me. She started to misbehave a few years ago. Eventually, I had to do nothing about it. I decided to mind my business but I did not attend the wedding even though I planned it. Its been two years of my nephew’s marriage to that Jezebel and I have not been able to understand how a woman like Jessica and her mother would do such a thing.

Sometimes I pray God exposes them one day because I am too old for this kind of drama but sometimes, I feel terrible for my innocent nephew who has no idea what he married. The boy called me and said, Aunty, my wife put to bed, please help us plan the naming ceremony. I told him no that I cannot. Who even knows, who fathered the child: my nephew or my brother?

The next thing is, I am hearing rumors that the family says I am against my nephew’s marriage that is why I planned the wedding and did not show up…and now, I refused to plan the naming ceremony after they have a baby. My brother’s wife had the audacity to say that I should stay away from the family because it is obvious that I do not wish her son well, maybe because none of my children are married……hahaha…can you imagine?

I know its Jessica and her mother that are peddling that rumor. They said because Jessica used to work for me, I never approved for her to marry into my family. These rumors hurt and are very untrue….I really feel like spilling the truth but this might destroy the family…I do not want to be the cause of any problem but I do I need to clear my name by telling why I do not approve of the marriage or should I forget about it and don’t bother at all, let them think what they like about me?

Please advice me.


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  1. How can you see your nephew marrying a woman that has been sleeping with his father and you kept quiet, how do you people do that. Now you are telling us stories, something you would have done since.

    Then what is family, YOU HAVE TO LET THE FAMILY know so the rumors about you will stop.

    Damn the consequences my sister, your brother is an IRRESPONSIBLE man, such men disgust me, they spend foolishly on women, they waste their lives on money but will never help a fellow man in need, simps.

    I have said mine.

  2. You have to spill,please everyone needs to know this evil secret.
    I won’t say much,if you don’t spill,one day this evil secret you are keeping will be known to everyone and you will have yourself to blame.

  3. She encouraged this from the beginning..
    If you couldn’t talk then is it now you want to talk?? It’s your word against your brother and Jessica and no one will believe you without evidence..
    You’ll only not blamed but you will bear a bad name because you will be termed a home wrecker.

  4. Wait ooh,so you never said anything? You allowed that wedding to take place eventually. Such things are not hard to do if you don’t want to look like the evil one. Simply call your nephew for coffee one day. Tell him you want to have a heart to heart talk with him so you could explain yourself. While there,spill everything to him. And tell him to be smart about it because his wife could have given birth to his brother and not son as he may be believing. Tell him to carry out his investigations descretly and he will find out by himself what the actual truth is. It’s not fair how they’re rubbishing your name while they’re the real devils in all these. And that your brother’s wife,when she knows the truth,she will run mad….shame will kill her…..


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