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True Life Story: How My Friend Lost His Wife After Doing Everything To Marry Her


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True Life Story: How My Friend Lost His Wife After Doing Everything To Marry Her

Hi Lively Stones,

I stumbled on Lively Stones blog about two months ago and I think my story will help someone today….especially my fellow men and brothers. Please share anonymously. Fred and I met at my first job in 2007. He was a pretty nice guy…we clicked and remained friends even after I got another job and moved to another company. Fred is just that bro from another mother…we dig each other…got each other’s back. He was my best man when I got married in 2009. Fred on the other hand, was always having woman wahala. I think he got bored easily with one woman, before you say…this is the girl that Fred was dating, you find him with another girl.

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And babes just can’t help themselves around Fred…he was changing women like someone changing boxers. I talked and talked but the guy was like….he is not the one looking for women…that they are the ones all over him. Then my wife decided that we should start praying for Fred…invite him to church, let God touch him. Fred struggled but just to please my wife…he came to church a few times…especially whenever the church was having a special program.

After one program, Fred saw this stunning lady in our church choir and told my wife that he has seen his wife. We laughed but Fred was serious. Fred started pursuing this lady …the lady in question is very fine…alot of guys I hear were also after her…when she sings eh….her voice sexy die. So, I understood why Fred wanted her…he wanted to smash but sister was not even interested at all…

Fred begged me and my wife to help him convince this babe…he promised that if the babe agreed for him….he would stop womanizing….we love Fred…we wanted to see him settle down…so we started convincing the sister. We all became friends with this sister…through her…we began to see some changes in Fred. They of course had issues and the sister almost backed out a couple of times but with our assurances, she and Fred made it…they dated for 18 months…Fred proposed and they got married.

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That was where the big issue started…after marriage…they started having bigger quarels….me and my wife turned into daily counsellors…always settling their fights. The sister started regretting and saying we allowed her marry a mistake. Fred turned back to his old ways…he went back to several women to the extent, one of the women got pregnant for Fred even before Fred’s wife got pregnant….

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Sister wanted to leave…infact…she packed her things and came to our house…she stayed with us for a whole month before we were finally able to settle them. But by the time she went back to the marriage…I dont think they could build back the lost trust. Sister blamed Fred for everything…that he is a pretender….Fred said the wife was a hypocrite…always criticizing him…..that she only allows him touch her when she is ovulating cos she wants to have a baby. Fred, who is used to getting plenty pussies without begging, decided to stop sleeping with the wife.

They did not have s3x for two whole years. My wife and I got tired and advised both of them to separate. This was in 2013. They separated ..but Fred started pursing her again….From her mother’s house….and that is how she got pregnant and had their son in 2013. Everyone thought the child would unite them and so….she returned back to the marriage. All was well until 2016 again. My guy Fred started sleeping with even house maid…

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Seeing that Fred would likely never change…his wife decided that even though she will remain in the marriage….she will no longer disturb herself about Fred. Fred too stopped touching her for s3x. She felt that was ok…at least…she was being a virtuous woman.  What others did not realize was, she was burning with desire…she was dying inside….and so are many other married woman today…fine looking…sexy as f*ck….but married to scum men who cant satisfy their wives. I believe as a man, its my God’s given duty to satisfy my wife sexually. And she too… the same.

In 2019, my wife travelled to South Africa for a whole year. She got transferred by her office from Nigeria to go and start off their SA branch . It was very hard for me cos I have never stayed away from my wife for that long. I visited SA like once in one or two months but it was not the same. One time…Fred’s wife called to check in on me…asked how I was doing….I was just being honest and told her I miss my wife cos I have never been away from her for that long. She was quiet and when I asked her what was wrong….she said she wishes she has a husband like me…that my wife is so lucky.

From then, we started talking about how she was coping without s3x….she told me she tries not to think about it…she masturbates and uses toys but its not the same. I found out talking to her began to feel erotic. I think our conversation became like an affair….we were talking more and more…and then we crossed the line….she sent me a video of herself masturbating and I lost it….I was like…how can a stupid man like Fred have such a hot wife and deny her s3x….to the point the poor woman has to use toys to masturbate to quench her sexual urges.

After she sent me that video…I asked her to come over to my place….she did and we f*cked….we both f*cked like two hungry lions. We felt so bad and guilty after but we knew ourselves it was because we have been starved s3x from our spouses for so long…we were just fulfilling our desires… I personally felt like I betrayed my wife and friend Fred…we both agreed never to see each other again. It was hard…I wont lie but I love my wife and I encouraged Fred’s wife to go out and find herself a man that is a stranger to f*ck cos that woman does not deserve to be a nun in her marriage.

Fred’s wife took my advice….and she started seeing other men. Fred found out….he was enraged….upset…he even came to me to complain and I told him off….so he could not have a taste of his won medicine….family and friends and pastor all tried to intervene…they also tried to work things out…but it didn’t work out….then the pandemic hit…made things worse…they finally divorced in 2021. When their divorce was finalized, Fred became depressed. His eyes eventually opened. He still had alot of other women but he was not happy…he wanted his wife back. Around October last year…Fred told me he was ready to do anything to win his wife back.

Fred told me he was ready to start afresh…he was willing to forgive his wife cos he know he pushed her away….Fred begged me to help him beg his wife. But I refused cos I felt he was just a selfish boy. Yes he was depressed but he had all the time in the world before she left his sorry ass…he had a beautiful woman at home…and yet he still wanted to eat like a dog outside….soo Fred on his own, tried to win his wife back. But the ex wife …who still keeps in touch with me….told me that she has sworn never to get married again. Do you know her reason?

All through her marriage…she felt she was in prison….she struggled to be a good wife….not until she starting seeing other men did she ever feel freedom. That  she does not understand why men would gladly f*ck another woman outside and deny his own wife s3x….and to me, that is a question that I want my fellow men…fellow married men…why decide to marry an innocent woman … someone you begged to marry you….she was on her own but you pursued her….and when she finally came in to marry you….you purposely deny her s3x just because you are having issues in the marriage?

Anytime I see Kemi (Fred’s wife)…my knees go weak…I remember the hot s3x we had in my house years ago. I discipline myself not to fall for her again and beg God to forgive me for that moment of weakness…but I am also upset with my friend for pushing his wife….and making me break the bro code…I feel upset at him everytime….cos its his fault……I think s3x with Fred’s wife is  the best I ever had…and for that reason ….I will never cheat again….one should not cheat cos once you taste another woman, you will start comparing your wife to that other woman….

Do not get me wrong….I am not a saint…I made a mistake once and I take full responsibility….but I know if my good friend Fred did not abandon his wife…that mistake would have never happened. I just wonder sometimes….what will Fred do if he knows me and his wife shagged? Sometimes, I feel like telling him….just to spite him. But cos of their son…and my wife….and cos of our friendship past and future…..I keep quiet…

Dear married men….why on earth would you deny your beautiful wife s3x….do you not know other men want her too? Why is it until that its until she leaves….that we begin to miss them? I feel men need to talk to men. Please help me share….so we can help our fellow men and brothers who are like Fred my friend today…..

Why do we deny the women we love s3x…God gave husband and wife s3x to bond and stay faithful to each other…whatever the issues….cos I know some men deny their wife s3x not because they are cheating….maybe cos they have other issues….maybe financial issues….or other issues…so lets talk to ourselves….men should be free to share what is on their mind anonymously….maybe we can learn from each other.


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  1. You slept with your friends wife and you still blame your friend for what you did to him, you are an irresponsible man. Men should run from men like you, you are a betrayer.


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