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True Life Story: How My Husband’s Affair Destroyed His Friend’s Marriage-Pt 2


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True Life Story: How My Husband’s Affair Destroyed His Friend’s Marriage-Pt 2

Hi Lively Stones,


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Hearing all these from Folake, my head started spinning….I need your advise….I am confused.

Folake continued and said she tried to calm TJ down. TJ said that my husband was just showing off. That they will see how when both men f*ck me, if I will be shouting or screaming. So, after hen, they kept asking my husband for the return match…where both men will f*ck me and my husband kept dodging them. That it took them almost a month to realize that my husband had no intention of allowing TJ f*ck me.

By this time, Folake and TJ were having issues. TJ kept blaming Folake for agreeing to teh stupid threesome. Kept calling her names and insinuating that she was a cheater. Folake could not take it anymore, so she called my husband to sort the issue cos it was getting out of hand.. That was that day in February I heard them on the phone but my husband lied about what they were discussing…

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Folake said after she begged my husband to talk to TJ…instead of my husband to beg TJ or allow TJ f*ck me, my husband scattered everything. That my husband called TJ and mocked him for being a lackey man. That TJ was feeling insecure cos he f*cked Folake better than him and that is why he will never let him near his own wife….can you imagine the kind of man my own husband really is? All these sounded unbelievable in my ears. I kept asking Folake….are you sure of what you are telling me? cos this is a serious allegation.

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Folake told me to ask my husband. Shakingly, I asked my husband. I was praying he denies everything Folake told me. Well, he denied some part. My husband first got very angry that I spoke to Folake after he warned me not to talk to them. Then he said yes, he had a threesome with them but he never went into any agreement with them that after TJ and him will f*ck me.

My husband said he realized that they had jazzed him that day and made him have S** with Folake in the presence of TJ. That after that happened, his eyes became clear and he refused to allow TJ come near him or me or our family. So, my husband is not denying that he had a threesome with them but he is saying they drugged him into doing that cos when his eyes cleared….he realized their game and that was why he warned me to cut off from them cos they are weird people.

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So, that is the summary for the whole story. Its very long but I managed to squeeze as much details as I can. The issue is: my husband and Folake and TJ had a threesome. Hey….so, how am I supposed to process that information? Do I really believe it was drug issues? Why did my husband not tell me this since last December, more than six months ago? So, my husband is the reason, Folake and TJ’s marriage broke up? What about TJ? Why is he blaming his wife?

Why did Folake agree to have a threesome? Could it be that she fancies my husband secretly? From what she said, TJ was very jealous at her reactions when my husband was f8cking her. So, what is this all about? Who is lying and who is telling me the truth? My husband says he did nothing wrong cos he protected me and insisted TJ would not f*ck me. But Folake is a very curvy and attractive woman, I think my husband lusted after her and really wanted to f*ck and invented that stupid threesome lie.

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All these just got revealed last month and since then, I do not know what to think anymore. I am suspicious of my husband. I feel like going to ask TJ for his side of the matter but my husband has forbidden me to speak to TJ. I told my husband that by sleeping with another woman, he broke my heart and doing it in front of her husband is making me wonder what kind of man would do that? He said he was jazzed abi drug…Folake said he is lying .

Folake is so pained and rightly so. What if she is saying the truth…will her curses on my marriage really happen? I am scared. I do not know what really transpired that day and all I know is, my marriage is not the same anymore. I have been feeling so betrayed and its affecting the marriage. This is 10 years of marriage…what should I do? Do I believe my husband and just carry on like nothing happened? How do I even manage to do that at all?

I have prayed and prayed to God to direct me but I still feel confused….I need your advise.



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  1. God has just revealed to you the kind of husband you married. He is terrible,he is a cheat,and promiscuous.

    Why did he agree to that evil act in the first place? Why did he say to them that having S.e.x with a woman for long is boring and that it is good to explore?

    The prayer you need is not for your husband but for Folake’s curse not to happen to your marriage because she cursed you and your husband with a heavy heart,she is not happy,she is angered all because of your husband.

    You have to becareful,your husband hid such from you until you heard his conversation,that means there are many other things he is hiding that you don’t know off. Nawaoooo,infact I rest my case,you just have to live with him the way he is abi you want to divorce him ni so that Folake’s wish will come to pass.
    Just manage to live with him because of your children but trust me,that is no marriage.
    Mind the way you defend and trust him oooo especially in public if not you go just enter better trouble. It is well with you

  2. This is really terrible. Your husband is not whom you think he is. He’s the big liar amongst them.
    You need to deliver yourself (and your husband, if he’s willing), from the curse of a grieved woman, because it will surely happen.
    Pray earnestly to God to touch her heart, then meet her and beg for her forgiveness. Let her know you completely condemn your husband’s actions and lies. Cry to her to show you mercy and forgiveness. You have to show how truly sorry you are.

    As for your husband, you have seen his true self. A liar and a cheat. Dwell with him in wisdom. Be very vigilant around him. Pray to God to deal with him and change him. May he obtain mercy from God.

    Between your friend and the husband, only God can mend their marriage.

  3. It is obvious your husband is a liar. Don’t believe him at all. The problem is how do you go from here.
    What do you want because your husband will never tell you the truth.
    I think you should talk to TJ and hear his side.
    Possibly set up a reconciliation meeting with the four of you present and maybe some family representative.
    This will affect your family but maybe with hardworking, commitment from your husband, and prayers, things will work out.

  4. I laugh when people say I trust my husband, I trust my wife, even the Bible warns us not to trust anyone.

    Dear sister, don’t bother calling Tj, just cheer up. Like I always say, people will do what they want irrespective of you, cheating is a planned intentional wicked act, it can never be a mistake.

    Don’t panic provided you too have never cheated on your husband before, cos if you have done so, then it is hypocrisy, but as it is, just forget about Tj and Folake, forget them completely.

    You will be fine.


  5. Dear poster, your husband is the liar here, he he wasn’t drugged, he knows what he was actually doing..trust is broken already. Now you know the kind of husband you married(A liar, shameless cheat and promiscuous), he isn’t even remorseful, which is really bad, I will advice you go away from him for some time, so you can clear your head, then you can decide what to do next,….even if you decide to walk out of the marriage, you did that because your husband was irresponsible not because it’s folake’s curse manifesting….if you still want to get information from TJ, it should be on phone, please don’t try meeting up, folake’s curse won’t work on you since you know nothing about it in the first place….God will heal you, peace dear…

  6. Your husband is a terrible liar..I’ll advice you take sometime off to clear your head but don’t go anywhere near T.J…that guy go rape you because he’ll take revenge on your.. until he does that he’ll never accept his wife because your husband didn’t allow him do his turn too..

    My sister shift ooo..both your husband,T.j and his wife are senseless.. don’t be in their middle if not you will cry premium tears..let them settle themselves because you were not there when the whole thing started and finished..

    My 2 cents

  7. How do you hope to be happy with your marriage knowing your husband caused the marriage of a long time friend to go into shambles??

    If tj was a bad person he would have organized guys to get you kidnapped and have his way like he was promised but he isnt… He is hurt not necessary angry, hence he blocked you and not lure you instead.

    Your negligence in the first place got you to this point??? Ask me How?? You and tj family had a relationship and suddenly your husband told you to cut ties and you just did out of respect for him neglecting the fact that you have also started a relationship with the family… A good friend would reach out to folake secretly even if it is just once to check up on her for old time sake (sadly you cherished your marriage more than the friendship) and this would have made thing clearer for you.

    In all your narrative you evaded anything that could fault you…..It goes a long way to show how irresponsible you can be…. “My husband, My husband” your husband is human too and not a god, It shows how much you respect your husband and his decisions which is a good thing, he knows this too and that is a weakness he exploited and would continue to exploit in the future.

    I get the fact your marriage is over 10years and you take great pride in it almost like a trophy (Good), but one thing you should know is a man who could break a bond with a long time friend might do worst to his wife. You think he protected you, that is another lie.. He used you to get what he wants.

    Good you get to see this side of your husband… He is a LIER, He is a CHEAT, He is a MANIPULATOR, He would do worst if you turn a blind eye to this…I would say (Involve his family, give his a break to clear your head let him come begging)…

    But I doubt you got the boldness to do that

  8. Can u spell is 1 of the answers I hope to get along with, what’s with the ratchedness?
    Letting more than your guy have sex with u and the dummies willing to cheat on whom is commiting to b with them, if the long haul is the trash individuals part. Some of the dumbest trends for people to follow & people get mad because some dumbasses get killed. Quit testing people’s emotion limits retards.


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