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True Life Story: How My Maid Has Taken Over My Husband & Marriage


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True Life Story: How My Maid Has Taken Over My Husband & Marriage

Dear Lively Stones,

Please keep me anonymous. I truly need advice because I think I may have made one mistake in my marriage and I may soon make another mistake if I don’t get proper counsel. I got married five years ago. I really wanted to get married at age 25, so I got pregnant to hook my boyfriend to marry me. I am sorry I did that, I wish I knew better but I was avoiding the same my elder sister has, she is over 35 and not yet married but all my brothers are married.

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So, we got married but my husband was not buoyant. When the twins were born, things were really tough for us financially. I eventually had to look for a job as secretary. My boss is a Muslim and a very randy one. He kept pursuing me and I eventually yielded because he promised to take care of me financially which was something I was finding hard. Imagine when the twins are not feeling fine, even to buy drugs for them was hard.

So, I did it for the money, I started sleeping with my boss until my husband found out and chased me out of our house. I begged and begged him but he was so furious and sent me packing without my children. My maid has been the one taking care of my children, though I visit them once every week.

My boss got me a place and he was happy because now, he had full access to me. Since then, my boss has been asking me to marry him and be his second wife. This man likes women too much, he has many side chicks so I just maintain and tell him I cannot marry him. Besides, I still want to try and work things out with my husband. My boss is not someone I see myself marrying…just sleeping with him for money is more than  enough stress.

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My husband and I have been separated for 5 months now. It was the twins birthday last month and we had a party for the children. I pleaded with my husband to let me spend the night with the children since it was their birthday. He agreed. I wanted to also try and seduce my husband. That night, I tried and succeeded in seducing him, we had s3x together. I started begging him to accept me back. He said he will think about it.

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Since then, I have been trying to win him back but I noticed that the maid is trying to do everything to frustrate my efforts. She will be dictating what my children eat or wear and what my husband wants to eat,etc. I suspected she and my husband had something…I noticed she now even dresses seductively, swinging her ass up and down. I asked my husband and he said he does not owe me any explanation since I was the one who pushed him to do that. I told him that for us to get back together, the maid must go.

My husband said the maid cannot go because when I was no where to be found, she was the one who helped with the children. That she stood by him. I asked him so, is he saying I have to live with a maid that he has already f8cked under the same roof? He said its my choice…that he has stopped sleeping with her but he cannot sack her cos it would be unfair.

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I am pissed…if my husband is punishing me, its too much. Yes, I cheated…I am trying to redeem myself…why keep rubbing salt on top of injury? Why should I go back to the marriage if the girl he slept with is still there? I do not believe he will not go near her again. That is too much insult.

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Everyone is saying I should go back and fight to win my husband and my marriage back from the maid before its too late but I feel insulted by this behavior of my husband. Maybe he has not truly forgiven me. Maybe he never will. If I will come back to the marriage and have a second wife with me…why not marry my boss and marry as a second wife but this time …I will be a second wife with money?

My husband is still broke…the only thing he has as advantage over my boss is that his s3x game is lit. I miss his s3x I wont lie. But I will not come back and allow him insult me by having the stupid girl he f*cked under my roof. No, that is too much to ask me. Is it not better I kuku ma go and face my shame squarely and be a rich second wife?

All the people saying I should go back and fight for my marriage….how do you think I can win back a man who has tasted my maid and wants to continue tasting her? I will either kill the girl one day or kill my husband…I am furious. Please what should I do…stop trying to win my husband back or go back and try to push that girl out and win my man back?

Please advice me


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  1. You have to work on yourself madam.
    You can’t win the heart of your husband in this manner, its a no no no for me.

    You have to stop being arrogant, temperamental and proud. Yes you have a plan B which is your boss but you just have to slow down and calm down.
    I don’t think you are ready to come back to the man you call your husband because you still call him a BROKE man,are you ready to cope with his BROKENESS? Are you sure you won’t go back to Alhaji when things become tougher.

    I only see a woman who is angry that a common maid is sleeping with her husband not a woman who truly and wants to make things work in her marriage.

    If you really want your family back,you have to accept the maid first, pretend as though you love her,then by the time you finally come into your house as the madam that you are,then you can stylishly send her away.

    Go back to that family with a genuine heart,if you kill anybody,you will go to prison and that will be the worst mistake of your life. Be a virtuous woman, desist from cheating, train your children well,be a good mother to your children and a wonderful wife to your husband. It is well with your soul

  2. Dear poster, you don’t sound like who wants to redeem herself, if you want to be a rich second wife, you can go ahead, nobody is stopping you, your eyes has always been outside,…you are calling your husband broke, if it was easy to make this money why didn’t you make it or plan with your hubby on how to succeed, rather you cheated and you are calling him broke, I don’t judge people, but truth be told, you will continue cheating with your boss cos you aren’t contented and your hubby will continue cheating with the maid and always blame you for it….it’s up to you to make up your mind…peace dear.

  3. If you call your husband broke, how then were you guys able to employ the service of a maid?y sister, what you need first is the spirit of contentment. Be ready to leave your wayward life , win your husband back fully with prayer and Godly character. Then jointly you can replace your maid. All of these take time and patience. But, first repent and start living right. Shalom

  4. All is I see is a greedy woman. You even want to kill your husband or the maid….hmm mm. You need go change your ways sister, first break every contact with your boss, as for your husband, just leave him and work on yourself.

    WORK ON YOURSELF is my message to you, your husband too took to adultery.

    You both messed up but agree on how you can meet your kids too.

  5. My sister, you can’t stay in that marriage, trust once broken is lost forever to some people. Your husband will never remain faithful to you and he will always put the blame on you so I suggest you move on and be a second wife provided he will cater for you and your kids. Don’t stress yourself with someone that can’t forgive you, na you go cry las las.


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