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True Life Story: I Am Getting Bored With My Wife-She Refuses To Try Exciting Things In Bed


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True Life Story: I Am Getting Bored With My Wife-She Refuses To Try Exciting Things In Bed

Hi Lively Stones,

It is with shame and guilt that I write this. I am a good guy normally, I am not perfect but I try to do my best to be an upstanding guy. I am married with a child. My wife and I have a fairly healthy s3x life, so I cannot say I got tempted cos my wife and I were lacking intimacy.

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The problem started when my wife’s cousin that is living with us because of ASSU strike told my wife that her iphone got spoilt. Well, I am into hard ware repairs and my wife begged me to help look look at the girl’s phone, to see if its something I can repair. The phone was sent to her in December by her boyfriend in Germany.

When I was working on the phone, I saw that she had nudes on her phone, plenty of it. She sent them to her boyfriend. I also saw that she had some p*rn videos too. I was curious to how this girl had so many s3xual content. Most of the videos’ were actually anal s3x. I know its none of my business because this girl is 24 years old but as a concerned in-law, I had to ask her why she was sending nudes to a guy that has not paid her bride price plus why does she have so much anal s3x p*rn.

Shade , my wife’s cousin (that is not her real name) told me that she and her boyfriend try to keep things spicy cos of the long distance relationship, that she also learnt how to give anal s3x cos she finds out many men love it but their wives hate it, that is what makes men cheat with a side chick that is willing to give them anal.

My reaction was like, not all men love anal s3x cos I don’t think I like it. She said until I try it, I can never say I don’t like it. She suggested I try it with my wife and I laughed. My wife would never agree to such a thing. Shade then said she is willing to show me how to experience it.

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God knows that conversation should have ended right there but I was suddenly excited and wanted to see what this crazy girl was talking about. She locked the door, oiled her anus very well…she began to suck my d*ck first. By the time, she was done, I was beyond  control, I went easily into her anus and I don;t know what happened next. It was just the bets feeling …the best s3x of my entire life.

Shade was like every wife should learn to give anal cos once they do that, their husband will never cheat on them. I was so ashamed that I just f*cked my wife’s cousin but she told me to relax, I should consider it a form of payment for fixing her iphone. Since that day, I became more and more hardened just by the thought of anal s3x again.

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During s3x, I tried to oil my wife and try to enter her from her anus, she screamed and got upset with me…asking me why do I want to turn gay on her. I told her lets try something new but she quickly shut down the idea immediately saying its a sin. I felt disappointed and later when I told Shade, she said, no where did God say that a married man must have s3x with his wife thought the vagina only.

My wife’s refusal made me continue f*cking Shade almost 3 or 4 times in a week. I feel ashamed and guilty. I try to tell myself that its not wrong cos its nit s3x from the vagina but I experience so much higher pleasure doing it and I can’t seem to stop. Shade too is having fun, anytime I say I want to stop, she will seduce me.

What is wrong with me? Why am I suddenly hooked up on ass and my wife’s cousin’s ass for that matter. Am I now gay? The pleasure and excitement I get from this is bigger than the guilt I feel and that makes me very scared. Maybe if this girl goes back to school when strike is called off, then I can be free …but right now, I am in bondage and I cant stop or help myself and I don’t know what to do.

I fear I might jeopardize my marriage with this. What if my wife finds out? I am even preferring anal s3x more to vaginal s3x. I now fake tiredness when having s3x with my wife cos maybe I am tired from f*cking Shade or I am preserving my energy to f*ck Shade in the ass later. If only my wife could oblige me….maybe I would not be hooked on Shade.

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I agree with Shade, if every woman gave their husband ass just the way side did, then truly, men would stay faithful. Shade’s boyfriend is so lucky. They have all kinds of kinky s3x even though its long distance. She tells me the things they do on video calls and I am so jealous.

I feel like I am missing out on so much excitement. Being married does not mean your s3x life should be boring. Men tend to have wondering eyes and a smart woman will accommodate different exciting styles to s3x to keep their man from looking at other women who are willing to give them what they want.

I love my wife, I just want her to be freaky with my new found s3x style. Is that too much to ask? If we can engage in orals, I make sure I give her maximum pleasure, I make her orgasm every time, why can’t she do this one thing for me? I blame her for making me pound and eat her cousin’s ass. Its her fault…she deprived me.

Please advice me, how do I convince my wife to let me have anal s3x with her? I have tried to talk to her about it, sow her that it can be safe if done properly with a lot of lubricant. But she just locks up and says never. Is it really a sin to have anal s3x when the bible did not mention the type of s3x married people should engage in?

Please explain these things to me, as a married woman, why wouldn’t you want to try something new just to keep your marriage and your man? why do we condemn something just because we have not tried it before? I need advice o…my wife needs to understand my predicament.


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  1. Until you saw something on the cousins phone, you enjoyed sex with your wife and you both were fine. Now you have journeyed very far from her by engaging in anal sex with her cousin, and you are now blaming your wife. I don’t get you, was she the one that introduces you to anal sex. Why can we be content with what we have as humans. Your wife can’t be everything, neither can she do everything, we all have limits and if she is not willing to go that far, then let it be. Do you think she also doesn’t have reasons to cheat,? But she is ok by you, with whatever sexual pleasure you give her.

    You just allowed sexual pleasures to ruin your happy marriage because you in lack self discipline.
    My Advise is stop that sex with the cousin now!!!!!! Enjoy sex with your wife and stop giving her lame excuses.
    Abi, you want her to go outside? Choose one, because one cheater, two cheaters…

  2. I’m gonna try to put my emotions into place so I don’t say harsh words to you Mr Man.
    Shade will leave your house now and look for somewhere else to stay till Asuu calls off the strike.
    I’m not gonna say much because I’m already pissed by your story,I will only ask God to forgive you and Shade,you also need to ask God for mercy,you just cheated on your wife with her cousin all because you want to spice up your marriage.
    Before now,you were living so happily with your dear wife,all of a sudden you want to leave the V part to do Anus abi,just weldone.

    Stop these nonsense with shade,shun this rubbish,don’t scatter your marriage with your own hands. You are guilty yet you still enjoy anal sex with your wife’s cousin,what a shame!
    Be warned!

  3. Hmmmmmmmmm!

    Firstly, you have no right whatsoever to go through Shade’s phone, you were only asked to fix the phone abi Na the gallery of the phone spoil?

    Now you’ve seen what is beyond you in another person’s phone. You wanna explore same, have you even read about the dangers in anal sex? I bet you won’t cos the pleasure you’re getting from it now is all that matters to you

    Anal sex can be sweet for you men, but at the same time very dangerous to the women’s health, ANUS is meant for passing out for Christ’s sake , not for insertion. Even the Shade thinks she’s flexing and having fun, a time will come that she will be so full of regrets for ever involving in anal sex. Wetin sweet sef dey kill o.

    Thank God I’m not your wife, if not you would have explained where and how this anal of a thing came from all of a sudden.

    Sir, you have just misbehaved big time and cheated on your wife her cousin, you need to apologize to her rather than blaming her for your inability to control yourself.

    I would have advised you read about it, but I doubt you will cos it’s more harmful to the female gender than the male, so you might not be interested, after all you’re not a female.

    It’s well with you sir!

  4. Do you know that your wife will like a man that can buy her private plane? Build the finest house and buy the finest cars for her? But you don’t have it and she is managing like that. Your wife can’t be and doesn’t have to be everything for you to appreciate and respect her,

    The fact that you blame your wife and wishing all women will give anal means you are unrepentant and you are only fulfilling your evil desire through the devil’s incarnate leaving with you guys, this has nothing to do with your wife


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