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True Life Story: I Am In Love With The Love Of My Life, But, I Am Falling Apart


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True Life Story: I Am In Love With The Love Of My Life, But, I Am Falling Apart


Pls ma post for me and hide me ID

I have been in a relationship with a guy since 2018,he is a nice person but doesn’t have much money but he has been trying his best for me.

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He has helped me through thick and thin ,even when my house expired he offered me his place to stay till I got mine. When we met he told me about his ex which broke up with him in 2017 for failure to make it on time and pay her dowry because according to him ,he promised to marry her, he told me he can’t go back to her again because she followed people’s advice and left him but fast forward to 2020 and this year I noticed that they are still communicating romantically, chatting and doing videos and when I confronted my guy he said he doesn’t have anything to do with her of which I believed him but later it was getting out of hand so I called d girl and she denied having anything to do with him, my guy even said she is married but d husband stays abroad and doesn’t take care of her which makes him to be calling her to avoid depression.

I still believed only to discover that each time my guy goes for outside work he spends the weekend with her and note that his family knows the girl and d girls family knows him too, he has been sleeping over in her place for over 3 times the ones I found out, but keeps deceiving me that he passed down to his sister’s place, one day I opened his phone and find out nasty chats how he told the girl she is very sweet and also on my birthday when he posted my pics he still went and told the girl that he is posting it just for me to feel import that it is not fro his heart that he does not love me is d girl he loves, I saw many things both their pic on Snapchat empty body, dancing and romancing each other.

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I was so heartbroken and we fought, he opened up that he loves her and that he will still go ahead and marry her meanwhile up till now he has not defined our relationship, each time I ask him he says everything is in the hands of God, so where I need advice now is, I joined their church because I just like the way they do things although it is not the same branch we worship, there is a guy there that has been my friend, ever since I joined the church we have been very good friends and he helps me in his own Little way but has not said anything about relationship, this my guy knows him in fact he is his friend though not too close, early this year the guy and I has become very close friends like he tells me everything about himself and future plans, he doesn’t go to sleep without hearing from me even when am in my guy’s place he will call in d night and my guy will become angry saying that am dating his friend but I told him we are just good friends.

I discover that the guy loves me so much and I have feelings for him too and recently we have started seeing each other, note that he is against s3x before marriage ,he only hugs me but we haven’t kissed, he has high moral standard more than my present guy but he always tell me that he is not ready for any serious relationship because he doesn’t want to make a promise he can’t fulfil but he doesn’t also know why he likes me so much and that he has many female friends but am the nicest, he tells his friends about me and he respects me so much, each time I see him I feel some special kind of way and I have this peace of mind with him, and I can see that also in him, one month ago I broke up with my guy because of his attitude to me like cheating with his ex, being so angry and not caring ,after the break up I became more closer to that his his friend, so last week he came and begged me again when he discovered that I and the church guy are getting serious, he begged me and promised to change, because of the love I had for him and how he has helped me through this years I had to accept him back.

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I slept over in his place and I don’t know how he did it and opened my phone while I was asleep and checked my messages with the guy, when he asked me I denied not knowing that he has seen everything, so he opened all our chats that he screenshot and showed me, I told him that I was just lonely and needed someone to talk to that I don’t have anything to do with him, he said he has forgiven me but he is still very mad at me and he himself is still contacting his ex, he hasn’t still defined out relationship and I am 3 years close to thirty, the truth is that I love that my church guy so much more than him although he doesn’t have money which is not my problem, I feel at peace with that one, my guy and I we are still having grudges over what happened.

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I have tried hard to love him like before but no way, and him too said his love for me has reduce, pls don’t criticize me I need advice, i am so confuse, last month a keke driver I don’t knw from anywhere told me that the man that is very close to me is my husband but it’s hard for him to tell me ,he said the man is from a very far place if I will accept him nd there is no other person close to me than the guy and he is from a far place but I love him ,I dn’t knw wat to do

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  1. My dear, don’t compromise your life and happiness simply because he has shelter you before. Don’t look unto those this and remain in hurts. The guy still loves his ex but pretending to love you. You also found peace with the church guy and from your story, he is interested in you but because of something he can’t say it. I will advise that you,if only you can hear him out and support him to do the needful, I think it will help u in a long run.

    Go in for the church guy…my humble suggestion

  2. Do you need someone to tell you this guy is sleeping with a married woman, he is an irresponsible man.

    Break up with him, men that sleep with other men’s wives are wicked foolish men. You mentioned you slept over at his place, pls stop doing that in your next relationship, even when you had accommodation issue, you were staying with him, its not right, even going to your boyfriends or girlfriend’s house, i don’t support it, you can fall into fornication, but most people love deceiving themselves.

    Just be patient before going into another relationship.


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